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The film "Henry's Crime" is described by DP Paul Cameron ASC as a "fable of sorts...with a folkloric beauty." Debra Kaufman interviews Paul Cameron about the challenges of facing a limited budget, a short shooting schedule, difficult lighting, and -20 degrees Fahrenheit weather. In the end, it all adds to the mystique of a film playing out in a "classics style" storybook effect and elegant cinematography. Join Paul and Debra for a look behind bringing this fascinating tale to life.

You can find it in the COW Library at:
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Ever wish that you could go back and reshoot something that is almost there, close, but no cigar? Something that clearly has just a little bit of an angle problem, or the horizon isn't quite right? Perhaps it needs to have some "fisheye" effect removed from it?

Well, this lesson from our "Premiere Pro Video Adrenaline" series, hosted by Richard Harrington, will show you how using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Adobe Photoshop Extended, you can remove many of these kinds of unwanted lens effects from your footage.

This lesson will show you many great features inside both Premiere Pro and Photoshop Extended.

You will find the lesson online in our tutorials library.

Or you can sign-up for our Adobe Premiere Pro podcast.

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In this exclusive report for Creative COW, top technology journalist Debra Kaufman takes an inside look at the 4K restoration of the film classic "Taxi Driver," to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its release. Along the way, you'll see cutting-edge tools and technologies for film restoration and preservation, from the people who are redefining the state of the art.

This article marks the perfect opportunity for us to welcome Debra Kaufman to Creative COW! After 25 years as one of the industry's most respected freelancers, we couldn't be more honored that Debra has chosen to join Creative COW full-time. She will be serving as Associate Editor of Creative COW Magazine, as well as contributing to our industry leading web community. Debra will be building on the relationships she has formed with the industry’s leading creative minds over the past two decades to provide unique insight into cutting-edge film production, as well as in-depth analysis of industry trends and technology -- adding a new dimension to what is already the industry's most read magazine.

“To say that we are delighted to have Debra Kaufman join our team would be an understatement,” said Creative COW CEO Ronald Lindeboom. “Fifteen years ago, when we began building support communities for media professionals on the web, Debra was already writing many of my favorite articles in the largest and most respected trades. She was and is one of the best journalists in this field, and to have her as one of the Creative COW Team is a testament to how far Creative COW has come over the years. She brings a new dimension to our team and we know that her voice among our huge audience will become an even stronger one in the days ahead.”

“I am thrilled to be joining the COW team,” said Debra Kaufman, newly named Associate Editor of Creative COW Magazine. “In an era in which so much coverage has shrunk to 300-word sound bites, I'm delighted to be able to cover the dramatic changes in our industry in depth. Additionally, I look forward to reaching a huge number of engaged readers working in production and post, in the U.S. and internationally. Publisher Ronald Lindeboom and Editor-in-Chief Tim Wilson early on understood the importance of a web presence, and have created an astonishingly large audience both online and in print.”

Look forward to more great stories from Debra in Creative COW Magazine, and online here at And once again, Welcome Debra!

You can read Debra's new article at
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We had quite a surprise this morning when we looked at the iTunes Store's standings for individual episodes of competing podcasts in the "Software: How-To" category. Our two newest podcasts, the Apple Motion and Cinema 4D podcasts, seem to have taken the iTunes Store by storm and the episodes of these two podcasts are doing remarkably well.

When looking at all of the video podcasts in the Software: How-To category, you can see below that the episodes in these two new podcasts have taken off like a rocket. 8-out-of-10 of the top video podcast episodes in the category belong to our two newest podcasts.

If you haven't visited these great new podcasts, you can find them at:

For Apple Motion, subscribe at iTunes in HD and SD.


For Cinema 4D, subscribe at iTunes in HD and SD.


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Creative COW is proud to welcome Neal Barenblat as a leader and enthusiastic and informative guide to some of the best video tutorials in Creative COW. For those of you who have been watching Neal's tutorials, you know that he not only makes his tutorials a lot of fun, but he explores some very fresh and exciting visual techniques and effects that he uses in his own work for local and national TV spots.

Neal is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and has worked as the assistant video editor for T3: The Think Tank. He also serves as a motion graphics artist at Running Pony Productions in Memphis, Tennessee, where he creates and animates elements for local and national TV spots. As an editor and motion graphics artist working in the post-production world, with experience in Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4D, Photography, Avid Media Composer, and Final Cut Pro, Neal has begun a series of tutorials that offer to COW members his fresh design sensibility and keen eye in motion graphics/visual fx techniques and video editing.

Join us in welcoming Neal and view his Stop Motion Text with Cinema 4D and News Introduction, Visual Fanfare tutorials.
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World Builder poster Movies: images flashing across the screen, every frame a visual art form that inspires us, changes us, makes us feel something. These images draw from our own imagination and creativity and somehow connect with the passions and objectivity of another.

We're featuring just such a work of art today from our Reels Section in Bruce Branit's short film, "World Builder". Watch the story unfold as a beautiful world is created from a deep love and hope for a future. Take a moment and escape. Isn't that what movies are all about?

