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Image Stabilization in Sony Vegas 10

With version 10, the team at Sony Creative Software added many new features to the already powerful feature set of Sony Vegas. One of the most requested and popular new features added is image stabilization.

In this video tutorial, Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz explores not only the basics of image stabilization, as well as short-cuts to speed workflows, but includes a workaround for stabilizing unsupported formats like Panasonic MXF files. He also explains how to use "takes" to preview multiple stabilization alternatives.

You can find the tutorial online at: http://library.creativecow.net/hurwicz_michael/Image-Stabilization

Reels and Videos
South Africademo reel
3DTree 2010 Showreel by Eugen Olsen
Enjoy some of 3DTree's latest work - check out www.3dtree.co.za or subscribe to www.youtube.com/3dtree 3DTree is a 3D Animation and Visual ...

Swedendemo reel
Showreel Autumn 2010 by Pontus Danielsson
Some of the work I've been doing the last years....

United Statesdemo reel
2011 Squires & Company Show Reel by Geoffrey German
This show reel showcases our diverse body of work. Print projects are brought to life by animation and accompany recent motion graphic work ...

United Statesdemo reel
Chris Booth Motion Graphics/Editing Reel 2010 by Chris Booth
A sample of my recent After Effects work. Thanks for watching....

United Statesdemo reel
Landscapes: Volume One by dustin farrell
A year's compilation of my time lapse work. All shot on the Canon 5D2 and processed in Adobe After Effects. The majority of the shots are in...

Reels and Videos at reels.creativecow.net

COW Master Series Training DVD's
Jerry Hofmann's Final Cut System Set-UpJerry Hofmann's Final Cut System Set-Up

This is not one of those beginner's guide titles, this goes FAR beyond the simple basic set-up guides that you find and this DVD is filled with the distilled knowledge of a man who can answer just about any question asked on our FCP forum. Learn what's on this DVD and you are well on your way to being that kind of expert, too!

View all COW Training DVD's at CreativeCOWTraining.Com

Recent Articles
RE:Vision Effects
This RE: Vision Effects lesson shows two examples of using the features "Auto Align" and "Smart Blend" options to get faster and easier results when morphing in After Effects.
Lori Freitag
Adobe Premiere Pro
Archiving is really important as you can be sure that at some point either a customer will come back and ask for some footage from an old project or you will find you need to get a hold of some footage and you don't know where it is! However, good archiving of old material will help make this a far less painful experience. In this Premiere Pro video tutorial Andrew Devis outlines how to use the Project Manager to create both trimmed and full archived projects ready with all your footage to put on an external hard drive and save for when that day comes.
Andrew Devis
Boris FX
This Boris FX video tutorial shows you how to relink your media between Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer using AMA (Avid Media Access) relinking - with the help of Boris AAF Transfer, a custom Final Cut Pro plug-in that lets you export AAF files from Final Cut Pro sequences for import into Media Composer.
Paul Ezzy
Adobe Premiere Pro
In this Adobe Premiere Pro video tutorial Andrew Devis looks at some of the preferences that affect items in your project panel and show you some of the issues with preferences and imported footage. Andrew also will show how to create a bin (or folder) structure that works for you projects and some of the options to open and use bins to speed up the process of adding items to the right bin quickly!
Andrew Devis
Adobe Premiere Pro
In this Adobe Premiere Pro video tutorial, Andrew Devis shows all the different types of assets that can be created from the Project Panel and how to use them. He also looks at the seemingly hidden templates available to use directly in Premiere Pro to give your productions an even more professional look.
Andrew Devis
Adobe After Effects
In this AE video tutorial, Rob Mize uses After Effects to create a unique customized matte wipe for use in popular editing systems like Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and Avid. Rob uses After Effects' Puppet Tool to animate a bug graphic; then uses CC Particle World to duplicate and control the graphic for the transition.
Rob Mize
Adobe Premiere Pro
The Project Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro is much more powerful and useful than many people realize. In this series of tutorials, Andrew Devis will show how to use the many features in the project panel to increase the efficiency of your workflow - starting with: Organising footage items, Automating them to a sequence as well as showing the very powerful Search options available.
Andrew Devis
RE:Vision Effects
This RE: Vision Effects video tutorial, Lori Freitag shows the benefits of using a matte within your morph and the difference between doing a one layer morph and a two layer morph using a matte inside Adobe After Effects.
Lori Freitag

