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It turns out that there are sometimes problems more pressing than Apple's plans for FCPX, or ARRIRAW worfklow for DaVinci Resolve. Fast, authoritative answers to these kinds of questions are at the heart of what CreativeCOW.net has been providing for a dozen years, but the real problems aren't always at work: sometimes, they're at home.

Kylee Wall is among the members of Creative COW thinking about adding kids to her family. Hundreds of thousands of the 2 million people who pass through CreativeCOW.net every month already have kids, of course, but we still very rarely talk about family issues with our production and post-production peers. Kylee is taking steps to address this with her new series, "Parenthood In Production And Post," starting with "Being An Editor Dad." Readers -- and there are a lot of them -- are already responding strongly to the series, both in the COW and across Twitter, Facebook and beyond. Take a look for yourself, and continue the conversation about what really matters.

Parenthood In Production And Post: Being An Editor Dad.

First No Glasses “Real” 3DTV Consumer Ready, Now.

Small Tree Features GraniteSTOR TITANIUM4 Video Editing Shared Storage System at CCW 2012

UCLA’s William McDonald to Receive Kodak Educational Award at SMPTE Tech Conference

Canon C300 Digital Cinema Cameras and Canon EF Series Lenses Provide the Tools for Crafting a Cinematic “Journey” for a Major Reality Series

Ventuz Software Integration with Chyron BlueNet Makes Waves at IBC 2012

K-Tek a Sound Choice for Agalsoff on “Castle”

32TEN Studios Announces Latest Practical Effects Projects For Symantec And FXPHD

Impact Has Monster Of A Time With Agency GROK and Zicam: Multi Platform Engagement Highlights Company's Unique Model

Anton/Bauer Designs New Blackmagic Cinema Camera Gold Mount

AmberFin Makes Strategic Appointments to Sustain Strong Growth in US

Cooke Optics S4 lenses capture ‘World Without End’

Appear TV Showcases Key Head-End Technologies at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2012

TSL PAM2-3G16 Units Provide Quality Assurance For Audio At CatholicTV

SpaceX Broadcasts Dragon Mission to ISS with ATEM 2 M/E Production Switcher

Testronic Labs Names Scott McDonald Business Line Manager

Aframe Streamlines the Post Production Workflow For Blink Films’ Debut of “Classic Car Rescue” TV Series

Sorenson Media Announces Strategic Partnership to Bring End-to-End Video Solutions to Online Video Marketplace

Hitachi to Show High-Performance SK-HD1200 1080P and Cost-Effective Z-HD5000 Studio/Field HD Production Cameras at 2012 CCW

Bexel Comes In Loud And Clear With Major Purchase Of Telex Intercom Systems

GoPro® Announces Immediate Availability of Protune Firmware

Golden Gate Bridge Celebrates 75th Anniversary with DPA Microphones

Shawn Kelly/Animation Mentor Workshop in Vancouver

FilmLight Introduces 5-for-1 Academic Pricing for Baselight for Avid

Hu Nan TV in China Chooses Litepanels® for All LED Lit Studios

WEISSCAM starts the "one second art" gallery

CRM Studios Chooses Ikegami HDK-77EC HD Native Multi-FormaT CMOS Cameras For Glenn Beck's "The Blaze"

Kaboom Welcomes Director Joe Stevens To Growing Roster

NTP Technology launches AX32 audio AD/DA/DD converter to American markets at AES San Francisco

Star Crossed Pictures Turns to TITANIUM8 Shared Storage System to Handle Big Projects

Frame Rate Changes a Breeze for Nowell and Pictorvision Eclipse

Vinten Makes Magic for Simmons and “Pair of Kings”

Anton/Bauer Provides Power Behind Corporate/Wedding Videographer Davideo

Groundbreaking Workshop in Multi-Camera Live Streaming Technology Enables Media Professionals to Produce Live Web Productions

Capturing The Plight Of The Great Apes

NTP Technology introduces Penta 721 IP-compatible audio interface to US studio and broadcast market

Sprint Vision, In-Track Big-Screen Producer For NASCAR’s Sprint Cup, Revs Up With EditShare For Production And MAM

AJA Supports Endeavour's Final Journey Documenting Shuttle’s Arrival in California

20th Century Fox Animation, Blue Sky Studios and Peanuts Worldwide Announce Iconic Peanuts Gang to Hit Theaters

University of North Texas Students Produce New Sitcom with Hitachi Z-HD5000 HD Cameras

