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Whether you are new to editing, or are thinking about making a switch, these five tutorials will have you up and editing in Avid Media Composer. Kevin P McAuliffe, a Media Composer editor for over 15 years will teach you capturing & importing, project organization, editing, titling & effects and outputting.

These tutorials will give you the ability to sit down in front of any version of Media Composer, and be up and running in minutes. And, for Final Cut Pro 7 editors who are thinking about making the switch, see FCP7 and Media Composer side-by-side, and learn how simple it really is to make a switch. This is one week on the Cow you don't want to miss!

View Kevin McAuliffe's "Wanna Switch?" tutorials at http://library.creativecow.net/mcauliffe_kevin/Switching-NLEs-1/1.

Gravity Names Roy Eventov As Creative Director, Digital

AbelCine Announces ALEXA Training Classes in New York and Los Angeles

Fusion-io Teams Up With NVIDIA, Tweak Software and Thinkbox Software to Accelerate Entertainment Production

Khronos Enriches Cross-Platform 3D Graphics with Release of OpenGL 4.2 Specification

AJA Streamlines RED, Canon XF and Ki Pro Mini Workflow With New Camera Data Support

Simian Develops Microsite Creator Feature for Creative Companies

Shotgun Increases Studios’ Efficiency with V3.0, Rush & cineSync Integration

Thinkbox Software Launches Professional Services Offering

HUSH Maintains Momentum with Heiss Hire

CalDigit Provides Support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Bohemian Grey Produces Dramatic Animated Sequences Depicting NASA’s Upcoming Mars “Curiosity” Rover Expedition

Scott Gemmell Joins Mothership as Head of Production

Prism Sound’s Orpheus FireWire Interface Breaks Into The Movie Business

Dublin's Oxegen Festival Brings Music to the Masses with Blackmagic Design's ATEM Production Switcher

CANON U.S.A. and Ron howard select eight winners from 96,362 PHOTO entries for ‘project Imagin8ion’

Thinware Media and Render Rocket Announce New Partnership

New Affordable Native HD Broadcast Monitors from FSI

Panasonic Announces Pricing/Availablity Of New AVCCAM HD Handheld Camcorders With Full HD Imager And 22X Zoom Lens

Panasonic Announces Pricing Of AG-HPX250 P2 HD Camcorder With Master-Quality 10-bit, 4:2:2 AVC-Intra Recording

Vancouver Film School Welcomes the World’s Largest Computer Graphics Conference

Render Rocket Launches Mission Control 3.0 at SIGGRAPH 2011

Anton/Bauer Keeps Doc Ajay Johnson Film And Video In Action

Georgia Bulldogs Capture Video For Coaching Analysis With Panasonic AG-HPX370, AJ-HPX2000 P2 HD Shoulder-Mount Camcorders

The Hollywood Post Alliance® Announces the Call for Entries for Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation

GenArts Launches New Sapphire Edge Video Effects Software for Videographers

Imagineer Systems to Demonstrate mocha Pro Planar Tracker and Roto Tools at SIGGRAPH 2011; Showcases 3D Technology Demo for After Effects Users

Testronic On-Site Delivers 'Quality on Demand' to Clients

Toonbox Gets Nutty with TACTIC

Sonixphere Launches: A Global Resource for Everything Connected to Music and Sound

OptiTrack V120:Duo and V120:Trio Tracking Bars Ship

Dashwood Cinema Solutions Releases Stereo3D Toolbox LE v3.0; Final Cut X Compatible

MAXON to Showcase New Release of CINEMA 4D at SIGGRAPH 2011

Spotlight on 3D Lighting & Rendering Solution, Bakery Relight™ at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver (Stand 471)

FunGoPlay—World’s First Virtual Sports Theme Park—Built with NewTek LightWave™ 10

IRIDAS Bolsters FrameCycler PRO with Greater File Format Support, More Powerful Stereo 3D Engine, and New Interface Enhancements

