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Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
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Demo Reels

If you have been looking for a place to host your reel or a short film, music video, or other work that you have done, CreativeCOW.net has added free video hosting for your reels and videos. We host up to 900 pixels wide, including 720p HD, with up to 100MB per file, in either H.264 or Flash encoding. We support AAC for audio.

If you can't afford your own unlimited bandwidth pipe, you will likely need to use someone else's service to host your reel. YouTube and Vimeo are nice, but often the sizes are too restrictive for professional use, and the small clips do not really show well when displaying your work to clients. Brightcove is an excellent choice but the costs can be very prohibitive to most anyone other than the biggest businesses with deeper pockets than most small and mid-sized companies.

We launched it a few weeks back and today, we are already passing the 40,000 unique monthly user marker and some of our videos have already passed the 6,000 views marker. And it's growing fast! How fast? Like most things at the COW, we will likely double in July, even with all of the holidays and Summer vacations that many northern hemisphere COW members will be taking this month.

Check out the links for "Most Viewed" and "Most Votes." Or try the link to "Sort by Nation." That's one of our favorites because we are getting some great work from around the world.



3D Camcorder Subscribe with iTunesCreative COW Podcast
Episode #082 - June 29, 2009
by Franklin McMahon
(29:44) -- 6/29/2009
Call of the Wild Stereoscopic 3D Movie
Indie Shooting in 3D with 21st Century 3D's Jason Goodman, BlackMagic Design Ultrascope, Worldweaver DX Studio 3.1, Microsoft sells Razorfish, Gridiron Flow ships, Sony Walkman turns 30 and more creative news and interviews - creativecow.net - Jason Goodman of 21st Century 3D in NYC talks to Creative Cow Magazine's Editor In Chief Tim Wilson about building a 3D camera system from two prosumer DVX-100's, switching from SD to HD, hard drive to solid state and other technical aspects he has learned with doing 3D himself. He also discusses his movie "Call of the Wild" an independent movie shot in 3D.

Subscribe with iTunes3D Animation Tutorials Podcast
3ds Max - Introduction to 3ds Max 2010 Particle Paint Helper
by Michael Hurwicz
(09:39) -- 6/30/2009

In this 3ds Max 2010 tutorial, Michael Hurwicz looks at the new Particle Paint feature, which allows you to spray particle seeds on any object. You then use new operators in the Particle Flow system to convert these seeds to particles. -

Subscribe with iTunesBoris FX Tutorials Podcast
Boris Continuum Complete 6 - Animated Presets with Adobe and Avid
by Dirk de Jong
(08:30) -- 6/30/2009

BCC6's new Custom Animated Presets feature lets you save and re-use every parameter animation in every BCC filter - even across host applications and platforms. Animate BCC filters in Adobe After Effects and transfer the animation to the Avid timeline.
View more podcasts at podcasts.creativecow.net

COW Master Series Training DVD's
Graphics and Effects for Final Cut Studio 2Graphics and Effects for Final Cut Studio 2
Thirteen Full Length Video Tutorials with Project Files and Source Footage

For the first time, the best titling tool for Final Cut Pro is...Final Cut Pro... With a little help from Motion, Stephen Smith takes you step-by-step through hidden tips and tricks, and combinations of features that you may never have used before. The 13 lessons on this disk aren't general or vague. They offer real-world techniques designed to make you money.

