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Following his nominations for Best Cinematography from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the American Society of Cinematographers for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network, Jeff Cronenweth, ASC was behind the lens for Hitchcock, starring Anthony Hopkins as the iconic filmmaker. Set during the filming of the suspense classic Psycho, it's anything but a documentary. As Jeff tells us, "It was an historic love story, and one that very few people know. I went to USC Film School and I never even knew about Hitchcock's wife Alma [played by Helen Mirren] or her contributions, and the integral part she played in his movies. So it wasn't like we were trying to copy Psycho and we didn't have those responsibilities, but it opened the door to sneaking in some of Hitchcock's techniques and processes."

Jeff spoke to us about shooting 5K with the RED Epic, and the challenges that came from staying in the world of the 1960s, and wanting to embrace Hitchcock's sensibilities wherever they could. There were some additional time constraints associated with the time needed for the prosthetics that Anthony Hopkins wore to resemble Hitchcock. "In the final analysis," Jeff tells us, "the greatest challenge in shooting Hitchcock was also the greatest inspiration. That's always true: obstacles become inspiration as soon as you stop fighting the challenges and embrace them."

Don't miss this intimate look at the creative process, from one of the finest cinematographers working today.

Hitchcock: Behind the Lens with Jeff Cronenweth, ASC

MacVideo Promo Launches Holiday Bundle, Offers Massive Savings

Avid and Bad Robot Team Up to Host Webinar for Post Professionals

Bexel Helps Pac-12 Networks Go Live With Custom Rental Package

The Mill creates their own Christmas Wish Machine Installation

Sony's First Collection Of 4K Ultra HD Content For The Home Now Available For Consumers

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Honored with Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” Award

Wages Chooses OConnor to Support USA Network's "Necessary Roughness"

From "Borat" to "Wilfred" to "Castle", Harber Chooses Petrol Bags™

Ancient Chinese Caves Brought Back to Life Using projectiondesign®

Sony Pictures Studios Launches Clean Truck Fleet

Panasonic Announces AW-HE2 Low-Cost HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera With No Moving Parts

Panasonic Introduces AW-HE60 Series PTZ Cameras With Innovative IP Live Video Monitoring And Nighttime Mode

Sonnet Announces Echo™ Express II Thunderbolt™ Expansion Chassis for PCI Express® Cards

Autodesk 2013 Game Show Reel Call for Submissions Now Open

99 Tigers Hits The Runway For Oxygen’s “The Face”

IMAX Corporation to Participate in the UBS 40th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference

Sony Partners with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to Bring Photography to Club Youth

Totalmovie Announces Internet-Based Live Television Service; Partners with Sony

Lionsgate Forges Output Deal with Russia's West Company

Bluefish444 Introduces Synapse Range of Mini Converters

Sony Announces Pricing For New CineAlta 4k Cameras

Sony Premieres 4k And Hd Footage Shot With New F55 And F5 Cameras At Exclusive U.S. And European Industry Events

Hula Post Production Travels the Globe to Serve “Life of Pi”

ASSIMILATE Announces the Immediate Availability of the world’s first truly integrated tool for digital workflows, from Advanced Dailies to Creative DI

Music House Thwak! Relaunches As KBV Music

Autodesk Kicks Off 14th Annual 3December Celebration on December 3

Foxtel Chooses Digital Rapids Encoding and Streaming Solutions for Ground-Breaking Foxtel Go Service

DPA Microphones Tackle a Medieval Fantasy

Rhythm & Hues Makes Skies Soar with NVIDIA GPUs in Life of Pi

House of Moves Provides Full Performance Capture for Cinematics in Call of Duty®: Black Ops II

Adorama Introduces Flashpoint Fluorescent Dimmable Ring Light

Autodesk Ushers In New Era of Cloud Based Design

Boris FX Announces Boris Continuum Complete 8 FxPlug

Ang Lee to Receive MPSE’s Filmmaker Award

150,000 New Reasons To Roll Cameras In Greater Fort Lauderdale With Rebates For Film And TV Projects

Real-Time Motion Capture has arrived with Vicon Blade 2 Powered by Axiom

Globus Cinema, Mumbai, Becomes First Theatre in India to Install Sony SRX R320 4K 3D Digital Projection System

LipSync Group Produces Ice Age 4 Event Spot For FOX

Imagineer Systems Ushers in the 2012 Holiday Season with its Annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

