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When Apple introduced FCPX at NAB 2011, the rumor mill flew into high gear. Many of the experts were scratching their heads and even some who made the claim about "knowing" proved to have little real idea of what it would be in the end. Only once users begin banging on what is -- and isn't -- there, will the real questions be answered.

Creative COW Contributing Editor David Roth Weiss says that one of the best ways to avoid the trap of jumping too soon, is to build another system drive or partition your Mac system drive with a cool multi-boot setup that will allow you to easily and efficiently switch back and forth between different versions of Final Cut Pro, and between different operating systems.

David Roth Weiss delivers nothing but facts as he guides you through the steps necessary to truly be ready for the great new features of FCPX and OSX Lion, without burning the bridges you will likely need to stay productive and profitable.

Get Ready to Rumble in the Creative COW Library at
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While some still argue that it's a fad, George Bellias has made 3D the core of his company's business. It's not the future for him. 3D is the now. In fact he says, "When I decided to integrate stereoscopic editorial and finishing to my business, I had a strong belief that 3D was the future. Two years into it, 3D is no longer the future. It is the now. When you are a small company, it is all about finding your niche. 3D is mine. I still find it hard to believe that my little post-production studio has been around for 17 years. I find it even more amazing that two years ago, I had an opportunity to do one 3D project, and that now 3D editorial and finishing makes up more than 50% of my work -- and 2011 already looks like it could be even more.

"I think my business is probably like most small post studios out there. We have a limited number of longterm clients that we have built relationships with over the years. We are very cautious about our equipment purchases because every dime we spend is money out of our own pocket. Our spouses have put up with years of explanations on how some new piece of gear was going to revolutionize our world. After years of hard work and perseverance, we ultimately find our niche and get known for being accomplished in that type of editorial.

"For me, that turned out to be editing live music projects. It first started with promos and trailers, and eventually led to editing large multi-cam concerts. Being a lifelong musician, this was a dream come true. The trick was not just knowing how to edit and finish a concert but how to handle all of the miscellaneous deliverables to the band/artist, management, record label, and production company. Meanwhile, I had to keep the editorial process moving forward and still deliver the final master on time and on budget."

Want to learn more about the way that 3D is changing George Bellias's business? Then read the full article at:
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Marvel Entertainment's epic adventure Thor has dominated the box office in the last few weeks, with a worldwide gross of $357.6 million. In this cinematic version of the super hero tale, the powerful but arrogant mighty Thor is exiled from the mystical realm of Asgard to live on earth, in punishment for his reckless actions that have reignited an ancient war. Forced to live among humans, Thor's powers are tested when the Destroyer, a monstrous robot, is sent to earth. In the process, Thor learns how to be a true hero.

This fantastical action-adventure was helmed by renowned British actor/director Kenneth Branagh and stars Australian actor Chris Hemsworth as Thor, the ancient Norse god; Tom Hiddleston as Loki, his chaotic brother; Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Thor's love interest and Anthony Hopkins as Odin, the father of Thor and Loki.

In this article in the Creative COW Library, Luma Pictures takes us inside the building of the Destroyer and the Bifrost, the mystical storm that delivers the gods to the other worlds. Let Creative COW's Debra Kaufman take you to the realms of mythology and VFX possibility.

You will find it in our library at
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Kevin P McAuliffe is currently a freelance senior level video editor working in HD post production in Toronto, Canada. He has been in the television industry for 12 years, and cuts on Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro. He also spends a lot of time working in Adobe After Effects, which he has been using since version 3.5 (yes, 3.5!). Kevin's high definition onlining credit list includes concerts for Coldplay, Sarah McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies, Snow Patrol and Pussycat Dolls, to name a few. Kevin is also an instructor of Advanced Final Cut Studio at the Toronto Film College.

Recently, Kevin began working with Creative COW and has both long-form training tutorials in our library, as well as his Video Quick Tips series. In this tutorial, Kevin takes users into a quick way to place video inside text, a technique popularized in movies like Rocky.

People often dismiss doing effects in Avid Media Composer, as they think that a compositing application can do a better job. Well, as you will see in this Quick Tip, Media Composer can create some very complex animations very quick, very easy, and in some cases, just as good as After Effects.

You will find this tutorial in our library at
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All of us on the Creative COW Team are proud that Creative COW Magazine's visionary publisher, Ronald Lindeboom, has received recognition as one of the prestigious 2011 FOLIO: 40, honoring the 40 "individuals creating a new chapter for the magazine industry."

