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Final Cut Pro X has some useful and powerful tools that allow users to organize even larger projects.

In his first tutorial for FCPX, Andy Neil shows you how to set up folders, organize collections, tag and sort shots, search tagged shots, set-up keyword short cuts, tag files on import and many other tricks to helpu you get the most out of your Event Browser and Library.

To join Andy Neil's class now in session, please visit library.creativecow.net/neil_andy/FCPX-Event-Browser

SmartSound Becomes the Only Music Library to Offer Lifetime Customization of Music

Video professionals can now calculate timed elements effortlessly with SceneTimer 1.5 for the Apple® iPad®

FSI Introduces Powerful New Features via Free Firmware Update

Troika Delivers Network Refresh For Canada’s Citytv

Illumination Dynamics Hosts Martin Professional Road Show

Image Metrics and IMPD Productions Expand Animation Services

Vicon House of Moves Captures Crash Test Performance for Lexus “Light” Commercial

Bella Corporation Announces the Launch of its New Shortcuts Software Program, KillerKeys

Newest Lyon Video Truck Features FUJINON 101x Telephoto Lenses

Bexel Builds Production Solutions For 9th Season Of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

Ad Agency BVK & Green Dot Films’ Director Rafael Fernandez Find Light In Dark Places For OU Medicine’s Cancer Center

Ravenswork Moves to New Digs in Santa Monica

Blue Sky Studios Chooses Shotgun for Production Management and Collaboration

Digital Domain and Adam Berg Tap Virtual Production for Gears of War 3 “Dust to Dust”

Animation Mentor Presents "Anatomy Of A Fight"

PrimalScream Music Releases The Power of Two Soundtrack

The Colonie’s Tom Pastorelle Edits New Series of Happy Meal Spots for McDonald’s

High-speed cameras roll at IBC 2011

SPY Creates Integrated Visual Effects and DI Pipeline for "Twixt"

Long Island University Selects Three JVC Camcorders for Brooklyn Campus

Binocle takes an aerial tour of the French coast in S3D

Hollywood Post Alliance Debuts The Reference Monitor Symposium

Dulce Systems Announces The All New Redesigned PRO DQ Gen2

Superfad Creates Alternate Animated Universe for Cartoon Network “Toonix”

Aviom Pro64 Digital Snake Helps Reduce Labor, Ensure Superior Audio Quality For Neptune Productions, Inc.

kaboom’s Brandon Dickerson Generates Joy With “Chalk” for Yahoo!

Boris RED Now Available for Grass Valley EDIUS 6

Small Tree Names Adimex Distributor of Storage and Networking Line of Products for Australia and New Zealand

Mountain High Maps Plus Announces two new, fully updated, versions of its professional mapping resource

Netstor TurboBox the Excellent Enclosure for On-Site Editing with Pro Tools HD Cards

MISS REPRESENTATION aims to end sexism in the media and empower women

Anton/Bauer Recognizes Future Talent With Sponsorship And Awards For SkillsUSA TV Production Competition Winners

American Zoetrope Taps AJA Hi5-3D for Stereo Previews of Coppola’s "Twixt"

OptiTex Releases Mac OS version of Dynamic Clothing Engine for Use with DAZ 3D’s Figure Art Software

Eden FX Creates Opening Sequence For Dreamworks Pictures’ Stereo Feature“Fright Night”

Creative Firm Post Asylum Hires Jessica Smith as Editor

Blackmagic Design Announces New Low Price for HDMI and Analog Mini Converter Models

Cyril Drabinsky to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hollywood Post Alliance

Madheart’s Jan Gleie Explores “Life Worn Well” for Target

demo reel
Llyr Williams VFX Reel 2011 by Llyr Williams
Includes some of my recent vfx work. Music: The Knife – Heartbeats Modeling and Texturing: Maya, 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Vue, Drea...
United Kingdom
demo reel
Showreel by Elliot Hornell
A selection of my work...
United Kingdom
music video
Zombie Effects Test by Sean Mullen
In this proof of concept for a music video, the director wanted to see what could be achieved in post versus the use of practical makeup. Sh...
United States
Green Dot Films’ Cohen Cooks Up Mom-And-Pop Shop Success For Google Chrome by Creative COW
LA-based Green Dot Films director Omri Cohen captures entrepreneurial and culinary creativity in the new :60 “Austin” for Google Chrome ...
United States
demo reel
The Road of The Akhas by Rafael Amador
Scerpts of a (possible) film about the Akha people. Living in the borders of Lao, China, Thailand and Burma, their lives are deeply affecte...
short film
El Duelo by Jesus Barrios
El Duelo tells the typical story of combat between a lawman and an outlaw in the Old West ... until a character completely out of place chan...
short film
The Last Goodbye - Der Abschied by Sören Schulz
This is the short film "Der Abschied" which I directed, wrote and produced. It's shot on super 16mm. Language: German Subtitles: English ...
demo reel
Cinema Editor Reel by Chancler Haynes
3 fun pieces that I cut this year....
United States

Lighting and Shooting Gorgeous InterviewsLighting and Shooting Gorgeous Interviews
Soon to be released
Pre-order now at our reduced Introductory Price!

