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Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
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Shorts Videos and Demo Reels

If you haven't been to Creative COW's Videos section recently, you've missed some of the most powerful, beautiful, and just entertaining reels, animations, music videos, and short films. Here are some of the ones that COW members have been enthusiastic about.

Zaire: Eugen Olsen, Populating An Empty Stadium

Spain: Carmina Soler, Charm in Motion

Russia: Artem Ludyankov, Broadcast Motion Graphics

Germany: Sascha Verwiebe, Broadcast Design | Motion Graphics

Hungary: Victor Abramovskiy, Animation Reel

India: Rob Lang, Colorist

United States: Kenn Ferro, Steadicam Demo Reel

Don't forget to add your own videos... With support for up to 900 pixels wide, unlimited bandwidth, security, and the ability to tie directly into your Creative COW Services listing, you'll see why Creative COW's Video Hosting has so quickly become one of the world's most popular showcases for professional production.

Full Sail

A Mother's Garden

Adobe is Requesting Feedback From COW Members:

Adobe is conducting two brief surveys to learn more about how customers get information about using Flash. They'd like your feedback. Please click a link below to take a brief survey on one of the following topics:

Using Video in Flash

Creating Buttons

COW Master Series Training DVD's
Motion Tracking and Stabilization in After EffectsMotion Tracking and Stabilization in After Effects

Pete O'Connell has assembled all the most useful 2D tracking skills, the most important ‘Real world’ techniques you should have at your disposal when you are striving for a perfect result when stabilizing or match-moving. Learn to motion track text on your video images, seamlessly introduce moving video images into your existing video timeline, stabilize troublesome video images, and so much more...

View all COW Training DVD's at CreativeCOWTraining.Com


Recent Articles
Cinema 4D
In this tutorial, Broadcast Designer Jason Brown will show you how to use the fracture object feature in Maxon's Cinema 4d to make a quick Breaking News open when you are pressed for time.
Jason Brown
Adobe After Effects
In this video tutorial series, Creative Cow leader Gyorfi Szilard demonstrates a few tips for better workflow. This video will cover navigation tips.
Gyorfi Szilard
Windows Hardware & Software
You might look at HP SkyRoom and see a videoconferencing system, which indeed it is. But it is also a powerful tool for desktop sharing and collaboration, taking advantage of advanced technologies for maximum performance.
Tim Wilson
Windows Hardware & Software
In this article, Ron Lindeboom looks at the powerful HP Skyroom technology, which allows team members to interact in high definition video with one another, as they work on projects and approvals remotely. Highly powerful, yet priced within reach of many small to medium-sized companies -- nevertheless, the system is powerful enough for even major players like Dreamworks Animation, who used the system during the making of the blockbuster 'Monsters vs Aliens.' Powerful, elegant, simple to use.
Ron Lindeboom
Red Giant plug-ins
In this tutorial, Telescope Media Group's Carl Larsen shows you how to create a motion graphics logo using an array of 3D particles, built with Trapcode Form. He'll show you how you can do in After Effects what, under most circumstances, must be done in a 3D application. Get ready to learn the true power of 3D particle systems in AE.
Carl Larsen
In this article, CreativeCOW's Jim Harvey takes a look at Trapcode Suite from Red Giant Software--nine plug-ins that will get a workout in any studio.
Jim Harvey
Cinema 4D
In this first video with Creative Cow, Chris Martin goes over how to create a fluid logo using Realflow and Cinema 4D.
Chris Martin
Adobe After Effects
In this video tutorial, Creative Cow contributing editor Michael Park demonstrates how to make a dark, cloudy Title reveal similar to the one seen in the Movie Which Must Not Be Named.  All textures and fonts are available in the project download as well as the final CS4 project file.
Michael Park

View these and more articles at the Creative COW Library

Industry News
FxFactory Wins Award Of Superiority For Exceptional Visual Effects Workflow

HD EXPO – Createasphere Set to Host 4K Forum

Advanced Digital Services Enhances its HD Post Services with New DVS CLIPSTER®

"WET": A2M Embraces Autodesk Middleware and Animation Tools to Boost Game Pipeline

The Look delivers Criminal Justice for the BBC

Southpaw Technology Expands Enterprise-Level Digital Asset Management Offering with New Oracle Integration


Ohio High School Relies On NewTek TriCaster™ to Produce and Live Stream 2009 Football Season

Conference On Visual Media Production (CVMP)

6th Conference On Visual Media Production (CVMP) Focusses On Future Of Imaging And Graphics

Canon U.S.A. Announces Two New REALiS Multimedia LCOS Projectors With New "Photo Image Mode" For Advanced Color Management

Adobe Opens iPhone to Flash Developers

Adobe Unveils First Full Flash Player for Mobile Devices and PCs

RIM joins Open Screen Project

Adobe and NVIDIA Deliver Rich Web Experiences on Netbooks and Mobile Devices

Adobe and Qualcomm Bring Full Flash Player to Next-Generation for Mobile Devices

Adobe ColdFusion 9 Now Available

Trace Welcomes New Creative Director

Metrovision Chooses the Toon Boom Pipeline for its New Animation Division

Small Tree’s Unique Shared Storage and OS X Networking Capabilities a Bullseye for Tier 1 Media’s Workflow Needs

