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Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
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In Jerry Hofmann's COWblog, he raises many great points about the art of editing and advancing the power of the story. Many COW members have already commented on Jerry's blog and it is getting high praise for its creative points and for the voice of experience that Jerry shares with our members.

Jerry teaches at the Colorado Film School at the University of Colorado, Denver, and he has been using nonlinear editing tools since buying his first Avid system -- the fourth one ever sold as a matter of fact -- and he has been a beta tester for Avid and many other systems over the years. He has edited many films, documentaries and TV programs during his career.

In his blog, Jerry reminds users of the issues they need to consider to advance the story and draw their audience into it.

Jerry can also answer just about any question related to FCP and is the author of the new Creative Cow Master Series title, Final Cut System Set-Up. The title is far from a beginner's guide and in it, he helps members learn the kind of experienced knowledge that will help you answer the questions that arise while using Final Cut.

Read Jerry's COWblog online now in our blogs section.

Reels and Videos
United Statesdemo reel
Indigo Post Showreel by Eric Bucchare
Indigo Post is a San Diego post-production design studio. We take an idea, product or brand and bring it to digital life with our expertise in motion graphics, editorial, design and animation. View our work at www.indigo-post.com ...

Francedemo reel
Demoreel Data Projekt by jerome clauzade
The presentation of the last projects in motion design of the Agency Data Projekt from France....

Austriademo reel
Industrial Motion Art Demoreel by dina records
Demo 2009/10...

United Statesdemo reel
Lori Newman 2010 Demo Reel by Lori Newman
Demo Reel for 2010...

Reels and Videos at reels.creativecow.net

COW Master Series Training DVD's
Richard Harrington's Final Cut Pro Color CorrectionRichard Harrington's Final Cut Pro Color Correction

Topics on this DVD include: Workspace Setup, Exposure Issues, Skintones, Understanding the Vectroscope, Primary Color Correction, Understanding the Waveform, Scene to Scene Color Correction, and Calibrating a Broadcast Monitor.

View all COW Training DVD's at CreativeCOWTraining.Com

Recent Articles
Panasonic HVX - HPX (P2)
Portable hard drives are great option for carrying gobs of media wherever you go. In this review, Creative COW leader Helmut Kobler takes a look at a unique portable drive -- the G-Drive Mobile -- from a company that's been building media-focused drives for years.
Helmut Kobler
In this tutorial, Michael Hurwicz shows you how to use the new Camera Sequencer in Maya 2011 to import an animatic sequence from Sony Vegas 9.0 using AAF (Advanced Authoring Format).
Michael Hurwicz
Michael Hurwicz demonstrates the new "Assign Invisible Faces" feature
in Maya 2011, making one face of a cube invisible but still very much
"there" when it comes to a smoothing operation performed on the cube.
Michael Hurwicz
In one of the world’s first overviews of the new Arri Alexa digital cinema camera, Creative COW Contributing Editor Gary Adcock has been taking an early shipping unit for a ride this week -- and what a ride it has been! Read on for the details of what Gary has learned about the Alexa operation so far, where he sees it going, and why Gary believes that Alexa is a true game changer.
Gary Adcock
In this Maya tutorial, Michael Hurwicz provides an introduction to
Bezier curves, a new feature in Maya 2011 which allow you to
create curves the way you do with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator
or Photoshop.
Michael Hurwicz
Boris FX
In this video tutorial, Kevin P. McAuliffe takes a look at Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE's new 3 Way Color Grade filter. BCC 3 Way Color Grade provides a professional color grading process complete with three custom color wheels for pedestal/gamma/gain adjustment. In part one of this video tutorial series, Kevin focuses on the basics of the filter. In part two, he will demonstrate the filter's built-in masking and keying tools.
Kevin McAuliffe
COWmunications feedback
Professional editing goes open source: top editors describe a powerful editing tool being unleashed on the public.
David Battistella
COWmunications feedback
There's a long list of reasons that we've avoided doing a Tradeshow Awards Issue... We have a unique perspective on awards, because we are not exactly magazine people, and at times it shows, but we hope it shows in some good things like new ways of fresh thinking, too.
Tim Wilson

View these and more articles at the Creative COW Library

Industry News
New Season Of Starz' Comedy Hit, "Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand-Up," Shot In Front Of Live Audience With 10 Panasonic AJ-HPX3700 P2 HD Varicams

Craft Animations Announces New Custom Development Service

Connor Swegle Joins Troika as Executive Producer

ERTU purchases Enterprise sQ for complete HD news upgrade

Vinten Radamec highlights intelligent VR and legislative solutions at IBC2010

Company 3 Further Enhances Digital Intermediate (DI) Interoperability

Createasphere Unveils The DAMMY Awards

Vinten brings high performance to the smallest professional camcorders with the new Vision Blue

INDIGO POST Shows Ford Blasting The Competition In 'The Fight To The Finish'

The Pixel Farm Launches Radical New Approach To Tracking

Upgrade HDPro & Get a FREE CalDigit AV Drive!

Mediaproxy Enigma LogServer to Support Logging of 3D Broadcasts

Lone Peak Productions wins 4 more Telly Awards

Boomer Labs announces the release of their new production tool SuperMesher

Aviom's Pro16® System Is Main Ingredient For Food Network Program "Chopped"

OptiTrack Demonstrates the Future of Virtual Filmmaking at SIGGRAPH 2010

Digital Media Firm Expands in Metro Atlanta

Autoscript unveils professional prompting app for i-Series platforms at IBC 2010

Softron Media Services Certifies Blackmagic Design's New DeckLink Duo

Higher Resolutions Now Available for Intel Graphics Customers using Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go

Omneon Appoints Tom Lang Its New Major Accounts Manager for the Southeast U.S.