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Industry News
CineForm Teams Up with AJA to Deliver Stereo 3D Workflow Support for New KONA 3G

Oracle and Apple Announce OpenJDK Project for Mac OS X

AJA Ships KONA 3G for Professional Video and Audio I/O

OConnor Supports "Modern Family"

Howland Chooses K-Tek to Support Indie Film "2 Million Stupid Women"

HPA Taps ALEXA with First Engineering Excellence Award for an Acquisition Product

Telestream Releases Wirecast 4 Live Webcasting Software

Director of Photography Manfred Reiff Shoots 3D Video Art with Panasonic's New AG-3DA1 Full HD 3D Camcorder

broadcastGEMs announces Cube WipeFX for Adobe After Effects

Visual Data Announces 'YouTube Ready' Captioning Services

The3dStudio.com Celebrates 14th Anniversary

Broadcast Pix Delivers 100th Granite Video Production System

Red Giant's Powerful 3D Particle System Trapcode Particular is Now Available for NUKE

Matrox Announces New High-Performance KVM Extender for Mission-Critical Environments

Digital Heaven releases DH_Counter 2.0 and more free plug-ins

Singular Announces PluralEyes for Media Composer Beta Program

NBC Sports Upgrades Post Production Studio 9E With Solid State Logic C300 HD Digital Console

Hollywood Post Alliance® Awards Gain NAB Show Sponsorship

Boise State U.'s Broncos Football Assigns Game-Day Video To Panasonic HPX370 P2 HD Camcorders

FREE FxFactory Slideshow Plug-in CoverFlux 2 Released

Bexel Names Ryhaan Williams As Business Development Manager Northeast

MusicRevolution.com, An Online Marketplace For Production Music, Announces Internet Music Stream for Background Music

Adobe Audition for the Mac Available in Public Beta

Avanti chooses MatrixStore as Rushes and Nearline Archive

FOR-A Switcher Multitasks for MVT Productions' Corporate Events

For more industry news, visit COW News & Press Releases

Top Threads
Adobe After Effects Forum
How do I create a 3D animation from a 2D Illustrator Sphere made up of dots without using CC Sphere?
I have a logo from a client already designed in Illustrator. It's a sphere made up of a series of dots...

Apple Final Cut Pro Forum
Audio WORSE After Export to Quicktime!!!
I'm applying to film school in a few days, and I'm having trouble exporting my finished product from FCP...

Business & Marketing Forum
Pilot production costs
Is it unrealistic to expect businesses to sponsor just the production of a pilot episode?

RED Camera Forum
Are you ready? More Red newbie questions.
So we went from exactly 0 Red projects to exactly 2 Red projects, both on parallel delivery paths...

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Basic Color Correction
by Nathan Walters
(05:24) -- 11/1/2010

Color Correction is a great tool to enhance the style of your shots. These easy techniques can make a huge difference in your result, so make color correction a necessity in each of your projects. This video tutorial teaches color correction in AE... -

Subscribe with iTunesAdobe Flash Tutorials Podcast
Inverse Kinematics - Springs
by Michael Hurwicz
(14:59) -- 10/27/2010

Springs are a new feature for Inverse Kinematics in Flash CS5. In this video tutorial, Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz shows you a simple technique for implementing springs, as well as several other "tricks and traps"... - In this video tutorial, Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz shows you a simple technique for implementing springs, as well as several other "tricks and traps" to make your work with Inverse Kinematics in Flash easier, more flexible and more powerful.
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A SPECIAL LEARNING LAB Premiering Panasonic's AG-AF100 Camera
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Nov 22, '10 - Nov 23, '10
Ultimo NSW Australia
Pro Tools short courses-postproduction training
Nov 23, '10
Boulder CO
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Nov 29, '10
Boulder CO
Copyright Issues for the Web - Workshop
Nov 30, '10
Boulder CO
Greenscreen Video Techniques - Workshop

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Meet Clay Walker
Clay Walker

For the past twenty years Clay Walker has produced, directed, photographed, edited, programmed and designed a variety of independent short and feature films, corporate identity pieces, trade show videos, music videos, television commercials, television programs, interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs. more...
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