FOLIO: is the print magazine industry's leading trade journal and of the award, Ronald Lindeboom says, "It was a total surprise. We hadn't entered anything, we never do because we are just too busy working. We had been interviewed by FOLIO: but I thought it was merely for a story they were working on. To be recognized by your peers for your work is always a high honor. But to be a small publisher named among giants like National Geographic, Time Inc., Forbes, Hearst Magazines, The New York Times, Mother Earth News, Mashable, Bloomberg Businessweek and many other long recognized institutions, is truly humbling. Many have missed the point of what we are doing at Creative COW, so it's doubly rewarding to see a venerable journal like FOLIO: recognize the value of what we are doing here at Creative COW."

If you'd like to read the section from the April issue of FOLIO: Magazine, it is now online at

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CREATIVE COW MAGAZINE IPAD APP: Apple's iPad has been a strong player in the media professionals category, when we looked at how many people were visiting us on iPads, we knew that we had to start making Creative COW applications available. But where to start? For us, Creative COW Magazine seemed the logical place to start. It proved to be a lot of work but we think the results are worth it. While we have not yet added video embeds or some of the other features that we know we'll be adding shortly, the v1.0 version of the Creative COW Magazine app is rock solid and we have optimized each issue for the iPad. We have four issues currently that you can download, and we are working to optimize even more back issues for our readers.

To get your copy of the Creative COW Magazine iPad app, type in "Creative COW Magazine" when you next visit the iTunes Store, or why not head over right now and get your copy. You'll find it at

PHOTOSHOP AS A VIDEO TOOL? YOU'LL LEARN HOW WITH AUTOMATING PHOTOSHOP: Did you know that one of the most powerful tools in the toolkits of many top visual effects artists is Photoshop? It is a lot more than a still image tool and it can help in your film and video projects far more than you might imagine, but you have to know what to do and where to find it. That takes mastery and experience. Richard Harrington is a master of Photoshop's powers and abilities and he is also the author of the longtime bestselling "Photoshop for Video," now on its fourth edition. In this DVD from the Creative COW Master Series, Richard takes you inside Photoshop in ways that you probably have never considered. "Automating Photoshop" lets you look over the shoulder of a top Photoshop power user who introduces how Photoshop works in the world of video, and how it can open capabilities and features that will both maximize productivity and expand your creative possibilities. And until May 15th, we are marking it down 20%. But you get to have all the knowledge.

Find it online at

At Creative COW, we are always looking out for your brain.
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We could have tallied our own votes after a couple of days of walking around, and decided that that was enough -- but it's just not true. The story of the NAB Show only starts at the show. What happens next is even more interesting. What are the stories that still sound interesting a couple of weeks later? Obviously, far more people stayed behind working than had a chance to attend the show -- what are they asking about? Whether you attended or not, we know that you're already thinking about how this news might change the industry. What we also want to know is, what are you going to actually buy?

With over 1.7 million people visiting every month, we are watching and listening as you help us filter the signal that will still be around after the noise fades. That's why you are the ones who are already in the process of selecting the products and companies who will win the coveted Creative COW Blue Ribbon Award for Best of Show.

To celebrate the Blue Ribbon Award season getting underway, we've put together a guided tour of some NAB Show highlights by Creative COW Associate Editor Debra Kaufman, as well as a handful of our COW leaders, including Walter Biscardi, Shane Ross and Gary Adcock. The May-June issue of Creative COW Magazine will be cover-to-cover coverage of the very best the show had to offer, in broadcast, post, cameras, 3D workflows and much more.

The party starts here!
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Attendance at the NAB Show was up this year, and so was the energy. It wasn't just product announcements either -- some of the most exciting announcements had to do with the new ways that products can work together. So, with the dust starting to settle, here are some of the stories that are starting to stand out.

Have some to add? By all means let us know! Post in the appropriate product forums, or in Creative COW's NAB forum.

Oh, and while Apple hasn't sent an official press release yet, if you want to talk about FCP X, we have a forum for that too!

Adobe Unveils Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium
Sweeping Productivity Enhancements and New Creative Innovations Boost End-to-End Workflows for Audio and Video Professionals
Adobe Announces Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium and Design Standard
Key Design Suite Enhancements Support Explosion in Content on Mobile Devices and Tablets
Adobe and Zend Introduce Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP
New Offering Accelerates Mobile App Development for PHP Across Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS
more Adobe news....

New AJA Hi5-Fiber and FiDO SDI/Optical Fiber Mini-Converters Debut at NAB 2011
AJA Announces FS2 Dual Channel Universal Frame Synchronizer and Converter
FS2 Offers Ultimate Workflow Flexibility with Dual Independent 3G/HD/SD Up/Down/Cross Video Frame Synchronizers and Dual 16 Channel Audio Processors
AJA Ki Pro Mini is First Recommended ProRes Solution for RED EPIC
more AJA news....

