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Sony's F65 camera was brand new when seasoned cinematographer Michael Goi, A.S.C. decided to be the first to use it to shoot for television: the pilot of the NBC comedy hit The New Normal. A past president of the American Society of Cinematographers, Michael's other recent projects include Glee and the first two seasons of American Horror Story, the second of which will begin airing Wednesday, October 17 -- and which Michael is shooting on 35mm film.

"Every format opens up its own creative possibilities," he says, and as much as he enjoys working digitally when the project calls for it, there are aspects of film-based workflows that he still prefers. "I prefer to work with a dailies timer as opposed to a 'lab-in-a-box' approach. I have always been most comfortable with having another pair of eyes in the dailies timing room on the footage that have been shot. I'm the kind of person who likes to go in at 2 am and sit down with the dailies timer and talk about the footage and the artistic objectives."

Michael also talks about the ways that camera choices affect the entire set, -- and not just the shooting crew -- and how all of that filters into post. Insights abound in this exclusive conversation with Creative COW from one of the industry's most respected cinematographers.


CRM Studios Chooses Ikegami HDK-77EC HD Native Multi-FormaT CMOS Cameras For Glenn Beck's "The Blaze"

Kaboom Welcomes Director Joe Stevens To Growing Roster

NTP Technology launches AX32 audio AD/DA/DD converter to American markets at AES San Francisco

Star Crossed Pictures Turns to TITANIUM8 Shared Storage System to Handle Big Projects

Frame Rate Changes a Breeze for Nowell and Pictorvision Eclipse

Vinten Makes Magic for Simmons and “Pair of Kings”

Anton/Bauer Provides Power Behind Corporate/Wedding Videographer Davideo

Groundbreaking Workshop in Multi-Camera Live Streaming Technology Enables Media Professionals to Produce Live Web Productions

Capturing The Plight Of The Great Apes

NTP Technology introduces Penta 721 IP-compatible audio interface to US studio and broadcast market

Sprint Vision, In-Track Big-Screen Producer For NASCAR’s Sprint Cup, Revs Up With EditShare For Production And MAM

AJA Supports Endeavour's Final Journey Documenting Shuttle’s Arrival in California

20th Century Fox Animation, Blue Sky Studios and Peanuts Worldwide Announce Iconic Peanuts Gang to Hit Theaters

University of North Texas Students Produce New Sitcom with Hitachi Z-HD5000 HD Cameras

Change of ownership at ARRI

Colorfront Wins Emmy Award For On-Set Dailies

A Common Thread Creates a Ghoulish Campaign for Universal Studios

Leader Instruments introduces LV5307 high-affordability monitor/rasterizer to South American markets

Switronix Releases TorchLED Bolt

Sound Devices PIX 240 Reaches New Heights with Aerial Photo Specialist Patrick Longman

12 Forward Entertainment Scales Up and Out with Facilis TerraBlock 5.5

BigStar Launches Into Fall With Eye-Popping "ABC World News" Graphics Package & "The Next Iron Chef" Promos

Russia’s TTC Ostankino Upgrades 11 Studios to HD with Grass Valley Solutions

FLOVEL Unveils High-Sensitivity HD Camera

AJA Ki Pro Lets Woodstock Film Festival Go Digital For the First Time

Walter Murch, ACE to Present Hollywood Post Alliance Charles S. Swartz Award to Ray Dolby

Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender Lead an Extraordinary Cast in the Epic Sci-Fi Thriller Debuting on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD 10.09.12

Neyrinck’s New SoundCode LtRt Tools Pro Tools Plug-in Supports Dolby Pro Logic Encode and Decode

Loft London becomes Aframe’s West London Upload centre

Otto Nemenz Supplies Anton/Bauer Batteries To Power Award-Winning Films And Popular Television Series

New True-Cut IR Tuner Kit Cuts Color Shifts on CMOS Sensor Cameras

Very Rare 3-D Screening of Inferno 3-D and Dark Country 3D

7th Annual HPA Awards Gala Ticket Sales Open

Mel Brooks To Receive 41st AFI Life Achievement Award

Trollbäck + Co. Sports Dynamic Packages For "NFL Monday QB" & "The Lights"

Pixomondo Brings Vacation Inspiration to Times Square for TripAdvisor

Brickyard VFX Takes Red Sox Fans Out to the Ballgame in New Spot Celebrating Fenway Park’s 100th Anniversary

Transform Your Laptop or Desktop into a Triple-Monitor Platform and Drive More Applications, Copy-Protected Content, and Captivating Digital Signage