Boris FX Announces New Boris Continuum Unit: Lens Blur

LipSync Stereo3D promo green lights 'Creeping Zero'

Element Technica New Pulsar and Neutron 3D Rigs at IBC Stand # 11.F35

PhaseSpace Joins The Studio at SIGGRAPH 2010

For more industry news, visit COW News & Press Releases

Top Threads
Adobe After Effects Forum
Reduce, or eliminate strobing while "zooming" in a slideshow.
in particular when there is a "zoom," (change of scale), within a photo...

Sony Vegas Forum
Is Sony Vegas 9 worth the upgrade for Bluray?
If I am trying to make BluRay disc (events about 1.5 Hours) from a Canon 5D Mark II file...

Apple Final Cut Pro Forum
Exporting to HDCAM
I'm working off a G5 tower with 2 Lacie 2TB external drives...

Adobe After Effects basics Forum
How to Adjust Speed and Timing?
Then it's time for important After Effects advice...

DaVinci Forum
Panasonic Plasma Monitoring Solution for davinci
10 bit monitoring over HDMI with BlackMagic Design's DeckLink HD Extreme 3D...

Subscribe with iTunesBoris FX Tutorials Podcast
Using Continuum Complete 7 AE's New 3 Way Color Grade Filter: Part 1
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(13:04) -- 7/1/2010

In this video tutorial, Kevin P. McAuliffe takes a look at Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE's new 3 Way Color Grade filter. BCC 3 Way Color Grade provides a professional color grading process complete with three custom color wheels for pedestal/gamma/gain... -

Subscribe with iTunesBoris FX Tutorials Podcast
Create Audio-driven Effects with BCC7 AE's Beat Reactor Technology
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(15:24) -- 5/26/2010

In this podcast, Kevin P. McAuliffe takes a look at BCC7 AE's new Beat Reactor technology - a new BCC 7 AE filter that lets you sample specific bands of audio from a clip and uses the sampled audio levels to drive effect parameters and more... -

Subscribe with iTunesBlender Podcast
The Blender 3D Survival Guide - Part 13
by Paolo Ciccone
(14:25) -- 5/21/2010

Episode 13 of the Blender Survival Guide is the conclusion of the three-part tutorial on how to use Blender in conjunction with the Lux Renderer. This video tutorial shows techniques that can take several days to master if attempted without guidance. -

Subscribe with iTunesBlender Podcast
The Blender 3D Survival Guide - Part 12
by Paolo Ciccone
(28:15) -- 5/21/2010

In this episode of the Blender Survival Guide Paolo continues the design of a simple scene that will be used to create volumetric lights using LuxRender. In this Video Tutorial you'll see how to add LuxRender to your Blender installation and more... -
View more podcasts at podcasts.creativecow.net

Upcoming Events
Jul 19, '10 - Jul 21, '10
New York NY United States
Motion 101
Jul 21, '10
Gaithersburg MD United States
Final Cut Users Meeting
Jul 21, '10
Boulder CO United States
Digital Video Camera & Lighting Basics - Workshop
Jul 21, '10
Chicago IL United States
Avid Post Solutions Event - Chicago
Jul 22, '10
Boulder CO
Introduction to Search Engine Optimization - Workshop
Jul 22, '10 - Jul 23, '10
new york NY United States
An Overview to Adobe After Effects Class- Manhattan, New York City
Jul 24, '10
San Francisco California United States
The Luminous Photo Workshop
Jul 24, '10
Boulder CO United States
Color Management for Photographers
Jul 18, '10 - Jul 24, '10
Rockport ME
Workshop: Motion Graphics
Jul 23, '10 - Jul 25, '10
New York NY United States
Video DSLR Fundamentals Workshop
Jul 26, '10
Boulder CO
Marketing with Social Media - Workshop
Jul 26, '10
Boulder CO USA
FREE Members-Only Panel: Comparing Photographic Workflows in Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture
Jul 27, '10
Boulder CO United States
Digital Photography Workflow Introduction
Jul 27, '10
Burbank CA United States
Pizza & Post With Emmy Award-Winning Editor Lugh Powers
Jul 28, '10
Boulder CO United States
Fundamentals of Web Design

View more events at events.creativecow.net

Featured Leader Featured Tutorial
Meet Todd McMullen
Todd McMullen

I have been very fortunate to work in the film business as a camera assistant and now as a motion picture camera operator and Director of Photography. I have worked and learned from some of the greatest cameramen in the world. Conrad Hall, Michael Ballhaus, Bob Richardson, Lloyd Ahern, David Tatters more...
AVC-Intra and the Panasonic AJ-HPX2000

In this Creative COW Magazine article, Jeremy Garchow discusses his experience using the AVC-Intra codec and the Panasonic AJ-HPX2000 camera on an overseas production project. more...

Get help with, or discuss this tutorial in the COW's Panasonic HVX - HPX (P2) Forum.

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Redcam Colorist for Feature to...
Quick turnaround animation (3D...
Smoke Freelance Artist
After Effects Animator
VFX Product Specialist...
Freelance Avid Editors
After Effects Animator
Travelling Flash Designer
Sr. Broadcast Designer
Seeking Full Time Bilingual Senior...
Media/Event Account Executive
Need to rent a JVC...
Chicago Media Firm Seeks Video...
Grip / Photo Assistant -...
Graphic Designer - WBRC

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2 week internship Clapton ASAP
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Video Animator needed YESTERDAY!
HD Camera Owner/Operator -- Tokyo
Seeking Film Editor
Experienced Editor
Last minute camera person needed...

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