List Price: $49.95 $39.95

On this DVD, Director of Photography Tom Miller, teaches you how to light an interview so that your subject looks natural, professional, and...GORGEOUS!

On the Fast Track with Motion 5 Chapter 1 Lesson 3 - The HUD, Generators and Masking * Apple Motion * Kevin P. McAuliffe In the next part at our introductory look at Apple's Motion 5, we take a look at a great "not so hidden" feature in Motion 5, and that's the Heads Up Display (HUD). We'll also talk about how Generators are going to help us create our Lower Third; then look at all the Masking options, and how we can mask our Generator to create our Lower Third. Again, Motion 4 users will get a great... more
Emerging Cinematographers Feted by ICG * Cinematography * Debra Kaufman At the Directors Guild of America, the International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE Local 600) held the 15th Emerging Cinematographer Awards, a gala event to celebrate the work of ten up-and-coming cinematographers, eight of who won awards and two of whom received honorable mention.... more

Adobe Premiere Pro Forum
Reconnecting Media... A lot of it. Mass linking possible?
I'm primarily a FCP editor, but am assistant editing on a Premiere Pro CS5.5 project...

Apple Final Cut Pro Forum
What is best setting for SD video to be projected in large hall (from ProRes master)?
Hello all, it's been a while since I needed to deal with projection but...

Sony Vegas Forum
Clip Quality Variation.
When I render in Sony Vegas some of my clips look better than others. My goal is to get the video to...

Vegas Pro 10.0 - capture error
I am trying to capture video from my Canon XHA1 to my laptop. The video is in HD format but the...

Sony EX Series XDCAM Forum
XDCam HD 422 - excruciatingly slow transfer speeds
I was recently given 4 Sony rewritable optical disks with about 23G on each one. I was also...

- ARRAYS & RAID Set-Up - Forum
Mac Pro, ATTO R680, iStoragePro 8-Bay (6gb/sec) = RAID 6 and Confidence Crisis. What Now??
Raid would not mount. verification showed repair needed. repair failed, told me to reformat and...

Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate Forum
macbook air and fcpx- the new portable edit suite
what can i say? 10 years ago i saw an early version of final cut running on a white mac book...

Apple FCPX Techniques Forum
Lost my work, arrrrrrrggggghhhh.
3-4 hours into an edit, my firewire cable wiggled out and my project went offline. Usually this is not...

What an update! Is this for real!
Hi to all. I am in big problems. I am in the middle of a job with a next Friday deadline and...

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On the Fast Track with Motion 5 Chapter 1 Lesson 3 - The HUD, Generators and Masking
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(00:17:28) -- 9/27/2011

In the next part at our introductory look at Apple's Motion 5, we take a look at a great "not so hidden" feature in Motion 5, and that's the Heads Up Display (HUD). - We'll also talk about how Generators are going to help us create our Lower Third; then look at all the Masking options, and how we can mask our Generator to create our Lower Third. Again, Motion 4 users will get a great deal out of this training series as well.

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Custom Transitions in Grass Valley EDIUS 6
by Paul Ezzy
(00:14:29) -- 9/23/2011

Learn how to create custom transitions using Boris RED 5 in Grass Valley EDIUS 6. -

Subscribe with iTunesAdobe After Effects Podcast
Wiggling a Single Dimension
by Andrew Devis
(00:08:36) -- 9/22/2011

In this short tutorial, Andrew Devis demonstrates how to 'wiggle' a single dimension with the wiggle expression. - This is particularly useful for any type of animation that require a random type of movement in one axis only so as to save excessive keyframing of the scene.

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Multi-layer Keying in After Effects Part 4 - Creating Variable Width Edge Feather With Mocha For AE
by Andrew Devis
(00:12:22) -- 9/22/2011

In this tutorial (which is included as the last part of his series on multi-layer keying) Andrew Devis demonstrated a really nice feature in Mocha for AE (a free program that ships with After Effects). - This allows you to create a mask or matte with variable edge feather such that some parts of the mask can be created with very thin feathers (or even no feather at all) while other parts can maintain as wide a feather as needed for your production. Andrew also shows an option for a paid-for plug-in for After Effects that can achieve the same thing natively inside of After Effects and could be very useful for those who do a great deal of mask creation.

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Oct 2, '11 - minneapolis MN United States - Learn DSLR Filmmaking - The Get In Motio...

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