View all COW Training DVD's at CreativeCOWTraining.Com

Flanders Scientific

Recent Articles
CreativeCOW leader Jerry Hofmann takes a look at CalDigit's new VR mini -- serious storage small enough for your pocket.
Jerry Hofmann
Autodesk 3ds Max
In this 3ds Max 2010 tutorial, Michael Hurwicz Michael Hurwicz looks at the new Particle Paint feature, which allows you to spray particle seeds on any object. You then use new operators in the Particle Flow system to convert these seeds to particles. The tutorial demonstrates freehand painting and uses the new Birth Paint operator to convert the seeds to particles.
Michael Hurwicz
Autodesk 3ds Max
In this 3ds Max 2010 tutorial, Michael Hurwicz introduces the new Graphite Modeling Tools, and in particular the Generate Topology feature, which allows you to quickly change the underlying structure of an editable poly to resemble bricks, tiles, diamond shapes, and a number of other options. The tutorial uses bricks as a demonstration of this capability.
Michael Hurwicz
If you are using the Canon 5D MKII or Nikon D90 for their gorgeous HD video, or even thinking about it, you need to read this. Creative COW Contributing Editor Jim Harvey shows how the Redrock Micro DSLR Bundle makes these cameras even more useful for video shooters, then shows how he and other pros are using it, in the field and in the studio. Jim is enthusiastic about the possiblities it opens up, and thinks you will be too.
Jim Harvey
Red Giant plug-ins
In this action packed episode of Red Giant TV, Sin City's Visual Effects Supervisor - and the new Creative Director of Red Giant Software - Stu Maschwitz, shows you how to get the Summer Blockbuster look seen in Transformers 2, Terminator: Salvation, and The Taking of Pelham 123. Stu shares valuable techniques for enhancing your footage with Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista - the technologies he invented for his own use on feature films.
Stu Maschwitz
Autodesk 3ds Max
In this 3ds Max 2010 tutorial, Michael Hurwicz looks at the new viewport label menus, which provide quicker access to some of the most common viewport-related functions, such as showing statistics, showing and hiding the grid, changing the view (e.g. front, back, perspective), and changing the shading mode (e.g. smooth and highlights, wireframe, edged faces)..
Michael Hurwicz
Adobe After Effects
In this video tutorial, Creative COW contributing editor Carl Larsen shows you how to import a .jpeg or .tiff sequence into Adobe After Effects with Adobe Camera Raw development settings applied.
Carl Larsen
particle Illusion
In this video tutorial, Creative COW leader Alan Lorence of Wondertouch shows how to create the transporter effect from the new Star Trek movie using particleIllusion 3.0. This is part 2 of 2.
Alan Lorence

View these and more articles at the Creative COW Library


Industry News
Blackmagic Design Releases Linux SDK for DeckLink, Multibridge and Intensity

CalDigit Offers FREE CalDigit VR with Purchase of HDElement!

nVeil Invites Digital Artists to Create, Share New Veil Creations During its Summer ‘nVeil UnVeiling’ Contest

BBC Motion Gallery Features Exclusive CBS Footage of Apollo 11 Landing

Digieffects Announces The Natural Forces Summer Tour

Open-E Announces General Availability of Open-E Data Storage Software V6

Noren Productions

Award-Winning Director Marc Forster Teams With Cut + Run Editor James Nelson On New Swiss Air Film

IK Multimedia Announces “Summer Group Mix” Promotion

Jonathan Del Gatto Edits Award-Winning Chambers Hotel Video Art Piece

Digital Domain Collaborates with Michael Bay on 'Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen' Movie Tie-Ins


Blackmagic Design Releases Software Update for all Videohub Routers

Introducing New Features & Product Enhancements for FSI Monitors

Harris Corporation Announces Key Upgrades to Videotek® HD-STAR® Handheld Monitor/Generator

Fisher Communications speeds up local news delivery with expanded Bitcentral partnership

Sony Announces New Vegas Pro 9 Academic Edition & Film Contest Winners

The Mill, London Relies on Softel Swift vTX to Manage Subtitle Content With Efficient File-Based Workflow

StudioGPU Ships MachStudio Pro—Supercharges 3D Workflow with Real-Time Finishing and Compositing

Obama for America Campaign Wins Top Prizes in Cannes

Company 3 Adds Creative Director Randie Swanberg & Senior Producer Angela Lupo to Spearhead VFX Dept

POP Sound Upgrades Mixing Studios to Digidesign ICON

Matrox MXO2 Mini Now Provides Inexpensive HDMI Monitoring for AVCHD Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and CineForm NeoScene

Elemental Announces Next Generation CUDA GPU-Accelerated Video Encoding Plug-In For Creative Professionals

Neutrik USA Takes To The Small Screen With Poinciana High School’s TV Production Class

AlwaysHD Teams Up with Stock Footage Search Engine Footage.net

For more industry news, visit COW News & Press Releases


Top Threads
Business & Marketing Forum
Handing over AE projects....?
I have been working with a production company creating a huge animated sequence for them...

Cinema 4D Forum
MoGraph arrow head alignment problem
I am making some 3d arrows with mograph...

