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Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
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The Library of Congress Unlocks the Ultimate Archive System.

The Library of Congress is working to preserve film for hundreds, even thousands of years. Seriously. In this article from Creative COW Magazine, Ken Weissman, Supervisor of the Library's Film Preservation Laboratory, tells the steps they're taking toward the ultimate archive system, starting with the restoration of films first printed on paper instead of film!



Reels and Videos
United Statesshort film
Full Apologies by Matt Campbell
This was a case study video we created for our website and for other purposes as well. Feedback on the editing and motion graphics would be ...

United Kingdomdemo reel
3D / VFX Generalist reel by Adam McEwen
This is my first 3D / VFX reel, any comments or critique welcomed. Thankyou...

United Statesdemo reel
Jaime Vaughn Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics Reel by Jaime Vaughn
Motion graphics reel for Jaime Vaughn. I'm a freelance graphic artist out of San Antonio, TX. For more information, please visit my website ...

United Statesdemo reel
Joe Mason after effects demo by Joe Lars
motion graphics demo reel...

United Statesdemo reel
Richard deCosta - Composer / Sound Editor Demo Reel 2010 by Richard deCosta
Featuring new music and sound effects mixes for The Animatrix (Last Flight of the Osiris), Ghost Ship (final scene), The Skeleton Key (attic...

Reels and Videos at reels.creativecow.net

COW Master Series Training DVD's
Practical ParticlesPractical Particles
Trapcode's Particular & Adobe After Effects Video Tutorials with Project Files

The inspiration to create this tutorial DVD on Particular came when Michael Park realized just how integral to media creation particles have become. From advertisements, to feature films, to television shows, particles are literally everywhere. He chose to use Trapcode’s Particular as his particle generator of choice because of the immense flexibility it affords and some of the unique features it offers compared to the particle generators inside of After Effects.

View all COW Training DVD's at CreativeCOWTraining.Com


Recent Articles
Red Giant plug-ins
In this episode, Michael Park returns to RGTV, and shows us how to create the look of denim being stitched, using Trapcode Particular. This technique can be used for a ton of other stuff as well. Also, Magic Bullet Mojo will be used to add some cool color treatment to the final product.
Michael Park
Media 100 | Media 100 HD
Nick Griffin gives COW members a passionate 4.5 Cow review of Media 100's Suite 1.5. From a relevant history lesson to the latest version of the super-speed Media 100, Nick urges readers to wake from their 'Rip Van Winkle' sleep and see what Media 100 can do <b>now</b>.
Nick Griffin
This tutorial takes the opportunity to study how to create Volumetric Lights in Blender and in the process it shows some very useful modeling techniques. You will learn how to carve holes into planes, how to create new edges and faces and how to use the Array modifier to create multiple copies of the same geometry with speed and ease. This is a two-part tutorial.
Paolo Ciccone
Boris FX
Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE brings over 200 filters to Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5, CS4, and CS3. The new release features 11 new filters including a 3-way color grade filter with built-in keying and masking tools, a new video noise reduction tool, a spline-based warp filter, an audio-driven keyframe generator, a new OpenGL particle engine, and still and video morph technology. Each Boris Continuum Complete filter has been re-engineered to take advantage of 64-bit processing and OpenGL acceleration.

Watch this new video to learn more!
Paul Ezzy
Panasonic HVX - HPX (P2)
In this article, CreativeCOW leader Helmut Kobler reviews Panasonic's AJ-HRW10 P2 Rapid Writer, which is designed to simplify the process of offloading P2 cards to multiple hard drives, especially as you work in the field.
Helmut Kobler
Adobe After Effects
Ben reveals not only the easy steps to giving a lens flare an alpha channel for exporting, but also explains what premultiplication means. With this understanding, you may more easily solve some of your trickier compositing problems. In most programs, such as Nuke, Fusion, or Shake, you control premultiplication and predivison manually. Since After Effects does this all for you, it can become very frustrating if you are accustomed to doing this manually and find that you cannot in AE. This tutorial will explain a little background information on how compositing applications create a composite.
Ben Rollason
Adobe After Effects
Ben Rollason demonstrates how to do subtract and divide blending modes in Adobe After Effects CS4 and below. CS5 now features the subtract and divide blending modes, which makes this process much easier, but if you are using an earlier version, Ben's tutorial enables you to accomplish these same effects with just a few simple steps.

Ben suggests that now that people are creating new CS5 projects with built-in subtract and divide blending modes, there may be a call to 'retrofit' these options to earlier versions.
Ben Rollason
Adobe After Effects
In this video tutorial, Richard Harrington explains how to make rotoscoping easy with the new rotobrush in After Effects CS5.
Richard Harrington

View these and more articles at the Creative COW Library


Industry News
Vitamin Merges with Lift Motion

Dubai Media Installs Solid State Logic C100 HDS Consoles For Two HD OB Vans

InVision Adds QTAKE HD Video Assist System for HD, 3D & Red® Productions

AES Convention Returns To London After 23 Years

Holophone H2-PRO Captures Realistic Surround Sound on the Set of "Fireproof"

Nagra Audio Showcase its Range of High-Quality Digital Recorders at AES London


eMerging at AES London: Merging, MicW & PSI Audio

PMC To Showcase Reference-Level Monitoring At AES London

Jutel Introduces the HIPman Hierarchical IP Audio Management Solution at AES

Sonic Studio Moves Fidelity Forward at 128th AES Europe

Trinnov Introduces its New Loudness Meter at the 128th AES Convention in London

Blackmagic Design announces immediate support for Adobe Creative Suite 5

Introducing the All New iStoragePro 8 Bay Tower

Minnesota School Uses Broadcast Pix Switcher to Teach HD Production

celum Introduces celum IMAGINE Release IV.7

SAN Solutions Media Transformation SAN Supports New File-Based Program Delivery Model at PBS

David-Inc Welcomes Editor Stephen Berger

Director Aladino Debert Boards Mothership

Stardust Directs Cinematic Journey for the Ford 2011 Mustang

STARDOM is proud to announce that the SOHORAID SR2 with USB 2.0, FireWire 800, & eSATA interfaces.

