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Upload Your Trailer

If you have created a trailer for a film, an episodic TV show, a documentary, or anything else that you have featured in a trailer, we'd like to see it. If you upload it between now and the end of the year, we will be judging the trailers and what the COW audience thinks of them, and we will pick the winner and announce it on January 15, 2010.

The best original trailer added to the COW Videos-Reels section, will be awarded $1,000, courtesy of your friends at

We can accept up to 900 pixels wide, up to 100MB in size, with AAC-LC audio encoding. So, if you would like to give COW members a look at your trailer, we would like to see it.

Please visit to see our great videos being hosted, or to enter our Trailers Contest.

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COW iPhone App

Early in 2009, we launched our "DOT MOBI" version of Creative COW ( which is our V1.0 of our mobile users interface. It has become quite successful over the last year and now those that use it account for nearly 6,000 unique people in the USA per month, and nearly 11,000 unique people a month from around the world.

In 2010, we would like to add to the new MOBI interface and also encourage even more usage of the Dot Mobi by commissioning an iPhone application for those that visit the site using their iPhone. (Don't worry Nokia, Blackberry and Palm users, we have plans that involve you, too!)

So, iPhone developers, here is your official call to contact us. We welcome your contact and we will be commissioning one of you to develop an application for Creative COW users. If you are an iPhone developer, please contact to learn more.

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New COW Hosts

We are pleased to announce that our Apple Motion and Sony Vegas forums are each sporting a new leader on their forum teams, and both are excellent new additions to two already great teams. Both our Motion and Vegas forums are extremely popular and have some remarkable leaders hosting in each. But added to these great teams are two new leaders who we are proud to introduce, D. Eric Franks -- whom many of you may remember as the host of Digital Juice's online training and Tech Talk -- and Mark Spencer, author of the Peachpit Apple Experts book on Apple Motion. Both of these guys are true power users and we know that they will be strong additions to the COW Team in the days ahead.

D. Eric Franks has been with us for a little while, but we wanted to give him an official welcome. And Mark Spencer just joined the team and may be a little busy due to his hazing by other COW leaders.

So visit our Apple Motion and Sony Vegas forums and click on their pictures (that you find in the forums) to learn more about each of them.
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Happy Thanksgiving

As our nation celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday this coming Thursday here in America, we would like to thank you for being a part of the Creative COW community in 2009. We are working hard continually to add more features and functions to benefit our members in the days to come. And as we celebrate Thanksgiving -- a time when we consider those things for which we are grateful -- we would like to thank you for all that you bring to the COW with your contributions to the forums, articles, suggestions, and the incredible range of videos that this year began adding another great area to the COW.

For those of you outside the United States, the Thanksgiving holiday is usually celebrated with family gathered for a meal of turkey -- to commemorate the Native Americans bringing food to share with the Pilgrims who were struggling in the New World when they first arrived in the 1600s -- and Bessie says that she would like to thank turkeys everywhere for their part in the holiday. "After all, it isn't turkey that they are serving year round at McDonalds, is it?" says Bessie. "Us cows have a lot to be grateful for ourselves when Thanksgiving rolls around."

We wish you a wonderful time with family and friends. And for those that aren't celebrating the holiday, Bessie says that she still recommends turkey if you are not a vegetarian or a vegan.

We'll see you after the holiday.
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New COW Forums

If you haven't yet noticed the five new forums that recently joined the Creative COW forums line-up, we'd like to introduce you to them and hope that you will drop by and visit any that relate to your work and interests.

Alex Grossman and his team have brought Active Storage to the marketplace, after having built XRAID for Apple. Active Storage is a new company but one with a lot of history that comes with its team. Visit the new Active Storage forum at Creative COW when you have a moment.

CatDV is a tool that many COW Members use and rave about. If you use any of their tools or would like to learn more about them, please visit the new CatDV forum at Creative COW. We are doubly delighted with this one as it also marks the return of Dennis Kutchera to the COW Leadership team. Welcome back, Dennis.

Closed Captioning is a subject that comes up regularly at Creative COW and it is a subject that requires a lot of knowledge and expertise to do correctly. Jason Livingston recently wrote us and asked if he could head a CC discussion forum, as he works with it regularly. We jumped at the chance to add the new Closed Captioning forum to Creative COW.

CoreMelt plug-ins are quickly becoming some of the most popular plug-ins in the market and for good reason: Roger Bolton has worked on some of the biggest blockbusters made, films like Lord of the Rings, and he brings his knowledge and experience to users in the new CoreMelt users forum and plug-ins. Say hi to Roger when you get a chance.

DaVinci colorgrading systems comes to the COW forums line-up, and longtime user Ron Anderson has joined the forum team there. With Blackmagic Design's acquisition of DaVinci and their recent announcement that they will not have the same kinds of support systems and programs for DaVinci users, this forum will become incresingly important in the days ahead. Visit the new DaVinci forum at Creative COW when you have a few moments to spend.

With the COW just passing the 2.1 million unique visitors in 30 days marker, according to Google Analytics, we know these new areas of the COW will soon become integral parts of Creative COW. We hope that you will add them to your list of destinations if you use or want to learn more about these tools.
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COW Magazine Now Coming to the World's Mailboxes

Creative COW Magazine is celebrating four years of bringing the most informative and inspiring stories to readers in the world of film, video, and media production, and to celebrate our continued growth, we are happy to announce that our worldwide members can now sign up and receive the print edition of Creative COW Magazine in their mailboxes.

Oh, and in typical COW fashion, if you sign up you will get first-class delivery. Yes, first-class.

INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS: Many of our members worldwide have been asking for international subscriptions since we began Creative COW Magazine four years ago. Now it is available and we have helped offset the costs to insure that more of our international members can receive the great stories and articles in the magazine.

USA MEMBERS: We have been asked why the digital edition comes out weeks ahead of the print edition. Well, it's because as a newer publication, we are currently treated as third-class mail -- which depending on where you live, the post office can deliver up to three weeks or so after it leaves the printing presses.

Want it faster?

Subscribe and we'll send it to you FIRST-CLASS. We now offer both our international and USA members the opportunity to get their magazines by first-class postage.

Go First Class!

Because a first-class magazine deserves first-class delivery™

USA: 6 issues for $14.95 -- INTERNATIONAL: 6 issues for $24.95

Creative COW Magazine
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Host Your Short Films at The COW

If you have your own short film or you like to watch short films, please visit the Short Films area of our Videos-Reels section at There is no charge for hosting your short film and we will not turn off your video because it gets too many views.

In our Shorts section, we have some excellent work for your consideration, and these five are ones that have proven popular with voters and viewers. What will you think of them and what vote will you give? Visit them today and take part in this new addition to Creative COW.

The Good, The Bad, and The Bugly, a highly creative educational 3d animated movie created for the Houston Museum of Natural Science's Insect Exhibit. These talking insects help to introduce kids to the wonderful world of insects and teach them that everyone has a job to do!
The Big Bang is a short film featuring Janna Levin, a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Barnard College of Columbia University. Her scientific research concerns the Early Universe, Chaos, and Black Holes. This video attempts to recreate the moment the universe started through powerful 3D sequences.
The Legend of Chloe received the award for Best Film at the 2009 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project. Also, tied for Best Use of Character and nominated for Best Special Effects, Sound Design and Cinematography.
Consensus features two politicians, members of a secret committee, as they reveal the truth behind an initiative undertaken by the U.S. government to control population growth. Concept loosely inspired by Des Moines’ recent smoking ban. Consensus is a political drama created for Des Moines' 2008 48 Hour Film Project.
Bree Street attempts to capture an event that took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, a few years back among the taxi drivers continuously at war with each other. It shows how the 'ordinary people' always seem to bear the brunt of the violence. The name of the movie is where the event took place.

We want to thank all of those who have taken the time to upload their own videos and also thank those who visit the new videos section, it is quickly becoming a very popular part of Creative COW.

If you have your own reel or short film that you would like to add, please visit the new Videos-Reels section.
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12 Thinks I Know About Business

The COW has now passed the 1.9 million monthly unique visitors marker and is also nearing 8 million pageviews a month. About a third of these pages are found in our Library. So, as we drive hard towards the 2 million visitors a month marker and 8 million pageviews a month, we thought we'd ask some of the COW's leaders in the offices and on the forums to tell us their personal favorites in the COW's huge Library.

When asked his favorite article, COW CEO, Ron Lindeboom said, "Nick Griffin's '12 Things I Know About Business at 55, That I Wish I'd Known at 25' is one of the best reads in the Library and is the first one that comes to my mind. In this article, Nick looks at many of the valuable things that he has learned about running Griffin Communications, a full production and post production company based in the Washington DC Metro area.

Nick has traveled the world working on a wide range of production projects for some of the top companies around the globe. In this article, you will see some of the valuable lessons that Nick offers from his wealth of experience in building a successful business.

What are your own favorites? Write us at and let us know. Who knows, you may be the next COW Leader or member featured in the newsletter.

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Think Big - Creative COW Magazine

We have just uploaded the newest issue of Creative COW Magazine and it is filled with the kind of no-nonsense information-packed content that continues to make Creative COW Magazine the fastest growing and most respected magazine in the industry. If you haven't yet discovered Creative COW Magazine, then you are missing one of the greatest parts of

In this issue, "Thinking Big," we decided to talk with companies that are growing rapidly and successfully in spite of the marketplace malaise that many are experiencing in these hyper-competitive times. What we found out from these incredibly successful companies may surprise you. And you won't want to miss it. There are many creative and artistic ideas offered, as well -- and we think that this is one of our finest issues ever. See if you agree.

We'll also look at a team from South Africa, whom we discovered when they uploaded some of their reels and work to our videos section. One of their techniques is a method that they used to fill a soccer stadium to the brim, with just a handful of people and made quite a convincing case for themselves. See it online in our videos section.

We also spent time with Philip Garvin, the head and one of the founders, of HDNET. He takes us on an inspiring ride through all the ups and downs and ins and outs of building this great company.

There are many other great articles and you can download your copy now.

Download our "Spreads Edition," which looks the same as our paper edition.

Or, download our single-page "Print Edition," which some of our worldwide audience like to feed to their laser printer.

The choice is yours, and it is online now.
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Shorts Videos and Demo Reels

If you haven't been to Creative COW's Videos section recently, you've missed some of the most powerful, beautiful, and just entertaining reels, animations, music videos, and short films. Here are some of the ones that COW members have been enthusiastic about.

Zaire: Eugen Olsen, Populating An Empty Stadium

Spain: Carmina Soler, Charm in Motion

Russia: Artem Ludyankov, Broadcast Motion Graphics

Germany: Sascha Verwiebe, Broadcast Design | Motion Graphics

Hungary: Victor Abramovskiy, Animation Reel

India: Rob Lang, Colorist

United States: Kenn Ferro, Steadicam Demo Reel

Don't forget to add your own videos... With support for up to 900 pixels wide, unlimited bandwidth, security, and the ability to tie directly into your Creative COW Services listing, you'll see why Creative COW's Video Hosting has so quickly become one of the world's most popular showcases for professional production.
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