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Tuesday, March 16th, 2010
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Recent Articles
DSLR Video
There has been an amazing amount of chatter around the HD video capabilities of recent still cameras - if they can still be called that! Rather than play into the hupe of what MIGHT be possible with these cameras, Creative Cow Magazine Contributing Editor Marco Solorio takes you inside the real world of production with paying clients using these cameras, including workarounds for their current limitations, and some of the things that video shooters will need to know as they get started using these cameras.
Marco Solorio
Adobe Dreamweaver
In part two of this video tutorial series, Richard Williams explains how to export the rollover state of buttons from Photoshop and import them into Dreamweaver to then be applied to the site being designed from part one.
Richard Williams
In Episode 6 of the Blender Survival Guide we go back to work on the Blender desktop and find a few more useful techniques to make our workflow better organized. Some of the topics covered: Add the tree view (Outliner) to your Blender workspace; Convenient ways of naming your objects; More about the User Preferences; Layers!; Mixed tips and tricks.
Paolo Ciccone
Apple Motion
Particles can save you a lot of time and are worth understanding how to utilize them. In this Motion video tutorial you will understand the fundamentals of particles. You will know the difference between an emitter and a cell. Plus you will learn how to modify and manipulate particles with behaviors and more.
Stephen Smith
Adobe Dreamweaver
In part one of this video tutorial series, Richard Williams shows you the process of designing a website in Photoshop, exporting it as image slices and then importing the slices into Dreamweaver.
Richard Williams
CoreMelt Plug-ins
Got shaky footage? In this video tutorial certified Apple FCP trainer, Iain Anderson explains the concepts of video stabilization, and how to smooth movement in jittery video. Using Lock and Load X, Iain quickly and easily stabilizes footage with obvious rotational, zoom and jitter movement. He also displays how to use keyframes to compensate for extreme movement.
Iain Anderson
CoreMelt Plug-ins
In this video tutorial, Iain Anderson, certified Apple trainer, shows us techniques for cleaning up and finishing off video in a final edit. Using some of the tools available inside CoreMelt's Gadget, he takes us through the process of removing unwanted objects, smoothing out skin tones, and applying a witness protection effect on faces in your footage. Coupled with motion tracking inside Apple Motion, we also learn how to lock these tools to specific areas of your footage for a quick and easy result.
Iain Anderson
RE:Vision Effects
This video tutorial gives an overview of how to use Twixtor within Premiere Pro, to do a speed ramp  and Fit-to-Fill. You will see an example of the Frame number and Speed option in Twixtor.
Lori Freitag

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Reels and Videos
South Africademo reel
Rikus Pretorius Motion Graphics Showreel by Rikus Pretorius
My latest reel, showcasing some projects I have worked on over the years. Please feel free to leave a comment. Hope you enjoy it....

Uruguaydemo reel
VisualE Post Demo Reel by Diego Erramún
Commercials for TV and short films in 2D and 3D Animation. ...

Thailanddemo reel
3D/VFX Artist Showreel 2010 by Franck Doux
Showreel of TV Commercials, Feature Films and Personal Projects from 1997 to 2010. ...

United Statesdemo reel
ParagonDesign Group Reel 2009 by Susan Isaacs
A compilation of our broadcast design work....

United Statesdemo reel
Santino Farro 3D Demo Reel by Santino Farro
“The Floating Woodman Searching For His Head” Personal collaboration. Video concept and original character/environmental design by Giov...

Reels and Videos at reels.creativecow.net


Industry News
Brickyard VFX Puts Toyota NASCAR Campaign Into Overdrive

G-Technology and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s hitRECord.org Set the Stage at SXSW for Continued Content Creation and Collaboration

Ole Miss Sports Productions Chooses Canon Compact Studio HD Lenses

FxFactory Development Partner PHYX Inc. Ships Stunning Professional Color Processor Plug-in

Sony Creative Software NAB 2010 User Event to Feature Guitarist Dweezil Zappa

Star Trek and Mission Impossible 3 Editor to Deliver Keynote Address at NAB Post|Production World Conference

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Softel CEO Sam Pemberton Discusses Captioning Challenges in the Modern Workflow at NAB Conference

NOA Audio Solutions Powers VectraCom's Ability to Digitize Vast Audio Archives

Harmonic to Showcase Broad Range of Video Delivery Solutions at Four Industry Events in March

EOS 5D Mark II: Firmware Update v. 2.0.3

Point.360 Resolves Photosensitive Epilepsy (PSE)

