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Wednesday, December 9th, 2009
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COW iPhone App

Early in 2009, we launched our "DOT MOBI" version of Creative COW (www.creativecow.mobi) which is our V1.0 of our mobile users interface. It has become quite successful over the last year and now those that use it account for nearly 6,000 unique people in the USA per month, and nearly 11,000 unique people a month from around the world.

In 2010, we would like to add to the new MOBI interface and also encourage even more usage of the Dot Mobi by commissioning an iPhone application for those that visit the site using their iPhone. (Don't worry Nokia, Blackberry and Palm users, we have plans that involve you, too!)

So, iPhone developers, here is your official call to contact us. We welcome your contact and we will be commissioning one of you to develop an application for Creative COW users. If you are an iPhone developer, please contact ron@creativecow.net to learn more.


Focus Enhancements

NEW FORUMS:   CatDV   •   Closed Captioning   •   DSLR Video   •   Coremelt FCP Plug-Ins   •   Small Tree   •   Flanders Scientific   •   DaVinci

Reels and Videos
demo reel
Motion Graphics - Digital Signage, Web and Broadcast by Jim Chappell
This is a compilation of work I have created....

demo reel
Rich Williamson DP Reel '09 (Toronto Ontario, Canada) by Rich Williamson
A collection of images from independent short work and station ID's for MTV Canada. Music: Rogue Wave - Cheaper Than Therapy Contact m...

demo reel
Gaurav Kushwah VFX Reel by gaurav kushwah
this is my vfx reel. i've created it using 3dsmax and after effects...

demo reel
Christian Clark 3D Environment Reel by Christian Clark
This is my graduation Demo Reel for October 30th, 2009, from Full Sail University. The work was done in Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, Nuke, and F...

demo reel
Commercial Sound Design Reel by Patrick Cicero
Sound Design spots for Optimum, Toyota Matrix, Lucky Charms, Six Flags...

Reels and Videos at reels.creativecow.net

COW Master Series Training DVD's
A New SolidA New Solid
Over 7 Hours of After Effects Training!

Eran Stern's tutorials have been seen millions of times, and in this DVD, he reveals why he's one of the world's most popular After Effects trainers. Expressions, motion tracking, particles, time warps, integration with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, advanced title animation -- it's all here, presented in Eran's uniquely entertaining training style. In addition to full-size versions of the world's most popular AE podcast, you'll find 2 hours of never-before-seen advanced After Effects training -- nearly 8 hours in all! All of these lessons include AE project files and accompanying footage.

View all COW Training DVD's at CreativeCOWTraining.Com

Black Magic Design

Recent Articles
In this video tutorial, CreativeCOW leader, Serge Hamad in his new Invigorator-advanced-control tutorial series will show you this time how to use the Depth-Scale Parameter to create a 3D growing City-Block.
Serge Hamad
Web Design
This tutorial from CreativeCOW leader, Fernando Mol explains the principles of how to create an horizontally centered layout using HTML and CSS.
Fernando Mol
Apple Final Cut Pro
CreativeCOW's leader, Jerry Hofmann takes a look at the little pocket drive, the iStoragePro iT1PKT.
Jerry Hofmann
Boris FX
Boris XML Transfer is an Adobe After Effects plug-in designed for seamless transfer of Apple Final Cut Pro program sequences to Adobe After Effects. Boris XML Transfer preserves all aspects of a Final Cut Pro project including effects, audio, media clips, transitions, and geometric transformations.
Paul Ezzy
Serge Hamad in his new Invigorator-advanced-control tutorial series will show you how to use the Center of a Set to precisely animate an object.
Serge Hamad
RE:Vision Effects
This video tutorial describes a bug that occurs in Final Cut Pro when doing trims and transitions on a project with Twixtor applied and how to work around it.
Lori Freitag
Adobe After Effects basics
In this basic tutorial, Omar Alkattan demonstrates how to create an ocean with After Effects and only After Effects. We'll touch on 3D layers, Fractal Noise Effects, and CC toner fx.
Omar Alkattan
Red Giant plug-ins
In this tutorial, Freelance Designer Robert Hranitzky shows you how to create a realistic 3D Thunderstorm scene - using just 2 still images. He'll use Photopshop Vanishing Point for the building, After Effects 3D to light it, Trapocode Particular for the rain, and Trapcode Horizon to create an infinite sky background.
Robert Hranitzky

View these and more articles at the Creative COW Library

Maxx Digital

Industry News
Switronix Releases NEW XP-AJA-5 Regulator Cable

Right Hemisphere and Lightmap Introduce Studio Lighting Capabilities for Deep Exploration Authoring Software

Heritage Conference, Held by Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico and NOA Audio Solutions

Digital Anarchy Announces Beauty Box 1.0 For After Effects and Final Cut Pro

Pictorvision Captures Exciting Footage for "Clash of the Titans"

"You Direct, We Shoot" - Engine Room's Hollywood Film Unit Provides Production Model for Ad Agencies

Stock 20

SUSPECT Animates Richard Wilde's World

AJA Ki Pro Enables Tapeless Post Workflow for MTVu Woodie Awards

HD Video Production Specialist Improves Editing Team’s Productivity and Morale by Installing Small Tree’s Shared Storage Technology

