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NAB Show

Complementary Expo Pass Registration

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Sure, the NAB Show offers a great chance to see and touch the latest gear, and speak face to face with manufacturers in their booths, but it also offers the widest range of education and information opportunities available in any single location. This year, there are more sessions than ever, covering every aspect of production, post, and the latest technologies for broadcast and beyond -- including social media, 3D in the home, digital intermediates, and iPhone and iPad video, and including certified training for manufacturers including Adobe, Apple and Avid.

A date to note: this Friday, FEBRUARY 19 -- that's when COW pricing ends, for both individual conferences and Super Session passes.

Other dates to note: the NAB Show runs from April 12-15 in Las Vegas, with conferences beginning as early as Saturday, April 10. Those conferences include:
  • Broadcast Engineering
  • Broadcast Management
  • Broader-casting
  • Digital Cinema Summit
  • Military & Government Summit
  • Post|Production World, which also includes the Producers|Directors Workshop, DSLR Cinema Workshop, the Director of Photography Workshop, and much more.
The COW is proud to be listed as providing Special Support for Post|Production World and the Broader-casting Conference. These are not only great educational opportunities, but a chance to meet some of The COWs - and the industry's - most respected and most popular leaders, including Richard Harrington, Gary Adcock, Robbie Carman, Marcus Geduld, Mark Spencer, and Douglas Spotted Eagle.

Stay tuned for more news about these conferences, and about COWs at NAB and don't forget the COW member code when registering at NAB: CC01.

And don't forget to vote for your favorites in the Creative COW International Music Video Contest.
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NAB Show

Complementary Expo Pass Registration

Learn more about or Register for Conferences

The NAB Show is very well known for vendor booths of course, but it also offers some of the most intense production and post conferences and workshops in the industry. We're proud to note that many Cow leaders will be leading sessions in the Post|Production World Conference, the Producer|Director's Workshop and the Director of Photography Workshop, beginning on Saturday, April 10.

As you've seen from the COW forums, in tutorials and reviews in the COW library, and from podcasts and DVDs, these guys know what they're talking about. By attending the conferences, you'll find that they're also terrific presenters in person.
Act now and save big, both for individual conferences and a variety of combination passes. Register HERE, and enter "CC01" as the promotion code. This is for Cows-only, and will only last through Feb. 19th.
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New DSLR Forum

People have been talking about the amazing video footage coming from new DSLR cameras, at resolutions that can easily exceed 4K digital cinema files, for a couple of years now, in all kinds of forums, including Cinematography, After Effects, and many NLE forums. In the past year, that traffic has continued to accelerate, and so we invite you to join us in a newly-created forum to concentrate all of that energy in one place: Creative Cow's new "DSLR Video" forum.

To celebrate, we asked Marco Solorio to update an article he wrote for "The Workflow Issue" of Creative Cow Magazine, "Time Lapse Video Secrets: HD and Beyond with your Digital Camera. (See? We really have been talking about this for years.) He gladly rewrote it for us to incorporate the latest models and techniques. And coming soon in Creative Cow Magazine: Marco's look at the state of the art in HDSLR video -- not just a review, but a look at how to maximize the potential of HDSLR video with paying clients.

In the meantime, if you've got questions about DSLR video, this is the place to start. The forum's hosts include Richard Harrington, who hosts several other forums us (follow that link for details), as well as Creative Cow's Photoshop for Video and Final Cut Studio podcasts. With over two dozen books already under his belt, his latest is set for release this spring by Peach Pit Press, "From Still to Motion: A photographer's guide to creating video with your DSLR."

Our newest "DSLR Video" forum host is Lance Bachelder, an expert in independent feature production and post-production. His work includes title design, editing, post sound mixing, original music, cinematography and directing. Most recently, he served as the Supervising Editor for the past several seasons of the children's series, "Back at the Barnyard," based on the 2006 movie "Barnyard," where Lance worked with writer-director Steve Oederkerk.

Seriously now, what are you waiting for? For a quickly-growing community of video and film professionals who are starting to explore this exciting new technology, visit the Cow's "DSLR Video" forum!
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Music Videos

Yes, Creative COW is taking another big step, this time chartering a new non-profit foundation whose sole mission is to help deserving students who are studying film and media, pay for their educations. We will shortly be naming the first institution that we will be working with and the lawyers are working on the documents, so expect to hear more soon.

How will it work? Well, in typical COW Fashion, 100% of what the foundation raises will go directly to students. All bookkeeping, legal, managerial and other fees and costs, will be borne by - as part of our donation to the foundation - so that whatever you do that adds to the charity, is 100% directly helping our scholarship recipients.

Because we take the WORLD part very seriously in our Communities of the World moniker, we will not just assist students in the USA but international students, as well.

So, we'll see you in Las Vegas and we hope you will take part in this new addition to the Creative COW community effort.

Oh, and while your eyes are already down here, why don't you scroll down a bit and see some of the great Top 30 videos that are a part of our new MUSIC VIDEO competition...
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The Legacy

It was really hard to pick the winner in our Trailers competition. There were so many worthy contenders and we could have picked any one of a dozen or so. But after much debate and a couple more days of consideration than we had planned, we picked "The Legacy" which scored very high with COW members and was the favorite of our judges panel. Our judges thought that the "extra ingredient" that made The Legacy so special was its element of childlike wonder, as the boy discovers his dad is a super hero -- and at the dinner table, the dad flips the cap away with his thumb in a move that only a super hero could make. The boy is stunned. Of all the various images and scenes that our judges discussed, this one was the one that they kept coming back to.