ARRI Unveils Modular Camera System, ALEXA M
ARRI L-Series LED Fresnels -- the Next Generation in Lighting
Codex Digital, Assimilate Demonstrate ARRIRAW Workflow at NAB
more ARRI news....

ASSIMILATE Unveils Next Generation of SCRATCH Data-Centric DI Suite On Mac OS X & Windows 7 at NAB 2011
SCRATCH state-of-the-art toolset raises the creative bar, while new price tag lowers the barrier to entry
ASSIMILATE Announces Full SCRATCH Support for RED Epic 5K Camera
New SCRATCH systems deliver unbeatable price-performance for RED workflows
ASSIMILATE Announces Strategic Technology Partnership with Panasonic for Post Production of Panasonic 3D Cameras
ASSIMILATE Joins Panasonic 3D and P2 Partners Programs
more Assimilate news....

ATTO Technology Powers High Performance Audio and Video Workflows at NAB
ATTO Technology Introduces FastFrame™ 10Gb/s Network Interface Card for High-Bandwidth Connectivity
more ATTO news....

Avid Introduces Paradigm Shift in Story-Centric Workflows for Broadcasters
New web-based portal and mobile app—Interplay Central and Interplay Central Mobile—enable innovative, open, integrated news workflows, and faster, more flexible story creation
Avid Delivers Greater Tactile Control for Colorists with New EUCON Partners
Assimilate, Image Systems, and Pomfort announce native support for EUCON; Avid delivers improved workflows and expanded solutions with Windows compatibility for Artist Color
Avid Extends Best-in-Class Shared Storage to Broader Content Creation Market with Entry-Level ISIS 5000-16
New offering addresses customers’ needs for a proven and open workgroup-enabling storage solution at lower cost
more Avid news....

Autodesk Flame Premium 2012 Offers Tools for Total Creative Control
New Tools for Relighting, Enhanced Stereoscopic 3D Workflow and CG Interoperability
NAB 2011: Autodesk Smoke 2012 for Mac OS X Now Shipping
Just Over a Year Since Launch, Smoke 2012 Provides Customers with New Creative Capabilities, Proven Production Efficiency and Growth Opportunities
more Autodesk news....

Blackmagic Design Announces New ATEM Production Switchers Model Lineup
Blackmagic Design Announces DeckLink 4K
Blackmagic Design Announces UltraStudio 3D with Thunderbolt™ Technology
more Blackmagic Design news....

Broadcast Pix Adds Chyron’s Lyric PRO 8 Software to Granite Live Production Systems
Broadcast Pix Enhances Granite HD Live Video Production Systems with Version 2.0 Software and New 500 Control Panel
Slate Hybrid System Also Enhanced with Version 8.5 Software and 500 Panel
more Broadcast Pix news....

CalDigit Shows Latest Innovations in Storage Technology
Includes first of its kind CalDigit FASTA-6GU3, combining two next generation interfaces into a single card with throughput speeds of up to 6Gbps.
more CalDigit news....

CoreMelt Unleashes CoreMeltFREE
Bundle of 33 Visual Effects Plug-ins Gives Motion Artists and Editors a Free "Taste" of Company's CoreMelt Complete V2 Product Line
more CoreMelt news....

FilmLight Provides A Taste Of Baselight for Editors
Final Cut Pro Plug-in takes Baselight to the wider creative market
Technicolor & FilmLight Join Forces to Provide On-Location Color
Technicolor DP Lights™ Powered by Truelight to Launch at NAB
more FilmLight news....

Grass Valley's ADVC G-Series Now Shipping
Grass Valley Revolutionizes Camera Connectivity with Third-Generation Triax and Fiber Transmission Systems
Grass Valley and Irdeto Partner to Create a Fully Integrated, Camera-to-Screen, Live and On-Demand, Multi-Distribution Solution
more Grass Valley news....

HP Unveils New Workstation Lineup, Maintains No. 1 Worldwide Market Leadership
more HP news....

JMR Electronics, Inc. Introduces New Line Of High Performance Raid Array And Pcie Expansion Units At NAB Show
SilverStor™ Family of Products Set the Standard in Direct-Attached Storage
JMR And Fusion-io Collaborate To Deliver High Speed Solutions
Combination of Native PCIe Non-Volatile ioMemory and PCIe Systems Provides 5K Stereoscopic Playback at NAB
more JMR news...
Litepanels Introduces H2 Hi-Output™ LED Fixtures and more at NAB 2011
more Litepanels news....