Telestream Collaborates with Simplifilm to Expand Screen Recording Offering

demo reel
Ben Mullins Editing Showreel by Benjamin Mullins
Post Production editing showreel. I use FCP 7 & X, Media Composer & Premiere Pro. To view more of my work please visit my website www.be...
United Kingdom
demo reel
Demo - Lighting / Rendering by Gary Christian
Rendering / Materials / Lighting Reel Utilizing 3DS Max, After Effects, Softimage, VRay, Mental Ray, FumeFX, Onyx, GrowFX, Syntheyes, Mocha...
United States
short film
"Happy New Year!". Episode 3. by Yury Nemerov
"Happy New Year" by Forsight Studio is serial about russian Santa, his grandchild and funny snowman...
demo reel
Lucian Durietz Reel 2010 by Luciano Durietz
Reel with some of the tv ads I've done on the last 2 years......
demo reel
Emmet Griffin : VFX Reel by Emmet Griffin
Some work from my time at FRAMESTORE in 2008. Includes edits of the final Comps completed for 'The Dark Knight' and 'Prince Caspian'....
short film
NAVCON VI: Tokyo & Beyond (Night & Day) by Christian Garzone
"Naval Confessions VI: Tokyo & Beyond" is a four part series focusing on my time in Japan in 2008. Part I features the electric, neon city o...
music video
Blue Butterfly/New Nobility Band/ by sead trnka
Australian NEW NOBILITY BAND new video-clip Blue Butterfly(revolution)produced in Germany may 09...

Automating Photoshop: Photoshop for VideoAutomating Photoshop: Photoshop for Video
Make Photoshop Come to Life in Your Video Production

List Price: $49.95 $19.95

Get the most out of Photoshop in your video productions, learning Photoshop from COW Leader Richard Harrington. In this DVD, Richard, author of one of the top ranked Photoshop books, focuses on automating Photoshop and other power user techniques for video artists.

Skyfall: Dailies & DI from London to California * Cinematography * Debra Kaufman To ensure color consistency from dailies to DI for Skyfall, Company 3 London and EFILM collaborated to create an integrated pipeline, newly branded EC3. Skyfall cinematographer Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC was able to enjoy dailies graded by his long-time CO3 Santa Monica colorist working out of London, and the two facilities coordinated color science and calibration for an overall consistent look throughout the process.... more
Digital Asset Management in Broadcast and Post Production * Broadcasting * Ryan Salazar One of the least considered functions at many studios is Digital Asset Management (DAM). More attention needs to be spent on this mostly under-used asset. Many files are created and then unceremoniously dumped into outer space, never to be seen again. However, it doesn't have to be that way; once created, digital assets become a goldmine that just keep giving.... more

Apple Final Cut Pro Forum
Exporting in uncompressed 8 bit PAL, it cuts a minute off the film every time
The film is 50:32, but every time I export to this format (which is what my client has requested) it...

Sony Vegas Forum
Sony vegas pro 12 has unstable rendering with CUDA and OpenCL.
Hey. I got Vegas pro 12 yesterday, but it seems i have problems with rendering cause of unstable ren...

DSLR Vs. Sony Z7U with 35mm Adaptor
Sorry this is not related to Vegas, but I would like to know your opinion. I have a Sony z7u. I need...

Adobe After Effects Techniques Forum
Looking for tutorial information for a specific task
First thing: you need a clean plate: a shot of the street with no cars in it. If you don't have one,...

DaVinci Resolve Forum
lag updating preview on 2011 macbook pro resolve 9.04
Hi, I have a 2011 quadcore 17 inch macbook pro with ATI 6750M and a pegasus R4 thunderbolt array. Wh...

Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate Forum
I think the time of the large tower are coming to an end - and the bloated software suits with it :-)
http://www.sonnettech.com/product/echoexpresschassis.html Why on earth would you build a large, limi...

To iMac or not to iMac...
So, this is interesting. A lot of us 'round these parts are on an upgrade path from the Mac Pro towe...

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Learn Media Composer Lesson 32: Building Custom Transitions
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(00:16:32) -- 11/30/2012

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you how to start to create advanced effects inside of MC/Symphony by building some custom transitions. - Not only does he show you how to create them, but he also shows you quick ways to apply them to multiple edits, as well as save them, to be used in any production you might be working on.

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Learn Media Composer Lesson 31: Motion Graphics for Motion 5
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(00:12:11) -- 11/30/2012

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe answers a viewer's question about rendering an element with a matte key out of Apple's Motion 5, for use inside of Avid's Media Composer/Symphony. - This lesson is not only great for Motion users, but it gives all VFX artists a look at the proper render and import process that can be applied to any motion graphics application, whose end destination is MC/Symphony.

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AE More Than Transitions: FOUR Jitter & Animation
by Andrew Devis
(00:11:48) -- 11/28/2012

In this last of four tutorials on the 'Card Wipe' effect, Andrew Devis explains the 'jitter' options in the effect and goes through some simple scenarios for animating this powerful effect as well as showing how he created the intro to the tutorial. -

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AE More Than Transitions: THREE Parameters Part TWO
by Andrew Devis
(00:12:09) -- 11/28/2012

In this third of 4 tutorials on the 'Card Wipe' effect, Andrew Devis goes through the various camera, lighting and materials parameters for this effect looking at using the in-built camera, a comp camera and the corner pin option. -

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