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Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
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Bessie's Real-Time Business Advice

Need help making money? Even more important, do you need help collecting money from clients for the work you've already done? Pay close attention. One of our members posted her problem in the Cow's Business & Marketing forum this morning: "I am a freelancer who provides services relating to video,photography & design. This is a fairly new venture for me as a fulltime business and I am learning the ins and outs.

"Unfortunately, I am in a bit of a pickle with a 'deadbeat' client."

Within hours, she got some wonderful advice, both for this problem and for moving forward: how to protect yourself with good contracts, how to manage your clients, and ultimately, learning to be honest with yourself about what kind of businessperson you want to be.

The thread is still evolving as we speak of course, and we hope that you'll add your perspective. We certainly can't promise the answers to your specific problems within hours. (The SEARCH button will often help you find answers even more quickly, but that's another story.) We absolutely can promise that you'll hear from many of the industry's most successful business owners, and, with tens of thousands of visitors passing through every day, many people who've been in jams just like yours.

Shared experience. Money-making solutions. Real time. That's just some of what you'll find in Creative COW's Business & Marketing Forum.

PS. We've also got loads of business articles in our library, including one of our perennially most popular, "Clients or Grinders." And if you need to make hay while the sun shines -- or while you're driving -- we also recommend the "Client Management" episode of our Business Strategies podcast.


Reels and Videos
music video
Nine Inch Nails - Ghost track 19 III by Franck Pierron
A music video i directed and edited/shot (and a few others things) in LA, for the Nine Inch Nails Ghost film festival. You can support me o...

demo reel
Uptempo Music and Audio Post - TV network ID Demo by Roger Dominguez
Original Music and Audio Post for Television and Film located in Miami, Florida. 305-443-8680 Sound Design by Uptempo Music by Uptempo mus...

demo reel
Andy Taplin 3D Showreel by Andy Taplin
My showreel displaying my varied skills of 3D (Maya) within the fields of television and music promos. Please visit my site http://www.andy...

demo reel
tinko by Tinko Dimov
2D composite,2D track,matte painting ,2D visual effect ...

demo reel
Ben Galewitz - VFX Demo 2009 by Ben Galewitz
A medley of shots and breakdowns. Showcasing tracking, rotoscoping, 3D, and general compositing techniques. ...

Reels and Videos at reels.creativecow.net

COW Master Series Training DVD's
Motion Tracking and Stabilization in After EffectsMotion Tracking and Stabilization in After Effects

Pete O'Connell has assembled all the most useful 2D tracking skills, the most important 'Real world' techniques you should have at your disposal when you are striving for a perfect result when stabilizing or match-moving. Learn to motion track text on your video images, seamlessly introduce moving video images into your existing video timeline, stabilize troublesome video images, and so much more...

View all COW Training DVD's at CreativeCOWTraining.Com


Recent Articles
Adobe After Effects
Optical Flow retiming might not work well when you work with footage that has cuts in it (i.e the gloopyness effect might not be what you want). If the footage was preedited elsewhere or you precomposed a set of layers, you might see some warping artifacts as you cross a scene cut point (or even a transition like a dissolve). In this tutorial we show you how to mark such segments in Twixtor so your retiming is not affected by such issue.
Lori Freitag
Adobe After Effects
In this video tutorial, Creative Cow contributing editor Eran Stern gives an introduction to custom effects which trigger actions using layer markers inside of Adobe After Effects.
Eran Stern
Adobe After Effects
This video tutorial from Dirk de Jong gives you an in-depth look at the Jitter feature of Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE's Extruded Text filter. Basic functionality of the Jitter feature is explained and demonstrated. Then, the Jitter feature is shown in the context of a more developed effect involving audio and After Effects Camera and Lights.
Dirk de Jong
Adobe After Effects
Key framed alignment of video to audio. In this tutorial from RE: Vision Effects, Lori Freitag covers the basic concept of aligning a video track to a different audio track using Twixtor. As an example we lip-synch an outdoor shoot to a studio recording.
Lori Freitag
Adobe After Effects
In this video tutorial, Creative COW contributing editor Carl Larsen shows you how to archive a project with shared assets using the consolidate footage and collect Files commands.
Carl Larsen
Adobe After Effects
This RE: Vision Effects tutorial by Lori Freitag covers the basics on how to do a simple Speed Ramp effect using Twixtor in After Effects.
Lori Freitag
Visual Effects Supervisor William Powloski helped create one of the most eye-popping worlds ever seen on TV, as part of a feature film aesthetic on a TV budget and schedule. Although it was canceled after only two seasons, it remains one of the most beautiful and innovative programs to ever air on US television. In an extended version of the original article in The Visual Effects Issue of Creative COW Magazine, here is an exclusive look at how he and his team helped pull it off.
William Powloski
Matrox Video Systems
In this article, CreativeCOW's Craig Seeman takes a look the new release of Matrox CompressHD with MAX technology.
Craig Seeman

