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COW Magazine Now Coming to the World's Mailboxes

Creative COW Magazine is celebrating four years of bringing the most informative and inspiring stories to readers in the world of film, video, and media production, and to celebrate our continued growth, we are happy to announce that our worldwide members can now sign up and receive the print edition of Creative COW Magazine in their mailboxes.

Oh, and in typical COW fashion, if you sign up you will get first-class delivery. Yes, first-class.

INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS: Many of our members worldwide have been asking for international subscriptions since we began Creative COW Magazine four years ago. Now it is available and we have helped offset the costs to insure that more of our international members can receive the great stories and articles in the magazine.

USA MEMBERS: We have been asked why the digital edition comes out weeks ahead of the print edition. Well, it's because as a newer publication, we are currently treated as third-class mail -- which depending on where you live, the post office can deliver up to three weeks or so after it leaves the printing presses.

Want it faster?

Subscribe and we'll send it to you FIRST-CLASS. We now offer both our international and USA members the opportunity to get their magazines by first-class postage.

Go First Class!

Because a first-class magazine deserves first-class delivery™

USA: 6 issues for $14.95 -- INTERNATIONAL: 6 issues for $24.95

Creative COW Magazine
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Host Your Short Films at The COW

If you have your own short film or you like to watch short films, please visit the Short Films area of our Videos-Reels section at There is no charge for hosting your short film and we will not turn off your video because it gets too many views.

In our Shorts section, we have some excellent work for your consideration, and these five are ones that have proven popular with voters and viewers. What will you think of them and what vote will you give? Visit them today and take part in this new addition to Creative COW.

The Good, The Bad, and The Bugly, a highly creative educational 3d animated movie created for the Houston Museum of Natural Science's Insect Exhibit. These talking insects help to introduce kids to the wonderful world of insects and teach them that everyone has a job to do!
The Big Bang is a short film featuring Janna Levin, a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Barnard College of Columbia University. Her scientific research concerns the Early Universe, Chaos, and Black Holes. This video attempts to recreate the moment the universe started through powerful 3D sequences.
The Legend of Chloe received the award for Best Film at the 2009 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project. Also, tied for Best Use of Character and nominated for Best Special Effects, Sound Design and Cinematography.
Consensus features two politicians, members of a secret committee, as they reveal the truth behind an initiative undertaken by the U.S. government to control population growth. Concept loosely inspired by Des Moines’ recent smoking ban. Consensus is a political drama created for Des Moines' 2008 48 Hour Film Project.
Bree Street attempts to capture an event that took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, a few years back among the taxi drivers continuously at war with each other. It shows how the 'ordinary people' always seem to bear the brunt of the violence. The name of the movie is where the event took place.

We want to thank all of those who have taken the time to upload their own videos and also thank those who visit the new videos section, it is quickly becoming a very popular part of Creative COW.

If you have your own reel or short film that you would like to add, please visit the new Videos-Reels section.
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12 Thinks I Know About Business

The COW has now passed the 1.9 million monthly unique visitors marker and is also nearing 8 million pageviews a month. About a third of these pages are found in our Library. So, as we drive hard towards the 2 million visitors a month marker and 8 million pageviews a month, we thought we'd ask some of the COW's leaders in the offices and on the forums to tell us their personal favorites in the COW's huge Library.

When asked his favorite article, COW CEO, Ron Lindeboom said, "Nick Griffin's '12 Things I Know About Business at 55, That I Wish I'd Known at 25' is one of the best reads in the Library and is the first one that comes to my mind. In this article, Nick looks at many of the valuable things that he has learned about running Griffin Communications, a full production and post production company based in the Washington DC Metro area.

Nick has traveled the world working on a wide range of production projects for some of the top companies around the globe. In this article, you will see some of the valuable lessons that Nick offers from his wealth of experience in building a successful business.

What are your own favorites? Write us at and let us know. Who knows, you may be the next COW Leader or member featured in the newsletter.

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Think Big - Creative COW Magazine

We have just uploaded the newest issue of Creative COW Magazine and it is filled with the kind of no-nonsense information-packed content that continues to make Creative COW Magazine the fastest growing and most respected magazine in the industry. If you haven't yet discovered Creative COW Magazine, then you are missing one of the greatest parts of

In this issue, "Thinking Big," we decided to talk with companies that are growing rapidly and successfully in spite of the marketplace malaise that many are experiencing in these hyper-competitive times. What we found out from these incredibly successful companies may surprise you. And you won't want to miss it. There are many creative and artistic ideas offered, as well -- and we think that this is one of our finest issues ever. See if you agree.

We'll also look at a team from South Africa, whom we discovered when they uploaded some of their reels and work to our videos section. One of their techniques is a method that they used to fill a soccer stadium to the brim, with just a handful of people and made quite a convincing case for themselves. See it online in our videos section.

We also spent time with Philip Garvin, the head and one of the founders, of HDNET. He takes us on an inspiring ride through all the ups and downs and ins and outs of building this great company.

There are many other great articles and you can download your copy now.

Download our "Spreads Edition," which looks the same as our paper edition.

Or, download our single-page "Print Edition," which some of our worldwide audience like to feed to their laser printer.

The choice is yours, and it is online now.
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Shorts Videos and Demo Reels

If you haven't been to Creative COW's Videos section recently, you've missed some of the most powerful, beautiful, and just entertaining reels, animations, music videos, and short films. Here are some of the ones that COW members have been enthusiastic about.

