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Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
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Creative COW members have been leaving high praise on Paolo Ciccone's many Blender 3D training videos now online in the Creative COW Library. Since beginning his series at the beginning of February, over 24,000 COW members have watched one or more lessons from Paolo's series. Of himself, Paolo says: "I worked as an R&D engineer for a company in the Silicon Valley now gone but at that time was one of the best in the field: Borland International. At Borland, I was the main OOS evangelist and successfully achieved the port of JBuilder to Linux. I moved to video/mograph production several years ago, and contributed to the OBJ import/export code for Blender 2.48. I'm now in the process of developing a full-fledged export to After Effects."

Paolo started the Blender series with the popular "After Effects Exporter for Blender" demonstrating Blender's new After Effects Exporter (AEE), a program that exports Blender animations to After Effects for easy post work. The AEE integrates perfectly inside Blender 2.49 and is capable of exporting camera information, mesh reference points, 3D text reference points, planes, lights and rendered footage. All with one click of the mouse.

Following this first Blender instructional video, Paolo launched into his quickly growing "Blender Survival Guide" series, a series which today stands at five installments -- which if we are learning anything about Paolo, we expect to see more in the days ahead.

So, if you are one of the many that tried Blender and gave up because it was just to hard and convoluted and poorly documented for your tastes, see for yourself why COW members are raving about Paolo's series. He really does have the ability to make it all make sense and to present it in a way that many COW members are quickly becoming fans of both Blender and Paolo Ciccone.

Visit the series online here.

Broadcast Pix

Reels and Videos
United Statesdemo reel
Hellsing Original Sound Design by Marcellus Wilson
This is a sample of my sound design. I got the video clip from an Anime called Hellsing. Its about powerful vampires who fight each othe...

United Statesdemo reel
Marcellus Wilson Audio Demo by Marcellus Wilson
This is a demo of my sound design ability. The video is mixed in 5.1 with a pro logic II decoder. Set your receiver to Pro Logic II Movi...

Canadamusic video
MAL AU COEUR - Dan Roa by lianne ouimet
Dan Roa is a french canadian musician. In this video entirely build in After Effects, he plays all the parts himself in every different era....

Israelmusic video
CCCP - Los Caparos by Tomer Rubens
CCCP - The first official music video by Los Caparos. Director: Tomer Rubens Art, Lighting Design, Photography, Editing and Post Producti...

United Statescommercial
Superfad Directs Colorful Vision in "Eye Candy" for Sony Bravia HDTV by Creative COW
Superfad's new in-store campaign for Sony is a startlingly beautiful and surreal homage to Sony's global brand message of "make.believe" and...

Reels and Videos at reels.creativecow.net

COW Master Series Training DVD's
A New SolidA New Solid
Over 7 Hours of After Effects Training!

Eran Stern's tutorials have been seen millions of times, and in this DVD, he reveals why he's one of the world's most popular After Effects trainers. Expressions, motion tracking, particles, time warps, integration with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, advanced title animation -- it's all here, presented in Eran's uniquely entertaining training style. In addition to full-size versions of the world's most popular AE podcast, you'll find 2 hours of never-before-seen advanced After Effects training -- nearly 8 hours in all! All of these lessons include AE project files and accompanying footage.

View all COW Training DVD's at CreativeCOWTraining.Com


Recent Articles
RE:Vision Effects
This video tutorial gives an overview of how to use Twixtor within Premiere Pro, to do a speed ramp  and Fit-to-Fill. You will see an example of the Frame number and Speed option in Twixtor.
Lori Freitag
In part 5 of the Survival Guide, Paolo shows the foundation of creating an animation with Blender. With the animation configured and ready he then shows how to render it to a clip that includes an alpha channel and how to import the animation in After Effects.
Paolo Ciccone
Buckle your seatbelts. In this review COW leader David Roth Weiss, an L.A. based director, editor, and colorist takes you inside CalDigit's brand new HDPro2; an advanced 8-drive video storage solution that will absolutely rock you with blistering performance and sustained video throughput unlike anything you've ever experienced before.
David Roth Weiss
CoreMelt Plug-ins
Certified Apple FCP Trainer Iain Anderson shows us how to make the most of curves based color correction right inside Final Cut Pro. Learn how to correct common problems like flat footage, incorrect color balance and specific color problems by using CoreMelt's advanced plugins inside the Pigment Color Correction tools.
Iain Anderson
CoreMelt Plug-ins
Freelance motion graphics artist, Harriet Birks, explains how she created the very cool kinetic typo introduction clip for CoreMelt, using After Effects and CoreMelt plugins. Using a number of different plugins including the completely free VeeYou audio reactive animation plugins, chromatic glow, explode and spinback and more, she builds up an impressive final animation.
Harriet Birks
In Episode 4 of the Blender Survival Guide we expand on the subject started last week, and work on making the 3D text look better by learning how to use additional fonts, how to create new materials and how to take advantage of optimized Ambient Occlusion.
These are all fairly dense topics but, as usual, Paolo gives you the condensed version of them so that you can start appreciating the features without being clobbered by the details.
Paolo Ciccone
Apple Color
In this article Walter Biscardi, Jr. tries out the new MC Color controller from Euphonix.
Walter Biscardi
In this episode of the Survival Guide we see how to create 3D text in Blender. We also discover how to use the 3D cursor, how to move, scale and rotate objects in the 3D space, how to position the camera to frame the shot, how to place lights and finally how to do a quick test render. This is a rich tutorial, filled with essential information and great real-life skills that you can put to work right away.
Paolo Ciccone