Stardom Announces the DeckRAID DR4

Moxie Pictures Signs Superfad for Live Action Representation

Nice Shoes Adds Design Division By Joining Forces With Freestyle Collective

Deek Production Collective Forms in LA

New Degree-Granting Program at Dallas’ KD Studio Conservatory of Film & Dramatic Arts Utilizes Panasonic AG-HMC40 AVCCAM Camcorders for Cinematography Curriculum

Sherlock Holmes Returns Home to Baker Street in OOH Promotion

New hardware device for Apple Final Cut Pro users

Toronto Animation Studio to Animate Olympic Stadium Screens

Solid State Logic C100 HD-S Digital Broadcast Console Installed At WHBQ-TV

Autodesk Tools Help Destroy the Universe in Roland Emmerich's Movie "2012"

Fujinon Lenses to Capture Aerial Shots of Saturday's SEC Championship

Holophone's H2-PRO Takes to the Track for "Truth In 24"

Creative Group and Mantra Design Deliver The Message for Fuse's Jay-Z 9/11 Special

Bella Corporation Ships the HD Mouse version 2.0 and JSM version 3.1

MTBS-TV Launched...In 3D!

RIOT Atlanta Provides Custom Creative Service for Soul Train Awards Show

For more industry news, visit COW News & Press Releases


Top Threads
Apple Final Cut Pro Forum
Client complaining about ProRes
Where can I find information comparing 10-bit Uncompressed to ProRes?

Business & Marketing Forum
Know when the holidays have officially arrived?
Around here, it's the first day that the aluminum...

Avid laying off 120 people
gee, maybe they should have lowered their prices A LONG TIME AGO...

Adobe Encore DVD Forum
Need button help
I have checked the button flow and navigation and it all LOOKS right, but when I preview, no buttons highlight.

Panasonic HVX - HPX (P2) Forum


Upcoming Events
Dec 10, '09
Miami Florida United States
Autodesk Smoke on Mac OS X
Dec 10, '09
Montreal Quebec Canada
Smoke for Mac OS X (Montreal)
Dec 12, '09
New York New York United States
Audition Strategies: an Actor's Workshop from a Producer Perspective
Dec 12, '09
United States
LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! A Filmmaking Seminar & Networking Event
Dec 15, '09
Boulder CO
Producing the Documentary - Workshop
Dec 16, '09
Boulder CO
WordPress - Installing & Getting Started
Dec 16, '09
Boston MA United States
Nov 16, '09 - Dec 18, '09
San Francisco CA USA
5-Week Documentary Filmmaking Workshop
Sep 11, '09 - Dec 19, '09
Toronto ON Canada
LIFT's Fall 2009 Workshops: Registration Begins Mon. Sept. 14th
Jan 1, '09 - Dec 31, '09
San Francisco CA USA
Global Lens Film Series
Nov 1, '09 - Apr 1, '10
Los Angeles CA United States
BlueCat Screenplay Competition
Oct 1, '09 - Apr 1, '10
Hollywood CA United States
Sixth Borough Screenwriting Competition

View more events at events.creativecow.net


New Leaders
Robbie Carman Robbie Carman
Alexandria, Virginia United States

Forum Host, Author

Alexandria, Virginia United States
Matt Geier Matt Geier
Oakdale, Minnesota United States

Forum Host

Small Tree
Oakdale, Minnesota United States

See more of our COW Team at leaders.creativecow.net


Featured Leader Featured Tutorial
Meet Dean Velez
Dean Velez

Dean Velez has been working in the graphics broadcast industry for over 10 years, training professional artists for over 6 years and teaching college courses for more than 4 years. He has been awarded 2 Emmy's for animation and been nominated 7 times for various graphics projects. He ha more...
Podcasting Part 1 - Creating the MP3

In this video tutorial Creative COW podcast Host Franklin McMahon goes over creating a podcast, including recording, MP3 export and correct tagging. more...

Get help with, or discuss this tutorial in the COW's Podcasting Forum.


higher pay jobs lower pay jobs
Outpost 12 Studios is looking...
Wanted video assistant London Dec...
Broadcast Graphic Designer wanted Part...
Nuke Compositor Wanted
Post Production Support Engineer
Cable Show 'True Blood' Now...
DP needed in NYC for...
sound person needed for Dallas...
Producer / Line Producer --...
Lead Motion GFX Designer Needed...
Freelance FCP Editors wanted in...
Wanted full time colorist
sound mixer for a 26...
Wanted: Animator/Editor
Wanted: Video Production Senior

More Higher Pay Jobs
Looking for potential graphics design...
Looking for potential business partner...
looking for help to animation
After Effects Artist needed
Compositor/Tracking/Keying Artists...
Australian Male for voice-over needed
3 minute sci blockbuster needs...
Louisville KY Short Film Seeks...
Digital signage management needed -...
Sound artist/Composer needed
motion/animation pro collaborator needed...
Voice for new film
Volunteer versatile animator wanted.
Media Production Assistant
Final Cut Pro freelance editors...

More Lower Pay Jobs

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