Matrox Announces Thunderbolt Enabled MXO2 Devices at NAB 2011
Matrox Announces the First Portable, Cross-Platform Capture Devices for Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
Stream from any camera, anywhere with Matrox MXO2 Family of I/O devices, starting at $449
more Matrox news....

MOTU ships Windows PCI drivers for adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and CS5.5
Windows Drivers For Motu PCI Capture Devices Include Support For Premiere Pro CS5.5
MOTU partners with Apple and Intel to develop for Thunderbolt
more Motu news....

NewTek Launches Game-Changing Replay System
3Play™ 820, 10-channel HD slow motion replay system in a 4U rack mount sets a new industry benchmark
NewTek Integrates Apple® Mobile Device Support Into TriCaster™ 850 EXTREME™
iPad®, iPod®, iPhone®, Mac® and all AirPlay® Apps can serve as live video/audio sources for new HD portable live production system
NewTek Reveals LightWave™ 10.1 Stereoscopic Camera and Interactive Production Workflow Enhancements at NAB 2011
Software enhancements deliver greater stereoscopic camera rig and VPR functionality, better import and export capabilities, a new Skin material node, and more
more NewTek news....

NVIDIA-Powered Innovations Seize Center Stage at NAB 2011
Quadro Pro Graphics Drive New Tools for On-Air Graphics, Film/Video Editing, Color Correction, 3D Video Processing
more NVIDIA news....

Panasonic Announces 3D P2 HD Shoulder-Mount Camcorder And First P2 HD Handheld With AVC-Intra Recording At NAB
DVCPRO HD Named Official Recording Format for London 2012 Olympic Games

more Panasonic news....

Small Tree to Feature GraniteSTOR ST-Vault at NAB 2011
First Product in GraniteSTOR Archive Line of Tape Storage Systems
more Small Tree news....

5Alarm Music to Offer SmartSound Software's Quicktracks® Cloud-based Music Customization to Production Music Marketplace
Launched Today at NAB 2011, SmartSound's Quicktracks to Be Offered For Select 5 Alarm Music Libraries on a Pay-Per-Use or Annual License Basis
more SmartSound news....

Sony Creative Software Releases New Update for Vegas Pro
Award-Winning NLE Improves Closed Captioning, Adds Support for GPU Rendering on AMD ATI Graphic Chipsets, and Adds 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Timeline Burning Capability for Complete 3D Solution
Sony Creative Software Announces Z Depth 2.0 Upgrade
New Stereoscopic 3D Production Application Features Increased Accuracy and Enhanced Visual Queues for Subtitle Placement in 3D Productions
more Sony Creative Software news....

Sorenson Squeeze Solution Pack Powers Technicolor's Cloud-Based 'ShareVUE' Dailies Service
Sorenson Media Unveils Four New Service Levels for Squeeze Solution Pack
more Sorenson news....

RAIDON-USA Technologies is now shipping the STARDOM SOHORAID SR5 5 bay
The SOHORAID SR5 is a five-drive RAID storage system for 3.5" SATA II 3Gb/s hard drives that allows for user configurable RAID configuration, through the LCD interface on the front of the unit.
more Stardom news....

SynthEyes 2011 Dashes on Stage Offers Exciting New Texture Extraction Toolset
Andersson Technologies LLC ships SynthEyes 2011, which emphasizes new capabilities in set reconstruction, especially texture extraction.
more Andersson Technologies news....

The Best of NAB: Award-winning A/V Production Solutions from Avid
See how you can capture every sonic detail of a performance and create better recordings with Pro Tools|HD Native from Avid
for more Industry News....
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The film "Henry's Crime" is described by DP Paul Cameron ASC as a "fable of sorts...with a folkloric beauty." Debra Kaufman interviews Paul Cameron about the challenges of facing a limited budget, a short shooting schedule, difficult lighting, and -20 degrees Fahrenheit weather. In the end, it all adds to the mystique of a film playing out in a "classics style" storybook effect and elegant cinematography. Join Paul and Debra for a look behind bringing this fascinating tale to life.

You can find it in the COW Library at:
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Ever wish that you could go back and reshoot something that is almost there, close, but no cigar? Something that clearly has just a little bit of an angle problem, or the horizon isn't quite right? Perhaps it needs to have some "fisheye" effect removed from it?

Well, this lesson from our "Premiere Pro Video Adrenaline" series, hosted by Richard Harrington, will show you how using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Adobe Photoshop Extended, you can remove many of these kinds of unwanted lens effects from your footage.

This lesson will show you many great features inside both Premiere Pro and Photoshop Extended.

You will find the lesson online in our tutorials library.

Or you can sign-up for our Adobe Premiere Pro podcast.

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