Zaire: Eugen Olsen, Populating An Empty Stadium

Spain: Carmina Soler, Charm in Motion

Russia: Artem Ludyankov, Broadcast Motion Graphics

Germany: Sascha Verwiebe, Broadcast Design | Motion Graphics

Hungary: Victor Abramovskiy, Animation Reel

India: Rob Lang, Colorist

United States: Kenn Ferro, Steadicam Demo Reel

Don't forget to add your own videos... With support for up to 900 pixels wide, unlimited bandwidth, security, and the ability to tie directly into your Creative COW Services listing, you'll see why Creative COW's Video Hosting has so quickly become one of the world's most popular showcases for professional production.
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Creative COW Records

DownloadCreative COW is pleased to announce that we have received our first shipment of CDs and have now officially opened the Creative Cow Records website, where you can buy the CD or download MP3s of our first release, "A Mother's Garden" from Howard Cowles. This recording includes 15 songs that span over 59 minutes. The melodies are lush and orchestral and the production work is first-rate, with Troy Dexter and Tim Heintz sharing the duties. Tim has worked with many top names over the years, with credits including Madonna, Lee Ann Rimes, Emerson Lake & Palmer, etc.

Howard Cowles' lifelong love of the piano has brought a myriad of styles and influences to bear in both his playing style and his repertoire. There are strong classical influences that permeate his music, especially from the Romantic and Impressionist periods. Timeless masters from the Great American Songbook -- names like George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Harold Arlen and others -- add their influence to Howard's playing and writing. Then you will find nuances and threads of Stan Getz, Dave Brubeck, Bob James and other jazz greats in the music of Howard Cowles. Add the flashy arpeggios, glissandos and portamentos of power players like Roger Williams, Ferrante and Teicher, and others, to Howard's musical mixing bowl. Throw in a tip of the hat to pop songwriters like Elton John, Billy Joel, Randy Newman and others, and you are beginning to arrive at some of what goes into the playing and composing of Howard Cowles.

Creative Cow Records president, Ron Lindeboom, believes that "Howard is a man whose talent places him as at least an equal to artists like David Foster, Jim Brickman, George Winston, David Lanz, and other contemporary pianists working in the New Age instrumental field. Personally, I think his technique and ability -- not to mention his melodic sensibility -- are on a level that exceeds many of his contemporaries."

Today, he still practices hours a day and his friends would tell you that anytime you call, both day or night, the chances are great he will answer the call while continuing to practice as he talks with you. His dedication to the piano and to his music has never slowed down and it is this dedication, experience and degree of mastery of his instrument that makes the music of Howard Cowles so multi-faceted, expressive, emotionally rich, and directly personal.

Visit to order or to download your complimentary copy of the full-length song "Basha," from the album "A Mother's Garden."
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HP Introduces Skyroom

Ron Lindeboom looks at the powerful HP SkyRoom technology, which allows team members to interact in high definition video with one another. Highly powerful, yet priced within reach of many small to medium-sized companies -- nevertheless, the system is powerful enough for even major players like Dreamworks Animation, who used the system during the making of the blockbuster 'Monsters vs Aliens.' Powerful, elegant, simple to use.


Also, Tim Wilson looks at SkyRoom's advanced, and frankly, quite elegant, technologies, for visually lossless sharing of rich media and 3D applications. If you're a Windows-based media professional, you're definitely going to want to take a look.

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The Future of DaVinci

Blackmagic founder Grant Petty says that the company's purchase of DaVinci systems actually fits exactly what they have done all along: build the kinds of products they have needed for their own postproduction business, and being the kind of company they'd want to do business with. While important details are still being worked out, Grant has some very clear visions about how these practices can help rebuild one of the industry's most respected brands.

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Blackmagicdesign Buys De Vinci

Today, the news leading into IBC 2009 got a special jolt. Blackmagic Design has acquired da Vinci Systems. Yes, you read that right...the legendary da Vinci colorgrading technology is now the property of Blackmagic Design. In four parts of various chapters of the story, the COW Team has brought together talks with members of the Blackmagic team, users of da Vinci Systems tools, COW leaders, and others to explore the story from a wide vantage point.

To read Grant Petty's letter to his employees about the company's purchase of da Vinci, please see...

For Tim Wilson's Part One of the story, The BMD Acquisition, please see...

For Tim's Part Two installment, The Power of da Vinci, please see...

For Tim's Part Three installment, Longtime da Vinci Users Discuss the News, please see...

To discuss this news, please visit our new DaVinci forum, or see our Blackmagic Design forum, or visit our Apple Color and Apple Final Cut forums.
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Fill in Some of the Blanks

Sometimes you need lights. Sometimes you need a camera. And sometimes, you need action. That's why, in addition to forums for every aspect of production and post production, we offer one forum that puts it all together in ways that make you money: Creative COW's Business & Marketing forum.

When you take a look, you'll see why it's one of our very, very most popular communities. Here are some recent threads:

Political Spots I know political spots can generate a lot of revenue during the political season...but do any have reservations producing spots for candidates or issues that you are personally opposed to?

Errors & Omissions Insurance Coverage I'm developing a project and it appears I will need to buy errors and omissions (malpractice) insurance coverage if I want the local PBS station to carry it, a half-hour educational/historical documentary. I'd like to hear from all producers, writers, editors, or whomever about their experience with errors and omissions insurance. I'd also like to know where you got it.

Listen...can you hear me? There's sometimes a wide difference between what a client says they want and what they really need. If you only ever deliver exactly what they ask for, but never more, or better, you won't do well long-term.

Somewhat OT: Health Issues When I was in my 20s and a full-time EFP/ENG camera op, I was in fairly good shape, quite active in the daily activities that go along with being in the field, running around carrying gear. Since I became primarily a full-time editor/producer in 2000, I have put on about 20 pounds and have developed some health problems. My question is if anyone else has seen this in their lives, what did they do about?

The 10-sec. Email & The Principle of Counterproductivity Email is this age's great technological breakthrough for widespread, instantaneous passive aggression.

And in case the Business & Marketing Forum isn't what you need, we have 150 more where that came from...
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