View these and more articles at the Creative COW Library

Sony Creative Software

Industry News
The Foundry’s RollingShutter Plug-in Tackles CMOS Skew and Wobble Effects

HP Adds NVIDIA Quadro GPU-Accelerated Plug-in for Adobe Creative Suite 4 Users to Workstation Lineup

NVIDIA CUDA Technology Used to Recover Historic Apollo 11 Man on the Moon Video

Digital FX To Demo RED at SIGGRAPH

International Academy of Film and Television Launches Edu-Tourism Program with Hollywood Film Adventure Camp

Leading Creative Professionals Standardizing on Archion Synergy HDu To Expand Avid Unity MediaNetwork 5.1 Systems


Intelligent Assistance releases new software metadata workflow tools

The Pixel Farm Launch PFPipe at Siggraph 2009

Smith Micro Software Releases Poser 8

NVIDIA Launches the World's First Interactive Ray Tracing Engine

IBC 09: FOR-A to Intro Color Equalizer

NVIDIA Unveils Breakthrough Solutions for Enterprise Collaboration and Visualization Centers

Sorenson Media Announces Availability of Sorenson 360 SDK Beta Enabling Customers to Use Their Own Media Players on the Sorenson 360 Internet Video Publishing Platform

Boris FX Product Line Supports Apple Final Cut Studio 3 Release

MAXON CINEMA 4D Used as Central Application in Creation of New Animated Short Feature Film, Junior Extraterrestrial (JET)

Dulce Systems Adds Sales Representation in Europe

Dulce Systems Reorganizes European Sales Channel

StudioGPU Reveals Next-Generation MachStudio Pro Real-Time 3D Workflow and Rendering Features

eyeon Releases Fusion 6 3D SDK and Learning Edition

Offhollywood Opens East Coast's First Authorized RED™ Digital Cinema Camera Rental and Service Facility

SIGGRAPH 2009: Autodesk Focuses on Providing Value to Customers

Prime Focus Software Shows Off New Software Tools at SIGGRAPH 2009

ArtVPS launches Shaderlight version 0.2

Anton/Bauer Anton/Bauer USB Battery Management System Makes IBC 2009 Debut

Autodesk Announces Connection Extension for 3ds Max 2010 Software

For more industry news, visit COW News & Press Releases

ReVision FX

Top Threads
Apple Final Cut Pro Forum
How does one CREATE a plug-in?
Out of curiosity, does anyone know how does one CREATE plug-ins?

Business & Marketing Forum
How much should i be Making$$
The projects i have been working on have been fairly significant...

RED Camera Forum
advice on working with "4K HD" vs standard Red 4K files
I've done several projects with Red, all shot with the standard Red 4K camera settings...

Film History & Appreciation Forum
If you could remake just ONE movie... what would it be and how would you do it?
Hollywood LOVES re-doing proven hits and sometimes even previous flops...