View these and more articles at the Creative COW Library

Flanders Scientific

Industry News
Adobe InDesign Celebrates a Decade of Publishing Innovation

Oscar® Winners "Avatar", "The Hurt Locker" and "Logorama" Benefit from Autodesk Technology

Boris FX Announces Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Expo

Quantel wows Prince Andrew with Stereo3D in India

Xytech Systems Appoints Greg Dolan Executive Vice President

Method Studios Hires Patrick Davenport as VP Operations


Studio Solution Software From Canon U.S.A. Simplifies Workflow For Photography Businesses

Gritty 'Mid-Life Gangsta' Shot with Fujinon Lenses

Autodesk Maya 2011: Modern Look, High Performance Core and New 3D Editorial

Fast Forward Video's DigiDeck Extends GlobalStreams™ GlobeCaster™ Switcher With Powerful Record and Playback Functionality

Autodesk Unveils 2011 Versions of Digital Entertainment Creation Software

Adobe Scene7 Platform Update Further Automates Cross-media Publishing Solutions

Autodesk 3ds Max 2011 Breaks the Rendering Barrier

Autodesk Softimage 2011: Advanced Character Animation and 3D Procedural Effects

Broadcast Pix to Unveil Granite Video Production System at NAB 2010

New FOR-A MV-3200 Series Multi-Viewer Provides Customizable Support For Up To 32 Mixed Inputs

TOA meets EN-54 European fire alarm standards at prolight+sound

Manfred Klemme Receives CAS President’s Award

Harkness Screens Takes Viewers On A Very Important Date At Alice In Wonderland Royal World Premiere

SSL DV Announces New Interactive Booth For Gravity At 2010 NAB Convention

Company 3 Salutes "The Hurt Locker" on its Enormous Success

Electric Rain Releases Swift 3D MAX V4 Plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max

HITACHI KOKUSAI Celebrates HITACHI Ltd’s 100 Years of Market-leading Products and Innovations at NAB-2010

Vizrt and Civolution Join Forces to Reduce Video Piracy With Video Watermarking Technology

Evolver Launches Evolver Pro™ for 3D Professionals; 50% GDC Discount Offer

For more industry news, visit COW News & Press Releases


Top Threads
Business & Marketing Forum
Filming Public Events (Farmer's Market)
I decided our local Farmers Market would be a colorful, fun place to do some handheld filming...

Art of the Edit Forum
The Art of Editing...
...according to Tyler Perry, is simply knowing when from the long shot, to the close up, to the medium shot, to the wide shot.

DSLR Video Forum
Transcoding 7D Video for Vegas 9.0 PC
What is the benefit of transcoding 7D footage, and how should i do so?

Blender Forum
I'm wondering if someone could discuss the steps involved in multipass rendering and importing into After Effects...


COW Tipping
Your Friend Bessie

You might have noticed the many more appearances of Bessie's smiling face. We've added the bessie 72 x 72 picon to show up as a user's photo when they have not uploaded one of their own. If this applies to you, you might consider uploading your own image by click on the "Upload Your User Photo" link at the bottom of the account settings page. If you are logged in and at your own post you will also see a link to allow you to upload your own image.


Upcoming Events
Mar 11, '10
Boulder CO United States
Getting Started with Photoshop
Mar 11, '10 - Mar 13, '10
Mocha Boot Camp - Santa Monica, CA - Thur. Fri. & Sat.
Mar 12, '10 - Mar 13, '10
Dedham Massachusetts United States
The Camera Company's 20th Annual Pro Video Show
Mar 13, '10
Boulder CO United States
Dreamweaver CS4 (Dreamweaver 10)
Mar 13, '10
Boulder co United States
Illustrator Hands-On Intensive
Mar 15, '10
Boulder CO United States
Using Your Flash Creatively - Workshop
Mar 16, '10
Boulder CO United States
Audio for the Visual World - Production Sound On Location
Mar 17, '10
Boston MA USA
Learning Lab Series: Updated & New: Sony XDCAM & NXCAM
Mar 18, '10
Toronto ON Canada
Baselight Road Show 2010 - Toronto
Mar 18, '10
Boulder CO United States
Fundamentals of Web Design
Mar 18, '10 - Mar 20, '10
Mocha Boot Camp - Manhattan, NY Thurs. Fri. & Sat.
Mar 19, '10 - Mar 21, '10
Gaithersburg MD United States
Weekend DSLR Video Production Workshop
Mar 20, '10 - Mar 21, '10
Boulder CO USA
Final Cut Pro Hands-On Intensive
Mar 22, '10
Boulder CO United States
Introduction to Professional Digital Photography
Mar 24, '10
Boston MA USA
Learning Lab Series: Camera Assistant Workshop with Joe Christofori

View more events at events.creativecow.net


Featured Leader Featured Tutorial
Meet Paolo Ciccone
Paolo Ciccone

Paolo has been involved in software, both as a developer and a trainer since the early 1980's. Of himself, Paolo says: "I worked as an R&D engineer for a company in the Silicon Valley now gone but at that time one of the best in the field... more...
Creating Simple Animations with Poser and Flash

In this Flash video tutorial Lee Brimelow explains how to use Poser together with Flash to create simple and lightweight character animation. more...

Get help with, or discuss this tutorial in the COW's Adobe Flash Forum.

Maxx Digital

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Qt Software Design Engineer
Need a Writer/Producer in Tulsa,...
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SF/Oak/SJ Design Director

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