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With version CS5, Adobe took Premiere Pro into new powers and abilities that enable CS5 to work directly with many of the latest file formats without the kinds of conversions and re-encodings needed in some other programs. Because of this and many other new features, Premiere Pro CS5 is gaining the kind of respect and usefulness demanded by professionals.

If you are one of those who is digging into Premiere Pro CS5, we have been getting many new tutorials from Andrew Devis, a media trainer and producer based in Leeds, UK. Andrew trains both Premiere Pro and After Effects as an Adobe Certified Instructor as well as some of the surrounding programmes such as Mocha.

You will find Andrew's new series in the Creative COW Library at

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Things change fast! New products, new platforms, new ways of working -- they're all coming fast at you, and there's no time to waste getting up to speed. That's why Creative COW exists, of course, to get you the help you need while you figure all of it out. And as your work evolves, so do we! Meet some of the newest forums that have joined the COW round-up!

DSLR Video is hot and getting hotter...but not necessarily getting any easier to actually USE. Start here for advice from some of the industry's leading experts. Tip: if you have NLE-specific questions, be sure to check the forums for your favorite editing software too. You'll find it online at

Field Production requires keeping your wits about you at all times, and your eyes open to every possibility. You also need to remember that you can reach the new Field Production forum on your mobile devices! You can find it online in the COW at

CatDV is one of the year's most useful and in-demand products, and of course you'll find the industry's most active and informed discussions about it right here at Creative COW! You can find it at

And don't forget to read the first article in the COW Library from Thomas Miller, "Shooting True First-Person Interviews," in which Thomas Miller -- the host of our Field Production forum -- shares a technique he uses to get great eye contact from those he's interviewing. It's an excellent idea born or Tom's 20 years of shooting in the field. You can read it in our Library at

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Our USA and international first class magazines were sent out a couple of weeks ago, and so we've waited long enough to introduce you to the latest edition of Creative COW Magazine. And what a great issue it is. It is full of cutting edge articles that explore the rapid changes in our market and the ways that people are producing, viewing and distributing media for the latest screens, big and small.

One of the stories that we feel is right up there with our best ever, is the article by Robert Longwell of ABC, who takes our members inside -- the first network to stream their first-run shows not just to web browsers, but to just about every portable device out there. It is a story you will want to read. But it doesn't stop there, the issue has many other stories that could have been our lead story, they were that good. So download it, it won't cost you anything to get our digital edition.

Visit to find our new "Divergence Issue," as well as all of our other information packed and inspiring issues of Creative COW Magazine.

Oh, and if you feel like joining our first-class subscribers who get preferred mailings and see our new issues before anyone else, you can also subscribe at -- we'd be honored to have you aboard.

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One of the COW's recent articles is proving to be a very popular one. It is Mathew Fuller's "Advanced 2.5D Animation in After Effects."

Matthew explores ways to extract depth from 2D images and give your audience the illusion of volume in a program that, as any After Effects user knows, can fake some 3D tricks -- and in this article, Mathew Fuller shows you some clever workarounds to achieving some powerful visual illusions in After Effects.

You can visit it in the COW Library at:
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On September 25 and 26, you can meet some of the COW's leaders and creators, as we head to the Los Angeles Film School (near Sunset and Vine) and take part in Photo Cine Expo 2010.

Many of the top experts in the world of HDSLR acquisition, editing and finishing will be there. Shane Hurlbut (Terminator:Salvation) is going to be there, as is Vincent Laforet -- one of the true pioneers in the field of HDSLR. Rodney Charters (24) is also slated to speak, sharing his experience of using DSLRs on the highly respected FOX series. From Creative COW, Richard Harrington will be teaching a class on Photoshop and how it works with DSLR images. We'll also have some copies of Richard's new Photoshop book, the first in our Creative COW Master Series of books from Peachpit. If you'd like to get a signed copy, come by the booth on Saturday, as Richard will be in most of the day.

Tim Wilson, the irrepressible leader of our Creative COW Magazine project, is also flying out for the event and will be bringing along not only the newest "Divergence Issue" of the COW Magazine, but we're also bringing along many of our earlier issues -- so if you'd like to get your hands on some of our back issues at no charge, here's your chance.

The first 50 people that sign up using our code, which is PCEtix4Creative will get in at no charge. That is PCE (as in Photo Cine Expo) tix (as in tickets) 4Creative (as in for Creative COW members). So, we apologize for the length of the code but we think it's going to be an information packed event and we hope to see you there.

Sign up at and go to the registration page and enter PCEtix4Creative to get your discount.