Soundelux Supervising Sound Editor Michael D. Wilhoit Takes “Low Tech” Approach for “End of Watch”

Original Signs Director Eden Tyler

City of lust coming soon by Hrvoje Kovačević
This trailer is a short preview of upcoming short film called "City of lust" We are making this film for participation in the "Animafest 20...
demo reel
HD Thunderbolt (Cinematic Look) by David Lindberg
Once again I concentrated me on the light and colours in the video.I worked with many layers of curves, hue/saturation, and balance. The ...
demo reel
Lukas Demo reel 2010 by Luka Tisler
My demo reel consisting of works mainly in 2009....
Radium Audio Ltd - Nissan Toughness by Jessica Miln
Background: London based creative production house Taylor James asked us to score & sound design this spot for Nissan, using the Nissan ...
United Kingdom
Zoom Earth Effects by XU KUN, by Xu Kun
thanks for watching and wish your comments,especially expect creativecow member’s comment. ...
GOLDEN DAYS - indie film trailer by Chris Suchorsky
A struggling indie rock band, The Damnwells, sign a major record deal only to have their album and their career nearly destroyed by the peop...
United States
short film
SinsOfOurFathers by Rem Puscariu
short animated film creatied as an exercise in maya fluids and aftereffects multi-pass compositing...

Lighting and Shooting Gorgeous InterviewsLighting and Shooting Gorgeous Interviews

On this DVD, Director of Photography Tom Miller, teaches you how to light an interview so that your subject looks natural, professional, and...GORGEOUS!

Soundelux's Wilhoit Recreates Sonic World for End of Watch * Audio Professionals * Debra Kaufman Michael D. Wilhoit, supervising sound editor at Soundelux, collaborated with director David Ayers on the sound track for End of Watch, a critically acclaimed police thriller that takes viewers into the lives of two policemen who become the targets of a dangerous Mexican drug cartel. The movie is stylistically "found footage," and Wilhoit's challenge was to create a soundtrack that matched the movie's gritty immediacy and realism.... more
Live on the Net Without a Net: Cutting Live * Broadcasting * Mitch Jacobson Mr./Ms. Editor, meet Mr. Pressure! Multicam guru Mitch Jacobson shows how the technical and creative skills that you've developed in the edit suite translate to live production even better than you think -- if your heart can handle the strain.... more

Adobe After Effects Forum
Cineon DPX- export 25fps
Hi, I'm trying to find where I can adjust the frame rate settings for exporting cineon/DPX from AE....

Apple Final Cut Pro Forum
Relink footage reversed telecined from 30 to 24fps
I have a project that was shot on an HVX-170 and ingested at 1080i/29.97 – I found I can run it th...

DaVinci Resolve Forum
catastrofe in a middle of a cc session with cocacola client
Dear Friends with a complete frustration I writing you after what happened. I was in the middle of a...

Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate Forum
Apple gives up another network client
SNL picks Adobe Premiere to replace FCP http://bit.ly/TlKN5q...

Here's what I want:
Allow me to whine for a moment. I've been playing with the options ever since FCP got canned. Now I...

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The After Effects Man of Flame
by Rob Mize
(00:15:11) -- 10/8/2012

Rob Mize demonstrates how to turn your actors (and other images) into a raging blaze of living flame. - Combining CC Particle World with a number of other effects and some animated masks, you'll be able to fire up your productions without any 3rd party plug-ins. "Flame on!"

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Premiere Pro CS6 Techniques: 85 Audio 15: The Submix
by Andrew Devis
(00:07:45) -- 10/1/2012

In this tutorial, Andrew Devis explains how to create and use submixes in Adobe Premiere Pro. - Andrew shows how to create a submix from both the timeline and the audio mixer panels and the how to route channels either fully through a submix or proportionally to get a more controlled result.

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Premiere Pro CS6 Techniques: 84 Audio 14: Audio Samples
by Andrew Devis
(00:06:07) -- 10/1/2012

In this tutorial, Andrew Devis talks about the difference between frames and audio samples in video and shows how you can work with audio samples to deal with things like lip-sync problems with video shot at some distance from the original speaker. -

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Premiere Pro CS6 Techniques: 83 Audio 13: Gain Options
by Andrew Devis
(00:08:31) -- 10/1/2012

In this tutorial, Andrew Devis goes through the right-click gain options for audio waveforms in Premiere Pro. - These often overlooked options are very powerful when used to either maintain the relationship between clip volumes or break that relationship such that the volume of each of the clips in amplified to the maximum. Understanding these options will give you some quick and powerful tools for dealing with problem audio in your projects. Note: Gain should be sorted out before changes to volume for best results.

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