Change of ownership at ARRI

demo reel
Show Reel, Jaco Postproduktion, Germany by Nico Steegmüller
This is our first show reel. Tell us, what you think....
demo reel
Zocalo Architecture Demo Reel by Alan Lau
Zocalo Visual Graphic is specializing in 3D Renderings, artwork and digital media for real estate, property and broadcast TV....
Hong Kong
demo reel
Big Zooms with the Cineflex V14 gyrostabilised camera system by Helifilms Australia by Matt Downey
This footage shows the huge zoom capability and stabilised image the Cineflex V14 offers. Footage is shot from a helicopter at various heigh...
demo reel
Tony Hudson Compositing Reel 2009 by Tony Hudson
A selection of shots featuring comps done in Nuke, Shake, and After Effects...
United States
demo reel
Address and update old photos in photoshop by osama kabeel معالجة وتحديث الصور القديمة تلوين الصور بالفوتوشوب ديجيتال ميكاب by osama kabeel
Address and update old photos in photoshop معالجة وتحديث الصور القديمة تلوين الصور بالفوتوشوب د...
demo reel
Rory McLeish Creature/Character & Concept Design by Rory McLeish
This demo features a selection of 3D creature, character and vehicle concept design work rendered in turntables and short camera animations....
United Kingdom
demo reel
Editude showreel by Wim Coenen
a small reel of productions I did recently....
Netherlands, The
short film
match by niclas michon
essaiessi essai...

Lighting and Shooting Gorgeous InterviewsLighting and Shooting Gorgeous Interviews

On this DVD, Director of Photography Tom Miller, teaches you how to light an interview so that your subject looks natural, professional, and...GORGEOUS!

Parenthood in Post Production Part TWO: Modern Director Mom * Art of the Edit * Kylee Wall In Kylee's exploration of having a family in the video industry, she wondered what parenthood looked like to a director. For Kate Chaplin, a writer/director, it turns out that question is just the opposite as it turns from "How do kids fit into my world? to "How have children inspired me to pursue my dreams?". Read Part TWO of this heart-felt series.... more
Hollywood 3D Masters Talk Stereoscopy * Cinematography * Debra Kaufman A group of production and post production experts in 3D filmmaking sat down to talk about what they've learned from their experiences, how they define best practices and why they love 3D filmmaking. Creative COW was there to report on the conversation.... more

Adobe After Effects Forum
Getting large motion blur on text flying into the screen?
Try the CC Light Burst effect. You may have to add some other brightness effect but I think that it...

Adobe Premiere Pro Forum
Optimal Hard Drive Configuration
Golden rule: OS and programs on C, nothing else Never partition (video) drives...

Sony Vegas Forum
V12 headache
With my very first VP12 I have a 10 minute veg file that I am trying to render to mp4. The render ru...

Sony Vegas Pro 9 - Rendering sped up .mts files
Hello, Im having a heavy problem with rendering sped up + velocity files in Sony Vegas Pro 9. I toug...

Audio Professionals Forum
What causes out of sync? using dslr and h4n zoom
So I used my Canon T2i and a H4n Zoom to record some interviews and its going out of sync every minu...

Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate Forum
FCPX is so completely weird, it makes Motion look sane. And no one will hire you by the hour for either of them.
well, its true. And I reject the flamebait charge being directed against me based on - look at that...

Apple gives up another network client
[Richard Herd] "1-word answer: Hardware." that is an incorrect answer. what has hardware got to do w...

Apple FCPX Techniques Forum
Organising / consolidating project media - I must be missing something
I've been using FCPX since the day it was released and I've never had any success with either "Organ...

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Learn Media Composer Lesson 17: Adjusting Clips Part TWO
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(00:11:17) -- 10/17/2012

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe looks at both Basic trimming, as well as advanced trimming and the fantastic Smart Tools. This tool combines what we've covered in both parts of our adjusting clips lesson to give you tool that will let you do everything. -

Subscribe with iTunesAvid Media Composer Podcast
Learn Media Composer Lesson 16: Adjusting Clips Part ONE
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(00:11:05) -- 10/17/2012

Now that you've edited clips into your timeline, in this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you how to move clips around inside of your edits using the Segment Modes feature, accessed right from within your timeline. - This is a must watch lesson for FCP7 or any editor switching to Media Composer, as it shows a common workflow for editors who are accustomed to working in other NLE's.

Subscribe with iTunesAdobe After Effects Podcast
Adobe's After Effects CS6 - Difference Mattes
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(00:09:50) -- 10/17/2012

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you a great, and highly underused tool inside of Adobe's After Effects, and that is the Difference Matte. - If you need to remove an element from one shot, and use it on another, this technique is one that you're going to go back to over and over again.

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Sony Vegas Pro 12: The Lightness/a/b Vector Scope
by Michael Hurwicz
(00:04:17) -- 10/15/2012

In this Sony Vegas 12 tutorial, Creative COW leader Michael Hurwicz looks at the Lightness/a/b Vector Scope. This is a follow-up to the tutorial on the Color Match and LAB Adjust FX, for which the Lightness/a/b Vector Scope is particularly useful. -

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Oct 4, '12 - Oct 25, '12 - Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States - Hosting, Reporting, & Spokesperson (Tele...
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Oct 27, '12 - Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States - Hi Definition Makeup for the Professiona...

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