Upload your reel, short movie, music video, commercial, or demo to showcase your abilities and get feedback, exposure, inspiration and experience as you interact with some of the greatest talent on the planet in your fellow COW members. Enjoy full HD 720p support as you peruse Creative COW's Reels Section.

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The 2010 FIFA World Cup was the most-watched television event in history: broadcast to over 70 countries, averaging 400 million people for each match, with over 700 million watching the closing ceremony alone. The world's most popular and prestigious sporting event added aerial coverage for the first time in its illustrious history -- and they turned to partners Helifilms and Helimedia to make it all possible.

Coordinating six aerial units, which were simultaneously dispersed across the entire country, with each aerial unit working on different schedules and for different directors would be difficult enough, but bringing all these efforts together seamlessly to deliver the first-ever aerial coverage in a luxurious and stunning display to viewers all over the globe was the goal of these trailblazers from Helifilms.

Join Matt Downey in his article,"World Class Aerials for the World Cup", for our "Asset Management & Distribution Issue" as he reveals details of his amazing flights for the World Cup 2010.
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We've created three new Twitter Feeds for you to get easy updates to the latest news and events at the COW.

In addition to our steadily growing list of CreativeCOW Tweets at, we are now providing quick access to paying job updates from our COW Job Boards at

Keep up with the latest industry news for working professionals in film, broadcast and related fields from around the world brought to you by Creative COW at

Creative COW's FULL COURSE podcast brings every episode of all of our popular Creative COW podcasts to you in one convenient feed. For those who do not want to miss anything that we release for your portable devices, this is the choice for you. It's wide, it's diverse, it's everything we release, all in one show tweeting from
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It's Top 40 time and all of us at COW Headquarters are feeling like it's time to put on some old Bee Gees albums, pull out the mirror-ball from retirement and pretend its disco-time all over again. (Well, maybe not quite that extreme!) Why? Last Friday we logged into the iTunes Store's "Software: How-To" category in their Technology section only to find that among all the video podcasts in the world in the Software: How-To category -- and there are some highly funded major publishers and corporations that are far bigger than us competing in that category -- we were sitting at #1, 3, 5, 14, 16, 19, 26, 27, and 28 in the Top 40 podcasts.

And for those who have asked, watch soon for two new podcasts from Creative COW: the first, for Sony Vegas users, and the next up will be a new Apple Motion podcast. We'll let you know when Vegas and Motion go live.

If it were not enough to hit the kind of rankings that we've been hitting, the iTunes Store's podcast team also featured one of our new DSLR Video podcast in their New & Notable section. Not only that but they contacted us and said that the COW deserved its own featured provider page and so they helped us set one up. You can find it in the iTunes Store at and we wanted to thank them for the recognition of the hard work we are putting into our podcast series. If you are on an iPad, just click on the picon of any of our podcasts you kind searching the iTunes Store's podcast section, and in the upper right of the dialog box is a "providers page" link. Check it out, "It's tres cool," says Bessie.

In case you'd like to see what the standings looked like when we logged-in on Friday, January 28, here is a screen capture we took...

If you haven't logged-in and joined some of our podcasts yet, we'd like to invite you to visit us either online in the COW or by visiting our new featured artist's page at the iTunes Store. The addresses follow, and once again, our sincere thanks to all of you for making this series such a strong success.

Visit Creative COW's Featured Artist page at the iTunes Store

Or visit Creative COW's podcast homepage online
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As we forge ahead into the new year, Creative COW is growing again. We are launching three new HD podcasts to meet our members' demands for new tutorials in HD. These versions join our long list of podcasts that have already been available in SD. These new HD podcasts can be watched on an Apple TV system, on your computer, or download for later viewing on your iPad, an iPod or portable device.

Our Adobe After Effects podcast series has long been the world's most popular AE podcast and it's now offered in HD, featuring Andrew Devis, a respected media trainer and producer. The podcast is full of clear, easy to understand tutorials loaded with techniques as well as tips for organizing and speeding up your workflow, dealing with difficult problems, color correction, and much more. Go to Creative COW After Effects HD iTunes podcast page.

Join Richard Harrington, as well as Andrew Devis, in the Adobe Premiere Pro HD podcast series and glean tips and tricks from the pros on subjects such as "Adjusting Exposure with Shadow/Highlight" and "Mastering the Project Manager", streamline your workflow with tutorials on "Creating Custom Workspaces", "Using Effects Presets" and much more. Go to Creative COW Adobe Premiere Pro HD iTunes podcast page.

Boris FX plug-ins for Apple FCP, Adobe AE and Premiere, or Avid Media Composer, add dramatic effects to your projects. Now you can join working professionals in HD, as they use the powerful Boris FX filters now downloadable at the iTunes Store's Boris FX HD page.

You can find the podcasts at the iTunes Store. And watch for the new HD podcasts to join our SD versions on the listings found on our podcasts homepage in the next day or two. But you can get a sneak peek today on the iTunes Store where they've just gone live.
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