Calibre digital cinema alternative content processor gets USA debut at ShoWest

Harkness Screens Showcases Digital Screen Selector at ShoWest 2010

FOR-A to Intro Color Equalizer, HD Variable Frame Rate Camera

Cine-tal announces cineSpace version 2.8

AJA KONA Product Line Goes Cross-Platform

Small Tree Introduces New 2TB GraniteSTOR ST-RAID at NAB 2010

Autoscript to demonstrate LED TFT flat screens and portable prompting tools at NAB 2010

Barco unveils advanced digital cinema diagnostic application

DIVE Helps Bring ‘Lebanon, Pa.’ to South by Southwest

Barco announces significant expansion of NOC services for digital cinema

Blackmagic Design Announces New UltraScope 1.2 Software Update

Barco completes DCIP purchase agreement for large-scale Cinemark digital cinema rollout

Barco presents brand-new line of Series-II digital cinema projectors

MasterImage 3D Theatre System Tapped for Premiere of Disney-Pixar's New 3D Short at ShoWest 2010

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Top Threads
Adobe Premiere Pro Forum
Timeline takes ages to respond
I've been editing a project in Premiere CS4, and until recently it's run perfectly...

Business & Marketing Forum
The End of the World
Spielberg at the White House using what loops like a Flip cam...

Sony EX Series XDCAM Forum
EX1 firmware upgrade problem
At 12.7% the transfer stopped and - as expected - the camera is dead...

Autodesk Smoke Forum
Smoke on a MacBookPro.... It Works !!! A Few workable bugs.
I am currently testing smoke on a 2.93GHz macBookPro...


COW Tipping
Videos Now Available in Smaller Sizes

While one of the main objectives and uniqueness of our video section was the goal we've had to keep videos as close to the way the user intended as possible, this caused many users frustration in trying to download and playback high resolution videos. To solve this issue we now offer lower resolutions videos by simply clicking on one of the available links directly above the video (Small, Medium, Large and Default). The default is still, generally, the unaltered version that the user uploaded unless they set it to be recompressed by our system.


Search AutoComplete

Creative COW's search engine now includes autocomplete functionality to help you search the site for relevant content. Let us know what you think as we implement this functionality into the rest of our search engines.

Focal Press

Upcoming Events
Mar 17, '10
Boston MA USA
Learning Lab Series: Updated & New: Sony XDCAM & NXCAM
Mar 18, '10
Toronto ON Canada
Baselight Road Show 2010 - Toronto
Mar 18, '10
Boulder CO United States
Fundamentals of Web Design
Mar 18, '10 - Mar 20, '10
Mocha Boot Camp - Manhattan, NY Thurs. Fri. & Sat.
Mar 19, '10 - Mar 21, '10
Gaithersburg MD United States
Weekend DSLR Video Production Workshop
Mar 20, '10 - Mar 21, '10
Boulder CO USA
Final Cut Pro Hands-On Intensive
Mar 22, '10
Boulder CO United States
Introduction to Professional Digital Photography
Mar 24, '10
Boston MA USA
Learning Lab Series: Camera Assistant Workshop with Joe Christofori
Mar 24, '10
Boulder CO United States
Getting Started with Dreamweaver
Mar 25, '10
Vancouver BC Canada
Baselight Road Show 2010 - Vancouver
Feb 25, '10 - Mar 25, '10
Boulder CO United States
Getting Started with InDesign, Part 2
Mar 25, '10
Boulder CO United States
Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator
Mar 25, '10
Boulder CO USA
Venturing Outside Photoshop
Mar 26, '10
Burbank, CA United States
7th Annual Pre-NAB Panel at Editors' Lounge
Mar 25, '10 - Mar 27, '10
Mocha Boot Camp - Chicago, IL Thurs. Fri. & Sat.

View more events at events.creativecow.net


Featured Leader Featured Tutorial
CreativeCow Leader and Contributing Editor: Timothy J. Allen
Timothy Allen

As a television producer at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, Timothy J. Allen spends most of his time "translating" scientific and technical innovations into stories that the public can relate to and understand. "The main thing to remember is that all of the techniques and tools we more...
Introducing the all new www.CreativeCowMagazine.net website

In this article, Ron Lindeboom, one of the co-founders of CreativeCOW.net and company architect and head of business development, says of the new magazine site interface: ''I have never seen a magazin more...

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Freelance Editors in NYC
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International Justice Mission (IJM)...
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Web Designer/Developer
Freelance Final Cut Pro editor
Flash AS3 Programmer
Location Soundguy / Grip for...
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3D Generalist - 3D SMAX...
3d Animator - 3 Months...

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