Victor Carbonneau is the creator of The Legacy trailer, and he also held about 40% of the Top 10 for much of the contest, with his other entries for The Golden Compass game trailer, the Nights: Journey of Dreams game trailer, as well as the comedy film trailer for "Peace," which stars Kurtwood Smith and Nancy Lenehan. Congratulations, Victor.

Our $500 Reviewer's Award goes to Brian Berneker, who had many great reviews across the various trailers. Some of our favorite reviews are his comments found on film trailers like Ghost Street, Peace, Dead West and others. Thank you, Brian, for being a fair and considered voice in the rankings that you brought to the contest.

Some of our other favorite trailers in the contest, were "Tunnel To A Lost World," a documentary brought to you by the National Geographic Channel. "Dead West" was another favorite, a trailer for a story of a failing independent film studio that switches from westerns to vampire movies -- only to find that the vampires they are filming are real. One of our other favorites was a late entry for "Creative COW: The Movie," entered by Jamie Hobert and a small team who rushed the production to make the deadline and clearly became an audience favorite in the closing days of the voting. Thanks you guys, it was hilarious and we loved it!

But now it's time to move on to our new Music Videos competition...

Music Videos Competition
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Music Videos Contest

On January 15th, we end one video reels contest and begin the next one. The TRAILERS contest will end, and the new MUSIC VIDEO contest begins.

On January 15th we will announce the winner of $1000 in our TRAILERS contest, along with the winner of our $500 award to the person whose review comments were the most informative and insightful in rating their personal choices.

Then, we start the new MUSIC VIDEO contest in which any music video entered between January 15 and February 28 is eligible for the contest. Music videos entered before the entry date do not count and only videos entered between the contest dates are included in the contest (you can turn off a past entry and re-enter it again if you wish). You can also find the complete rules here.

So, visit our Videos-Reels section and take part in our newest addition to Creative COW. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular parts of Creative COW.
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Celebrating 15 Years

NAB 2010 marks the very first year that Creative COW will host an event at NAB. And what a party event it will be. We have hired one of the world's well known bands (whom we are keeping secret for a couple weeks more), who will give a concert to close an educational event hosted by industry leaders from Creative COW Magazine and many of the top companies in our industry.

We're building the kind of event that you would build: professionally produced, high energy, information packed event led by a team of true experts in their field who aren't pimping or pandering. Just what you'd expect from Creative COW. You'd also expect a legendary party and a legendary band. We have them, also. We are putting it all together under the same kind of direction and vision that you find behind Creative COW Magazine, and we look forward to celebrating with you at NAB 2010.

Why are we partying? Creative COW is proud that at NAB 2010, COW founders, Ron & Kathlyn Lindeboom, will be celebrating the 15 year anniversary of building media professionals communities online. No other site or industry institution aside from NAB itself, has grown over the years as has the community built by Ron and Kathlyn over the last 15 years. In fact, Creative COW grew in 2009 to pass the prestigious Google Two Million Unique Visitors a Month marker. It's time for a party!

We will be opening pre-registration for our members in the next couple of weeks. So watch for it and we will see you at NAB 2010.

See you there...
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Happy New Year

Creative COW has always been a site dedicated to working production professionals in the fields of film, broadcast, and related crafts. It has been our goal to provide the services and content that brings you back because you regularly find what you need. It is a commitment that we take very seriously and as we close 2009, we'd like to thank you for your involvement here and for your comments and your suggestions.

2009 has been another record-breaking year for Creative COW and we have no plans to settle back and rest on our laurels for 2010. No, we have been working very hard to insure that The COW of 2010 will be even better and more useful to you in the days ahead. We more than doubled again this year, ending 2008 with just over a million unique people a month -- according to Google Analytics. And as we cross over into 2010, we end the year of 2009 with a high of over 2.2 million unique users a month.

Thank you for being a part of this success, we are grateful to you for being a part of Creative COW.

And don't forget to visit our new Video Hosting section at the COW, where we are currently a few days away from ending our Trailer Contest in our trailer section. We are going to recognize the best trailer with $1,000 and the COW also has $500 set aside for the reviewer that makes the most insightful and useful reviews. It might even be you.

We wish you and yours the very best in the year ahead and again, our gratitude for being a member of what is clearly one of the greatest web communities on the Net. You are an awesome bunch and it truly is an honor to know you and to serve you all.
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Your Thoughts

We have had some excellent trailers uploaded in the COW's Trailers Competition that runs through the end of 2009. And we'd like to hear what you think of them. There have been over 100 trailers entered so far, and they span the gamut from drama to science fiction, horror to documentaries, westerns to comedy, and just about anything else you might imagine. There are truly some very worthwhile trailers that have been entered. The Top 10 is really heating up but many of the others are also deserving of your time, interest and vote, and we are proud that the COW is home to so many talented people that are creating what is clearly a powerful collection of stories and imagery.

So, tell us your favorites and give us your reasons that you think so. On January 15, 2010 we will give $500 to the one that we feel has taken the time to add the most articulate and insightful comment on one of our trailer entries.

Tell us what you like or don't, and why. And do it before year's end. But in the spirit of the COW, please make it constructive as we will disqualify and remove mean-spirited flames and slams. Hey, it is the COW, isn't it?
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Upload Your Trailer

If you have created a trailer for a film, an episodic TV show, a documentary, or anything else that you have featured in a trailer, we'd like to see it. If you upload it between now and the end of the year, we will be judging the trailers and what the COW audience thinks of them, and we will pick the winner and announce it on January 15, 2010.

The best original trailer added to the COW Videos-Reels section, will be awarded $1,000, courtesy of your friends at

We can accept up to 900 pixels wide, up to 100MB in size, with AAC-LC audio encoding. So, if you would like to give COW members a look at your trailer, we would like to see it.

Please visit to see our great videos being hosted, or to enter our Trailers Contest.

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