AVID Editing Forum
why a Nitris DX when you can get a Mojo DX ?
I just put in a Mojo DX...

Lighting Design Pros Forum
Some Gear Advice for a Small Set
I video and photograph mostly outdoor activities and have not had a real big need for lighting...


Reels and Videos
demo reel
Heavenly Dark Studios 2009 Demo Reel by Robert Harmon
Heavenly Dark Studios provides digital media and video services for the surrounding area of Charlotte North Carolina. With over 10 years ex...

demo reel
Element X Creative 2009 Montage Reel by Chad Briggs
Our 2009 showreel, a sampling of the latest and greatest.  If you're looking for a specific kind of project that you don't see here, feel f...

demo reel
JustinMcClure.tv Show Reel by Justin McClure
Justin McClure's Show Reel. Portfolio site can be found here: http://www.justinmcclure.tv/...

demo reel
3DTree Showreel by Eugen Olsen
3DTree is an Animation & VisualFX Boutique specializing in 3D Animation, Compositing, Matchmoving, Rotoscoping, and so much more... check ou...

music video
Women cry when these guys perform. Men can only wish they were as cool. by Ron Lindeboom
These guys, known as De Kroegadours in their native country of The Netherlands (and who filmed this video in the Lindeboom Brewery in Neer, ...

Reels and Videos at reels.creativecow.net


COW Tipping
Creative COW's New Search Engine

The search engine for the forums at Creative COW has been improved. Some of the key features that have been upgraded are:

1) Speed - you will find the search results coming much faster than before.

2) Highlighted results - after clicking on a link in the results the terms will be highlighted in the resulting thread.

3) Archive search - the search engine defaults to crawling back to the creation of Creative COW in 2001 rather than just until 2005.

4) Library articles - library articles are now mixed into the search results and set in bold.

5) Related Matches - when you navigate to a result from a search you will receive additional related posts and articles based on the search you are coming from.

More is on the way... Let us know what you think of these improvements in the COWmunications forum.

Upcoming Events
Jul 2, '09
New York NY United States
Matrox MAXimum Roadshow (New York City with Tekserve)
Jul 2, '09
New York NY United States
Matrox MAXimum Roadshow (New York City with B&H Photo)
Jul 3, '09
London United Kingdom
Final Cut Induction
May 17, '09 - Jul 4, '09
Rockport ME
Filmmakers Seven-Week Workstudy
Jul 6, '09
Boulder CO
Getting Started with WordPress - For Content Creators - Workshop
Jul 6, '09
London United Kingdom
After Effects Induction
Jul 7, '09
Boulder CO
Getting Started with Final Cut Pro - Workshop
Jul 8, '09
Los Angeles CA USA
Los Angeles Post Production Group - July 8th Meeting
Jul 11, '09
Boulder CO
Dreamweaver Hands-On Intensive - Class
Jul 11, '09
New York NY United States
A Filmmaker's Guide To Tapeless Workflow
Jul 11, '09 - Jul 12, '09
Atlanta GA United States
Atlanta Motion Graphics Festival 2009
Jul 13, '09
London United Kingdom
After Effects Intermediate
Jul 14, '09
Boulder CO
Introduction to Search Engine Optimization - Workshop
Jul 14, '09
Boulder CO
Getting Started with WordPress - Web Developers - Workshop
Jul 15, '09
Cow Appreciation Day

View more events at events.creativecow.net


Featured Leader Featured Tutorial
Meet Mike Cohen
Mike Cohen

In college, Mike Cohen thought he would work in broadcast news. He ran the University of Hartford student news broadcast, did news internships and took journalism classes. Then Mike discovered corporate video and a job duping tapes at Ciné-Med. After a few months Mike was promoted to sho more...
Creating an Old-Paper texture using Fractal Noise

Previously, Chris Zwar penned an article we refer to as ''Everything you wanted to know about Fractal Noise but were afraid to ask,'' but in this article, Chris takes it a step further and demonstrate more...

Get help with, or discuss this tutorial in the COW's Adobe After Effects Forum.


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Prod Tech Support Spec, Qatar
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Full Time/Freelance HD - P2...
Camera Operator in Sydney
FCP, FCS, XSAN - Is...
Motion Graphics/After Effects Artist in...
Salesperson needed ASAP
Freelance Final Cut editor, London/Surrey

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