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Stereoscopic 3D

In this episode of Hollywood: Under the Hood and Behind the Scenes, Masters of Stereoscopic 3D Storytelling, host David Roth Weiss takes Creative COW members into the world of Stereoscopic 3D with more video interviews with the team at Dreamworks Animation, talking about their smash hit Monsters vs Aliens. In this article, David includes more video from Dreamworks and looks at early 3D film experiments, such as 1953's House of Wax -- which the Dreamworks team affectionately pays homage to in Monsters vs Aliens.

Creative COW Magazine Stereoscopic 3D Issue Update: Tim Wilson is hard at work working with many companies at work in the world of Stereoscopic 3D which you will read about in the forthcoming Stereoscopic 3D issue of Creative COW Magazine. You won't want to miss it, it's going to be a great issue. We'd tell you what's going to be in it, but then we'd give away all our secrets, wouldn't we?

New Stereoscopic 3D forum joins the COW: Our friends at SpectSoft, who have been working with the Blue Sky team to support the upcoming ICE AGE 3D, have agreed to help us launch a new Stereoscopic 3D forum in Creative COW. So if you have been wanting to find others that are working in 3D or if you are new and have some questions, please drop by the new forum that joins the new line-up, today.

And don't forget to join David Roth Weiss and the Masters of Stereoscopic 3D Storytelling, David's newest addition to our expanding coverage of the rapidly developing world of Stereoscopic 3D.
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Roundtripping with Final Cut

Final Cut Studio integration -- it's a beautiful thing. You can create Soundtrack Pro and Motion sequences right on your Final Cut Pro timeline, then launch those applications to add all their juicy goodness to your FCP projects. If you need to tweak those sequences once you're back in FCP, you're just a click away. But do you know WHICH click? Jiggy Gaton, The COW's man in Nepal, offers two guided tours to get you exactly where you need to go, to do exactly what you need to do. Ready to make your FCP timelines sing with Soundtrack Pro in FCP? Start here. And if you're ready to get your FCP timelines in Motion, start here.
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Creative COW Magazine

Creative COW invites you to download the newest issue of Creative COW Magazine. The GAMES Issue is filled with great content and surprises, even for those of you that do not work in games production. You will find the issue is filled with inspiring tips and techniques, the kind of real world content that professional content creators and editors have come to expect from Creative COW Magazine. It's why the magazine has become the fastest growing and most important publication in the market. If you have missed it in the past, download a copy and see why people are saying things like:

"I have to admit that, when I first heard about the magazine, I was a little skeptical... 'What can a magazine offer that I can't find online?' But all you guys have done is create the single best magazine in our field. Period. Much, much congratulations!" -- Christian Glawe, editor/compositor

"I just wanted to tell you that your 'New Visions' edition is the best issue of any industry magazine I've read since the [Directors Guild of America] DGA stopped publishing Action." -- Jim Long, Pegasus Productions

And now we've built a new magazine site interface that is as serious as the magazine we make. In it, we have brought our readers and members the most fluid interface of any magazine site that we have seen online anywhere in the world. The interface is so logical and immediate, that you will likely not need any instructions on how to use it -- it is that intuitive. So swing by and have a look, you will find the new site online at:
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Running the Sahara

Running 4300 miles across the world's largest desert sounds impossible. But once Academy Award-winning director James Moll heard that three guys were going to try, he knew he had to hear - and tell - their story. In this "Creative COW Magazine" expanded interview, James talks about the incredible journey of both the runners and the filmmakers, while also offering insights into filmmaking, storytelling, and the frame.

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South Park: TV's Longest Week

Creative Cow Magazine's "Workflow 3.0 Issue" brought you stories from some of the people truly defining the cutting edge of how the industry's top producers work. These include articles from DigitalFilm Tree's Zed Saeed on posting 3 network shows every week with a team of 9, and cinematographer Dave Stump, whose Academy Award-winning technology points the way to new ways of capturing on-set metadata for advanced VFX.

This week, we introduce you to an animated show that completes an entire episode, from writing to air, in only six days -- delivered to the network with only minutes to spare. Meet the producers and editors of Comedy Central's "South Park," winner of 3 Emmys, a Peabody Award for Excellence and many more, as they take you inside the tools and technologies that enable one of the most pressure-packed workflows imaginable.

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The Next Issue of Creative COW Magazine...

Creative COW Magazine has been gaining quite a reputation and daily we get mail with quotes like the one above from Jim Long. Thanks, Jim! Its pages are filled with rich and valuable content that has made Creative COW Magazine a keeper. You won't find pandering reviews or content fit to line bird cages, but what you will find are in-depth looks at important topics that will feed both your creative and business sides.

The magazine is available in both print (for those in the United States) or PDF (for our international members and those who prefer a PDF edition). It's free for qualified subscribers and we invite you to sign up now so that you do not miss another great issue.

Sign up at
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ADR: Hollywood Dialogue Recording Secrets

At Creative COW, many of our audience work in the field of film, from those working with small budget indie films that have been entered (and won) festivals like Sundance, all the way up to major films like Hollywood blockbusters that have graced both the library and magazine here at Creative COW.

Correcting dialogue is one of the most important parts of the old saying, "fix it in post." They're part of a process called ADR -- Additional Dialogue Recording, or Automated Dialogue Replacement -- that has been going on since movies had audio, and is still being done today, from the smallest indie films to the biggest blockbusters. Here's an overview of the world of ADR, some of the Cows who are working in this field, and where to go when you are ready to ADR to your own productions.

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Creative COW Podcasts

All of us here at the COW are delighted to see the popularity of our new Adobe Flash podcast, which today is sitting at #8 in the iTunes Store's Hot 100 in the Technology/Software How-To category. Yesterday, it was at #7. It has been in the Top 10 for over a week, and we haven't even pushed the show until today's newsletter. Why has the show taken off so quickly? Host, Tony Ross, is one of the most articulate Flash educators on the planet and his clear and practical lessons on Flash will help demystify what many believe is Adobe's deepest and most powerful tool. If you have missed this newest COW podcast, check it out at

We have also been excited to see that depending on the day, there have been as many as 11 of our podcast channels in the Software How-To category's Hot 100 simultaneously. Today, there are currently 8 channels in the Hot 100.

Our podcasts are becoming some of the most popular programs available here at the COW. If you have missed them, take a little time and get to know the Creative COW Podcasts.
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Business Advice for Tough Times

Sound business advice is more precious than ever, and you can find TONS of it from the businesspeople at Creative Cow. Our very own Cowdog has gathered some of the best tips for building your business from around the Cow, including getting deadbeat clients to pay you, creating strong contracts, protecting your onscreen talent from accidental explosions...and a reminder that, as far as the client is concerned, everything is YOUR fault.

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Focus on Controlling Depth of Field with Depth of Field Converters

Cinematographer and Creative Cow leader Todd Terry has shot countless television commercials and industrials using both 35mm film and depth-of-field converted video. In this Creative Cow Magazine Extra, from The Visual Effects Issue, learn how depth of field converters allow you to attach 35mm lenses even to video cameras with fixed lenses, how they work, and which one might be right for you.

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