Canon U.S.A. Breaks Ground On New Americas Headquarters In Melville, N.Y.

Clipcanvas.com - Now offering 80.000+ video clips and HD footage from only 9€

Adobe Ships Creative Suite 5

US Army’s Combat Readiness/Safety Center Installs DaVinci Resolve

Red Giant Software Releases Adobe Creative Suite 5 Compatible Plug-Ins

For more industry news, visit COW News & Press Releases

Flanders Scientific

Top Threads

Apple Final Cut Pro Forum
OT:H.264 legal license info
How can you retroactively collect royalties from the millions of viewers of YouTube or Vimeo videos? Send them an invoice.

Cinema 4D Forum
Large scale grassy field
Grass seems to be very limited on how much you can have while still maintaining some efficiency.

Matrox Video Systems Forum
Preview monitor
Today when I preview my material I do it on a HD LCD thru a Blackmagic intensity card but I am thinking about buying a Matrox MXO2 mini...

Broadcast Pix

Subscribe with iTunesAdobe After Effects Tutorials Podcast
Lens Flare in AE and Premultiplication Explained
by Ben Rollason
(14:37) -- 4/29/2010

In this After Effects podcast tutorial, Ben Rollason teaches Creative COW members not only the easy steps to giving a lens flare an alpha channel for exporting, but also explains what premultiplication means. -

Subscribe with iTunesAdobe After Effects Tutorials Podcast
Subtract and Divide Blending Modes in AE CS4
by Ben Rollason
(07:44) -- 4/29/2010

In this AE podcast, Ben Rollason demonstrates how to do subtract and divide blending modes in Adobe After Effects CS4 and below. -

Subscribe with iTunesBoris FX Tutorials Podcast
Introducing Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE
by Paul Ezzy
(29:07) -- 4/29/2010

Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE brings over 200 filters to Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5, CS4, and CS3. The new release features 11 new filters including a 3-way color grade filter with built-in keying and more. -

Subscribe with iTunesBlender Podcast
The Blender 3D Survival Guide - Part 10
by Paolo Ciccone
(27:39) -- 4/26/2010

In this episode of the Blender Survival Guide we explore in detail how to edit existing keyframes for a simple animation. The video shows how to re-time portions of the animation, how to add hold keyframes, how to create loopable animations and more... -
View more podcasts at podcasts.creativecow.net


Upcoming Events
May 6, '10
Los Angeles CA United States
LA Web Professionals Group May 2010 meeting - Adobe Creative Suite 5 Launch Meeting featuring Adobe's Rick Miller
May 8, '10
Boulder CO
Dreamweaver Hands-On Intensive - Class
May 2, '10 - May 8, '10
Rockport ME United States
Websites for Photographers -- Workshop
May 2, '10 - May 8, '10
Rockport ME United States
Intermediate 2D Animation -- Workshop
May 7, '10 - May 9, '10
New York NY United States
Video DSLR Fundamentals Workshop Returns! May 7th - 9th
May 7, '10 - May 9, '10
Erie PA United States
Spirit Quest Film Festival
May 10, '10
Boulder CO
WordPress - Installing & Getting Started
May 11, '10
Boulder CO
Greenscreen Video Techniques - Workshop
May 12, '10
Edison NJ United States
NJVA WEVA Institute Northeast Conference
May 12, '10
Boston MA United States
Learning Lab Series: Steadicam's Newest and Lightest
May 10, '10 - May 12, '10
London UK
Colorist Strategies
May 14, '10
burbank CA United States
Avid's Post NAB Product Lineup @ Editors' Lounge
May 15, '10
Boulder CO
The Emotional Cinematographer - Workshop
May 15, '10 - May 16, '10
New York New York United States
Light & Shadow : ADVANCED Film and Video Lighting Workshop
May 15, '10 - May 16, '10
Shavertown PA United States
Pocono Mountain Lighting Workshop - May 15-16, 2010

View more events at events.creativecow.net


Featured Leader Featured Tutorial
Meet Michael Hurwicz
Michael Hurwicz

Michael Hurwicz is a writer, Web developer and musician. He is based in Eastsound, Washington. more...
Crop and Straighten Command

How to automate splitting images that have been scanned on a single scan into their own compositions by using the automate, crop and straighten tool built into Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop will automati more...

Get help with, or discuss this tutorial in the COW's Adobe Photoshop Forum.

Focal Press

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Entry level assistant wanted at...
Hiring Audio Producer/ Engineer
Freelance (can be remote) Editors/Mograph...
Video Editor / Shooter …...
Application Editor (full time)
Harlem Reality Show
Senior Producer Position - Boston...
Experienced High End Wedding/Mitzvah NYC...
Animator- Freelance
Spin VFX lkg for Effects...
Director/Graphic Design Artits
Writer wanted in South Metro...
Web Programmer in Denver Wanted
Broadcast Designer
GFX Position in UAE (2...

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Legend of Arad - Looking...
Minority Report UI
3d modeler needed asap
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Need 3D Deer for short...
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Special effects/motion graphics needed for...
Legend of Arad - Compositor...
Editor Need Wildlife Films
Lightsaber Roto and Star Wars...
Cameraman and Soundman wanted
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