Rooftop Filmmakers' Fund - Edgeworx and Eastern Effects Grant Recipients

Digieffects Launches Aged Film for Only $29

Luma Pictures Re-Teamed with Oscar winners Joel & Ethan Coen for "A Serious Man"

Fireflies West Ignites Kick Off Ride on October 9, 2009

Brazil and Canada Partner to Co-Produce an Animated TV Series using the Toon Boom Pipeline

motion504 Invents 'Kinetic Type' for AICP Minnesota Show Reception Sponsor Reel

For more industry news, visit COW News & Press Releases


Top Threads
Adobe Premiere Pro Forum
External Monitor Options???
I just started with the entire CS4 family, but have lots of experience with other systems...

Business & Marketing Forum
Descent into Madness
Throw away the Digital SLRs with DOF adapters and matte boxes and pitch those old fashioned RED cameras, gentlemen (and ladies)... BEHOLD...

Sony Vegas Forum
Track Motion Reduces Quality of Photos
I have been using the Event Pan/Crop tool almost exclusively to add motion to my photo slideshows in Vegas Pro 8...

Sony EX Series XDCAM Forum
Back Up Methods Sony EX-1
I started using an EX-1 and I am interested in your methods for backing up my media...


Subscribe with iTunes3D Animation Tutorials Podcast
MAXON CINEMA 4D - Fracture Text Breaking News Open
by Jason Brown
(10:06) -- 10/5/2009

In this C4D tutorial, Broadcast Designer Jason Brown will show you how to use the fracture object feature in Maxon Cinema 4d to make a quick Breaking News open when you are pressed for time.
View more podcasts at podcasts.creativecow.net

Flanders Scientific

Upcoming Events
Oct 7, '09
Boston MA United States
Oct 7, '09
Seattle WA United States
VMI Equipment Show 2009 - Broadcast & AV Product Showcase
Oct 5, '09 - Oct 8, '09
New York New York United States
NY Post|Production Conference
Oct 8, '09
Seattle WA United States
Key Code Media "1st Annual Northwest Video & Broadcast Show"
Oct 1, '09 - Oct 8, '09
Toronto Ontario CANADA
Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking
Oct 8, '09
NY NY United States
Free Imagineer mocha training in NYC
Oct 10, '09
Boulder CO
Dreamweaver Hands-On Intensive - Class
Oct 10, '09
Albuquerque NM United States
motion{u} - After Effects intensive with Trish & Chris Meyer
Oct 10, '09
Albuquerque NM United States
motion{u} - Flash Animation intensive with Stanton Cruse
Oct 9, '09 - Oct 11, '09
Los Angeles CA United States
Tucson Film & Music Festival
Oct 7, '09 - Oct 11, '09
Santo Domingo DN Dominican Republic
CompuExpo 2009 - XXV Anniversary
Oct 10, '09 - Oct 11, '09
Moon Twp. PA United States
Film Fest 09
Oct 11, '09
Albuquerque NM United States
motion{u} - Greenscreen Digital Sets intensive with Alex Lindsay
Oct 12, '09
Boulder CO
WordPress - Installing & Getting Started
Jul 1, '09 - Oct 12, '09
Blastwave FX Sound Design Competition

View more events at events.creativecow.net

Adobe CS4

Featured Leader Featured Tutorial
Meet Alex Asp
Alex Asp

About himself, Alex says: "I was born In Russia and at age seven I moved and grew up in Finland. When I was about 14, I went to Italy where I was later an assistant to the famous Italian film director Luchino Visconti. I worked there on his last two films as assistant director. I studied at the Cent more...
Layer Comps

In this Photoshop tutorial, Richard Harrington takes a look at the ability of Adobe Photoshop to use layer comps and related scripts. Layer comps is the way Photoshop allows you to have multiple looks more...

Get help with, or discuss this tutorial in the COW's Adobe Photoshop Forum.

Maxx Digital

higher pay jobs lower pay jobs
Motion Control Food Photography
Motion Graphics Designer
3D Medical Modeling
Rotoscope Help Needed right away
Senior Producer
Senior Web Producer
Smoke Artist - Texas
Graphic Artist (Print/Web/Some Video)
Dreamweaver editor
Flash animator
Male Voice Over Artist Wanted
VJ wanted for SEOUL city-portrait
Looking for Senior Webdesigner (Shanghai)
Seeking AE who knows AFTER...
Mid-Senior Level C4D Animator

More Higher Pay Jobs
DP Wanted : RED Owner/Operator:...
Gear Rental in Denver, CO
Diploma thesis: Help for After...
Web Video Editor - Part-time/Contract
Paid Final Cut Editor Needed...
Post Production Partnership - HDV
Feature film. Credit only. No...
Volunteer Animators Wanted for Fan...
Animator needed for Adult Swim...
Video Website Spokesperson
Looking for ocasional motion graphics...
Creative Intern for NYC based...
Front Desk Intern
Motion Graphics Intern

More Lower Pay Jobs

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