HD Expo

Andy StintonSubscribe with iTunesCreative COW Podcast
Episode #086 - July 30, 2009
by Franklin McMahon
(30:27) -- 7/30/2009

Expanding Your Creative Business with Andy Stinton, Apple ships new Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio, BorisFX Cartoon Look, Canon reinvents images stabilization, FontGenius, AutoFX and more creative news and interviews - creativecow.net - Andy Stinton is an Event Producer and Creative Cow Leader, he talks with Franklin about how to expand your business by offering new services via other producers, developing value added services, empowering clients with tools and keeping profits higher via lower cost collaboration.

Subscribe with iTunesBoris FX Tutorials Podcast
Boris Continuum Complete 6 - Using Text Jitter with AE's Extruded Text Filter
by Dirk de Jong
(06:28) -- 7/29/2009

This video tutorial gives you an in-depth look at the Jitter feature of Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE's Extruded Text filter. Basic functionality of the Jitter feature is explained and demonstrated.
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Upcoming Events
Aug 4, '09 - Aug 6, '09
New Orleans LA United States
MachStudio Pro demo at SIGGRAPH 2009
Aug 6, '09 - Aug 7, '09
Los Angeles CA United States
HD Expo P2 Camp
Aug 7, '09
San Francisco CA
FREE Day of Film School
Aug 6, '09 - Aug 7, '09
Los Angeles CA USA
P2 Camp
Aug 8, '09
Boulder CO
Advanced Editing In Final Cut Pro Hands-On Class
Aug 8, '09
Manhattan New York United States
A Filmmaker's Guide To Color Correction - Masterclass
Aug 7, '09 - Aug 9, '09
Los Angeles CA United States
ColorCamp 101 Demystifying Color for the Content Creator from Theory to Practice
Aug 10, '09
Boulder CO United States
Color Management for Photographers
Aug 5, '09 - Aug 10, '09
Los Angeles CA United States
Donald Brown
Aug 11, '09
Boulder CO
Getting in Front of the Camera: Ready, Set, ON-AIR! - Workshop
Aug 11, '09
Studio City CA United States
READY FOR RED? Grading Workshops, RED R3D Workflows, Avid Integration
Aug 11, '09
New York NY United States
Know Your Workflow - Incorporating the Mac
Aug 11, '09
Santa Fe NM United States
Santa Fe Macintosh User Group
Aug 12, '09
Boulder CO United States
Getting Started with Photoshop - Workshop
Aug 12, '09
Boston MA United States
Learning Lab Series: Red (Hot), Take Two!

View more events at events.creativecow.net


Featured Leader Featured Tutorial
Meet Andrew Shanks, CreativeCOW.net Leader
Andrew Shanks

I am a Visual Effects Compositor/Supervisor based in Auckland, New Zealand.  I was born into a theatrical family, and quickly scampered away from a childhood on stage to being behind the scenes (lighting/sound), which I found more fascinating. This progressed to camerawork at theatre and h more...
Building a PC NLE: Choosing the Components

Assuming you have a limited budget to work with, and are looking to jump into digital video non-linear editing, building your own PC editing platform is the surest way to save a great deal of money. I more...

Get help with, or discuss this tutorial in the COW's Windows Hardware & Software Forum.


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Existing Licensable Game Mod Footage...
TV Final Colorist
VFX Editor Position available at...
FCP Editor / Graphics Designer
Digital Media Specialist
Executive Producer for Short Film
Flash Developer Wanted
Hiring Senior CG Artist
Hiring Senior Motion Graphics Designer
Need Sony EX1 Camera Operator...
Graphic Designer in L.A.
Wanted: Digital Creative Artist for...
Orange County 3D Animator Needed
Video Compressionist / Archivist ~...
CT Arts High School with...

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3D Animator Required For Music...
No pay 3D Artist/Animator?
Adobe needs users for a...
motion designer internship shanghai
Looking for Talented AE artists...
Flash Designer Needed
Title Sequence Needed
Art Director or Production Designer

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