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Creative COW Magazine on the Go

Want to take the full library of Creative COW Magazine with you anywhere you travel? It's easy to do, whether you use an iPad, an iPhone, an Android, a Blackberry, or many other 3G devices.

Here's where to start. Simply go to and...

If you use an Android, a Blackberry, or many other 3G devices, just visit the downloads address above and download the editions that you want directly to your device -- we recommend the single page print-friendly edition's complete set. ;)

If you are on a Mac or PC that uses iTunes, just download any or all of our no-cost PDFs in the edition you prefer -- the print-friendly single page format (recommended) or the 'spread' edition that gives you the full magazine spreads -- to your desktop machine.

Once the PDFs are on your machine, drag the downloaded PDFs to your desktop machine's iTunes program and click on the Books setting inside iTunes to make sure that sync books is active. If you use an iPod Touch, an iPhone or an iPad, your iBooks application will show them inside iBooks, in the PDF tab that you see in the image you see at the top of this newsletter.

Now, you can now take Creative COW Magazine with you for those times when you are in the air, waiting for a meeting, in the doctor's office waiting room -- or any one of a thousand other places where you might want to spend some time with the great articles and ideas that make up each of our issues.

Creative COW Magazine continues to grow because of the industry-leading articles written by many of the top working professionals from around the world. Uniquely focused, in-depth information, all written by the people doing the work -- people that write about the tools and ideas they use in their own careers and studios. You won't find anything like it, in any other magazine in our industry.

And now you can take it with you anywhere you go, with our compliments.
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It's been a slow summer here in the northern half of the planet, and to get things restarted as we head back to work, we'd like to find many new tutorials for our members.

So, if you like to help people and pick up some money while doing it, please write us at and let's talk about what you have in mind. We are looking for tutorials on the software programs we support, cameras, lighting, props and stage set-up, and just about anything else related to our site and magazine focus.

If you would like to become a part of the COW's training team, please write us.

And while we are talking about tutorials, don't miss Shane Ross's new FCP series that is underway in the Creative COW Library.

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Creative COW has become the industry's Number One source for answers and support and it's easy to see why: with a leadership team that includes Academy Award® winners, Emmy® winners, ASC leaders and members, RIAA Platinum and Gold certified winners, and a host of other awards -- all volunteering their precious time to assist others -- the COW has become the "go-to" place for online support.

But these leaders do not have a lot of spare time and what time they have, they volunteer online to answer questions for others to help increase your expertise. Respect that. Please do not call them privately and expect them to drop everything to answer your questions on the spot.

Lately, we've been receiving support phonecalls here at the COW offices from members/visitors who do not want to ask their questions publicly, so they call us with their questions -- without any concern for our schedules. We hear the same thing from some of our forum leaders and other members who write us because members are calling them privately. Most are nice and understand when we respectfully let them know that we will answer their questions on the forums. A small percentage get downright nasty and indignant when we tell them that they need to understand that we get over 2 million unique visitors a month and if even a small percentage call us and our leaders and other members, we'll be doing little else in our businesses but answering their questions. You would not appreciate an intrusion like that in your business, so please respect the time and business of others.

Ask your questions on the forum. Not only will you get your answer but it will be available for others to benefit from, as the on-going public record becomes searchable in the days ahead.

Please don't become one of the phone stalkers.

Thanks for listening and for asking your questions on the forum.

Comments? Give us your feedback in the COWmunications forum.
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Demo reels aren't just for editors, animators and effects artists! You know that of course, so here's your chance: visit Creative COW's "Cinematography Demo Reels & Inspiration" section to remind yourself once again that some of the world's most creative visual artists use cameras instead of brushes or computers.

Link in the Cinematography Demo Reels & Inspiration: Take a look!
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In this greatly expanded edition, Megan McKenna shares with Creative COW members a look at the making of the Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1 (1963-1972). Originally featured as a feature article edited by Tim Wilson in Creative COW Magazine's "Heavy Lifting Issue," we offer for your reading satisfaction this updated version with even more information and many new photos. Find out why this 10-disk project established a benchmark for what is possible with advanced Blue-ray authoring for multimedia that has yet to be equaled.

It started with historical events and interpersonal experiences that influenced Neil Young. He then wrote a song or two.

Years pass, and he found himself with a very large amount of material. It was then distilled in the late 80s by Neil Young Archivist Joel Bernstein who organized, printed, and put it into a binder as thick as a yellow phone book. It was eventually tossed in the air, and landed with a thump on the desk of Total Media Group's Art Director, Toshi Onuki.

Neil had been waiting for all those years for technology to catch up to his vision of a career-spanning presentation of those archives, which begins with the newly released 10-disc set, "Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1 (1963-1972)."

Read the entire article online
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