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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010
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HP DreamColor monitors in video; Worldsourcing production

The HP DreamColor LP2480xz Professional Display was released in 2008, which raises the question, why do a new review in 2010? The answer is simple: even two years after it hit the streets, no oher 10-bit monitor looks this good, at this price.

So before we get to Jeremy's review, a speedy refresher on the HP DreamColor display, which was developed in a close collaboration with DreamWorks Animation. This wasn't a marketing gimmick springing from HP's need for cachet and a clever name. DreamWorks was (and is) a paying customer, banging on the door for a better tool for mission-critical color work. To that end, along with the monitor, HP offers the DreamColor Advanced Profiling Solution, which includes Windows and Mac software, and an HP-branded colorimeter licensed from X-Rite, the industry leaders in color science who are HP's "Color Technology Partner."

The juicy goodness holding it all together is the DreamColor Engine. Yes, there is a literal engine in the monitor - a CPU that HP has programmed for color management. The display itself is built specifically for HP by LG Display (most definitely NOT a licensed version of off-the-shelf components as other reviews have stated), along with considerable development on firmware, which is also undebatable.

But, more importantly to most COW members is the question: does it work in the real world? Read Jeremy's report. He bought one and has been using it for over a year in a 10-bit video production setting.


After winning an Academy Award® for his VFX work on "The Golden Compass," Mike Fink's next direction could have taken him literally anywhere in the world. Here is the story of how a man who helped invent the concept of freelance visual effects supervisor found himself part of a company that is helping invent new kinds of global collaboration.

You can read about Mike Fink's adventures in this special report at The COW.

Broadcast Pix

Reels and Videos
Norwaydemo reel
Axel Råberg's Comp / 3D / Motion REEL by Axel Råberg
Online Portfolio: http://www.zuprextra.com I am a freelance VFX Artist based in Oslo. Work on Fusion, Nuke, AE, PS, AI, Syntheyes, Maya, ...

Mexicodemo reel
After Effects Demo Reel by Monica Pena
This is some of my work in After Effects from 2007 to march 2010....

United Statesdemo reel
2010 Reel - Adam Teninbaum by Adam Teninbaum
Software used: Autodesk Maya, After Effects, RealFlow...

United Statesdemo reel
Artistic Image Reel by Edward Dye
Artistic Image (Atlanta) is a world-class creative resource where a passionate collective of innovative A-list live-action directors, produc...

United Statesdemo reel
2010 Spring Motion & Title Reel by Israel Long
2010 Spring Motion & Title Reel...

Reels and Videos at reels.creativecow.net

COW Master Series Training DVD's
Moving with MotionMoving with Motion
with Host Stephen Smith. NOW IN STOCK!!

Learn more, Watch the Video Here.


In this DVD, respected COW leader Stephen Smith gives users a comprehensive look at Motion, part of the Final Cut Studio Suite. He explores the cameras, lights, behaviors, time remapping, particles, shapes and masks. Also included are in-depth looks at paint, as well as advanced motion tracking.

View all COW Training DVD's at CreativeCOWTraining.Com

Recent Articles
Boris FX
In this video tutorial, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you how to create an ultra-realistic image using the Boris Continuum Materials Unit in conjunction with Adobe After Effects and MAXON CINEMA 4D.
Kevin P McAuliffe
Blender 3D Tutorials: Episode 8 of the BSG continues the Book Promo project that Paolo Ciccone began in part 7. In this tutorial we see: How to do a multi-camera animation. How to adapt the translate tool to work in the right way. How to create realist mirror reflections. How to export the animation to After Effect for final compositing.
Paolo Ciccone
Noise Industries
LiveToon from DVShade takes a dive into the comic book with the capability to turn your live action footage into convincing cartoons by adding a comprehensive toolbox of parameters to the traditional posterization effect, with stunning results and in this review, CreativeCOW contributing editor, Luke Price writes a comprehensive review from an editor's perspective.
Luke Price
CoreMelt Plug-ins
Got footage from a multi camera shoot of an event or band recording and need some treatment ideas?  Iain Anderson shows how to take footage from a multi-camera shoot, instantly synchronize it using Plural-Eyes software and then create synced montage animations in a variety of different styles.  Using Plural-Eyes and ImageFlow together you can go from a stack of raw clips to a synced-animated montage animation in minutes not hours.
Iain Anderson
Broadcast Video
Thanks to its 10-bit color and advanced calibration toolset, the HP DreamColor display has naturally been seen as a strong choice for color grading, animation, and VFX monitoring. Creative COW Contributing Editor Jeremy Garchow has also found it to be a stellar choice for broadcast HD editing, offering exceptional performance at a breakthrough price. There is a little more to the story than that, including some important tips about working the DreamColor into your facility. Read on for Jeremy's real-world report on why he bought the DreamColor, and how he is using it.
Jeremy Garchow
Blender 3D Tutorials: Episode 7 of the Blender Survival Guide is packed with information. In this video tutorial Paolo Ciccone shows users how to create a promo for a product and in the process he models a book complete with textures for the cover, the back, the spine and the pages. This episode covers a lot of techniques that are useful in every day work, including: Texture orientation without UV mapping; Render previews; Precise sizing of objects; Mapping of multiple materials to a single object. It's 42 minutes of condensed, real-world tips that you can use over and over again in your projects. One more example of how Blender can help in your professional work.
Paolo Ciccone
Adobe Dreamweaver
In part 4 of this video tutorial series, Richard finalizes the web page inside of Dreamweaver. Topics covered in this tutorial are repeating background images, background color, site load speed up and expandable site construction.
Richard Williams
DSLR Video
There has been an amazing amount of chatter around the HD video capabilities of recent still cameras - if they can still be called that! Rather than play into the hupe of what MIGHT be possible with these cameras, Creative COW Magazine Contributing Editor Marco Solorio takes you inside the real world of production with paying clients using these cameras, including workarounds for their current limitations, and some of the things that video shooters will need to know as they get started using these cameras.
Marco Solorio