Fordham’s OConnor Supported Feature “Aaron Bacon” Releases on DVD

New Color Critical 9" Monitor from FSI

Atomos Announces IBC Shipping Date For Samurai

Comedy Director John Adams Joins Original

AtomOS 2.0: A Major update for the Ninja

short film
El Duelo by Jesus Barrios
El Duelo tells the typical story of combat between a lawman and an outlaw in the Old West ... until a character completely out of place chan...
demo reel
SHOW^VISION New Zealand SHOW^REEL by Brendan Quaife
New Zealand's premiere live event coverage for Broadcast and Non Broadcast...
New Zealand
short film
The Last Goodbye - Der Abschied by Sören Schulz
This is the short film "Der Abschied" which I directed, wrote and produced. It's shot on super 16mm. Language: German Subtitles: English ...
ShapeShifter AE + AE Text Presets by Chris Bobotis
One of the presets that ShapeShifter AE ships with. Cheers, Chris mettle.com...
demo reel
Snowy Peak Demo Reel 2011 by Joe Panepinto
This Demo Reel represents the combined efforts of the Designers and Editors working for Snowy Peak Entertainment...
United States
demo reel
Andrew Reff's The Wundershop 2011 Demo Reel by Andrew Reff
Andrew Reff's (The Wundershop) 2011 Demo Reel...
United States
demo reel
miro calderon 2011 by Miro Calderon
Works from 2008-2011... This is my first demo reel, hence the 3year collection....

Automating Photoshop: Photoshop for VideoAutomating Photoshop: Photoshop for Video
Make Photoshop Come to Life in Your Video Production

List Price: $49.95 $19.95

Get the most out of Photoshop in your video productions, learning Photoshop from COW Leader Richard Harrington. In this DVD, Richard, author of one of the top ranked Photoshop books, focuses on automating Photoshop and other power user techniques for video artists.

Creating & Controlling Simple Eyes in 3ds Max: 1 - Creating the Eyes & Materials * Autodesk 3ds Max * Andrew Devis In this first 3ds Max tutorial in his new series, Andrew Devis shows how to create simple eyes in 3ds Max and then create the controllers needed to animate them simply and quickly. In this first part Andrew shows how to create a simple eye, make simple materials for the eye, how to apply those materials to specific parts of the eye and then how to create a simple solution for eye lids.... more
Adobe After Effects Quick Tip - Placeholders * Adobe After Effects * Kevin P. McAuliffe In this Quick Tip, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you that you don't need to worry about having every element you need to create your After Effects composition right from the start. Placeholders can take the place of elements that other departments might still be creating, and they help you stay on top of your deadline.... more

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Mercury Playback Engine & Laptops
I am looking for suggestions on a laptop to use with CS5.5, I currently have a 6 core desktop w/ a g...

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Wanna Switch? - Lesson 3 - Bins and Project Organization
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(00:15:13) -- 8/9/2011

The focal point of your Media Composer project is your bins, and in this tutorial, Kevin P McAuliffe talks about bins, setting up different bin views, and the different layouts you can use to organize your footage. -

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Wanna Switch? - Lesson 2 - Digitizing & Importing
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(00:21:53) -- 8/8/2011

Every project starts with acquiring footage and in this tutorial, Kevin P McAuliffe looks at not only digitizing footage, but importing and the new Avid "AMA Link to" feature as well. -

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Adobe After Effects Quick Tip - Placeholders
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(00:02:15) -- 8/7/2011

In this Quick Tip, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you that you don't need to worry about having every element you need to create your After Effects composition right from the start. - Placeholders can take the place of elements that other departments might still be creating, and they help you stay on top of your deadline.

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After Effects From The Ground Up - Chapter 1 Lesson 5: Text
by Kevin P. McAuliffe
(00:14:31) -- 8/5/2011

In many cases, the first time someone new to Motion Graphics opens Adobe's After Effects, it's to do something with text, and although it might be simple to put letters on the screen, you always find yourself needing to do more. - In this lesson we look at text, and examine all the parameters in the "Character" tab, and even look at some presets that you might not have even realized were there.

Aug 10, '11 - Brighton MA United States - Learning Lab: Codec 101: Use, Purpose & ...
Aug 8, '11 - Aug 10, '11 - New York NY United States - Hands-On with FCP X...
Aug 8, '11 - Aug 10, '11 - New York NY United States - Final Cut Pro 300...
Aug 8, '11 - Aug 10, '11 - New York NY United States - Adobe After Effects Level I...
Jul 11, '11 - Aug 10, '11 - Boulder CO - Web Application Development Certificate ...
Aug 10, '11 - Boulder CO United States - Fundamentals of Web Design...
Aug 10, '11 - Aug 11, '11 - New York NY United States - Adobe InDesign Level 2...
Aug 11, '11 - Boulder CO United States - Portrait Photography...
Aug 1, '11 - Aug 12, '11 - NYC NY United States - Filmmaking Summer Bootcamp: Making Your ...
Aug 11, '11 - Aug 12, '11 - New York NY United States - Adobe After Effects Level II...
Aug 13, '11 - Boulder CO USA - Multi-Camera Video Shooting Hands-On Cla...
Jun 6, '11 - Aug 14, '11 - San Francisco CA United States - Digital Filmmaking Workshops!...
Aug 13, '11 - Aug 14, '11 - New York NY United States - Avid Media Composer 101A ...

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