View these and more articles at the Creative COW Library


Industry News
New "Introduction to MXO2 Mini" tutorial for Matrox Users

Renowned Sound Mixer, G. John Garrett, CAS, Puts Holophone H2-PRO through the Paces

Harris Corporation and TC Electronic Extend Strategic Relationship by Unveiling New Loudness Analyzer to Measure Audio Levels

Aviom Expands Northwest Region Sales Force With Addition Of Plus Four Marketing

Small Tree CTO to Participate in Discussion on Storage Networks During NAB Military & Government Summit

Gordon Tubbs Joins Fujinon as Director of Sales

Tape Online

Fujinon to Intro 3D Lenses with Synchronous Control System at NAB 2010

TechSmith Announces Releases of Popular Camtasia Screen Recording Software

Boris FX Announces New Boris Continuum Unit: Shaders

SETTE Spins Planète HD With OmniBus Systems iTX

Dataton brings WATCHOUT Version 4.2 and Systems Manager to PALME Middle East

Canon U.S.A. Announces New REALiS SX7 Mark II D Multimedia Projector With DICOM Simulation Mode

Image Metrics Animates Legendary Coach John Wooden

Snell Announces 1080p Support for Alchemist Ph.C-HD

Softel Announces ScheduleSmart™: An Automated Caption/Subtitle Control Center

Matrox Announces World's First Four-Channel 3G SDI Cards for Mac

Anton/Bauer to Debut New High-Tech, High-Current DIONIC HC Battery at NAB 2010

SSL DV Introduces Enhanced Gravity LiveEdit Real Time Editing System At NAB 2010

SSL Demonstrates Advanced Broadcast Automation For Latest Digital Console Range At NAB 2010

Ikegami Exhibits Innovative Product Line-up at NAB 2010

Shared Storage is on the Move at NAB 2010 with Small Tree's Introduction of GraniteSTOR ST-RAID Mobile

New Art Digital goes for Stereo3D film and TV markets in Mexico with Quantel

Wohler President and CEO Carl Dempsey to Address Loudness Monitoring and Control at 2010 NAB Show BEC Tutorial Session

HP Technology Powers DreamWorks Animation's 3-D Film "How to Train Your Dragon"

Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2011: New Data-Exchange Workflows Simplify Design Storytelling

For more industry news, visit COW News & Press Releases


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Boris Continuum Complete 6 - Create Ultra-Realistic Images with the Boris Continuum Materials Unit
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(13:29) -- 3/30/2010

In this video tutorial, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you how to create an ultra-realistic image using the Boris Continuum Materials Unit in conjunction with Adobe After Effects and MAXON CINEMA 4D.
View more podcasts at podcasts.creativecow.net

Flanders Scientific

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Mar 31, '10
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Learning Lab Series: Acquire, Edit & Convert
Mar 31, '10
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Apr 6, '10
Boulder CO
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Apr 5, '10 - Apr 7, '10
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CSS Based Web Design - Workshop
Apr 8, '10
Boulder CO United States
Getting Started with InDesign, Part 1
Apr 8, '10
Salt Lake City UT United States
DSLR Filmmaking Meeting
Apr 9, '10
Boulder CO United States
Photoshop: The Heart of Color Correction - Class
Apr 4, '10 - Apr 10, '10
Rockport ME United States
Multimedia with Canon HDSLRs
Apr 10, '10 - Apr 11, '10
New York New York United States
Light & Shadow: Film and Video Lighting Workshop

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Featured Leader Featured Tutorial
Creative COW leader: Peter Perry
Peter Perry

Peter Perry is an accomplished Audio Engineer. He mixes audio program for live or taped television programs, video, theater, or musical events. He studied at the Berklee College of Music and Bain Music Production and Engineering. Peter has worked in New York and Boston from 19 more...
Dressing Up the Still Photo

Sometimes its the simple things that are the most fun. Start with a good still, mix in some motion tracking for a logo element, animate six layer of clown fish and sprinkle lightly with effects. Final more...

Get help with, or discuss this tutorial in the COW's Adobe After Effects basics Forum.


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