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The technology wizards of the film/TV industry have been talking about High Frame Rate cinema for a long time; indeed, Douglas Trumbull's Showscan at 60 fps presaged the current interest over thirty years ago. But it took director Peter Jackson to take the plunge, declaring he would shoot The Hobbit in 48 fps to get momentum going. In about a year's time, manufacturers made the gear, theater exhibitors updated their movie theaters, and the studios prepared for one of the most audacious technology debuts that cinema has seen.

So what have been the necessary steps to actually show the movie in 48 fps? Creative COW's Debra Kaufman spoke with Wendy Aylsworth, Senior Vice President of Technology for Warner Bros. Technical Operations, who spearheaded the effort, as well as IMAX Chairman/President of Filmed Entertainment Greg Foster, and Barco's Director, Product Management, Entertainment Division Andrew Gaweda and Patrick Lee, Barco's Vice President, Digital Cinema Entertainment Division. They describe the specific technological issues and extensive required to set the stage for presenting the most advanced possible version of The Hobbit to audiences.

After all the talk about making The Hobbit in 48 fps 3D and what it looks like, here's the best article you'll read on the steps taken to actually *show* it in 48, why they bothered, and why it matters to you.

Read The Hobbit & The Dawn of High Frame Rate Cinema

Qube Cinema XP-I Server and Xi 4K Integrated Media Block (IMB) Achieve DCI Compliance

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CatDV Streamlines Video Production Workflow for North America's Largest Independent Financial Service Provider

DP Colt Seman Takes Cine Xenar III Lenses Through Extremes

Bexel Announces Bicoastal Post-Olympics Year-End Sale

Warm Springs Productions, Reality TV Powerhouse, Shoots History, Travel Channel Series with Panasonic P2 HD Camcorders

Sonnet's Fusion™ R400S RAID 1U Rackmount Storage System Offers Built-in RAID 5 Controller, eSATA Interface

Digital Vision Empowers Siren Digital

FUJIFILM Optical Devices to Participate in Panel, Show New Lens at SVG Summit in NYC

Facilis Launches TerraBlock v5.7, Introduces New SyncBlock Archive and Backup Solutions

Free Backpack Promo Helps Launch New petrolbags.com Site

SynthEyes 3D Tracker Continues Rapid Advances

Anton/Bauer Hits A Home Run At Harbor Yard With Portable Power

Sachtler Catalog Cover Competition – Your shot can make it!

Ikegami HDK-77EC Multi-Format HD CMOS Cameras Help Thistle Communications Move Fast

Advanced Systems Group Focuses on Asset Management with Free Webinar

Visual Data Announces Opening of New Premier Facility

Bluefish444 Adds 4K Software Functionality to Epoch 4K|Supernova with New Windows Installer

HP and DreamWorks Animation Cast Innovation as a Lead in "Rise of the Guardians"

The HBO Studio Goes Live with Xytech's MediaPulse

JVC Offers Firmware Upgrade for GY-HM600 ProHD Camera

TSL PAM2 3G16 Supplies Critical Audio Quality Assurance For All Mobile Video

Grass Valley Opens State-of-the-Art Solutions Center at its Paris Headquarters

Vizrt Integrates with OpenStreetMap to Provide Global Street Maps for Broadcasters

Michael Di Girolamo Named Chairman of the 22nd Annual AICP Show

MacVideo Promo Launches Holiday Bundle, Offers Massive Savings

Avid and Bad Robot Team Up to Host Webinar for Post Professionals

Event Photo-INTERspectacular's Michael Uman and Luis Blanco Participate in "AI-AP" "Big Talk" Symposium

Bexel Helps Pac-12 Networks Go Live With Custom Rental Package

The Mill creates their own Christmas Wish Machine Installation

Sony's First Collection Of 4K Ultra HD Content For The Home Now Available For Consumers

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Honored with Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” Award

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From "Borat" to "Wilfred" to "Castle", Harber Chooses Petrol Bags™

Ancient Chinese Caves Brought Back to Life Using projectiondesign®

Sony Pictures Studios Launches Clean Truck Fleet

Panasonic Announces AW-HE2 Low-Cost HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera With No Moving Parts

Panasonic Introduces AW-HE60 Series PTZ Cameras With Innovative IP Live Video Monitoring And Nighttime Mode

Sonnet Announces Echo™ Express II Thunderbolt™ Expansion Chassis for PCI Express® Cards

Autodesk 2013 Game Show Reel Call for Submissions Now Open

demo reel
Leggraphics Reel by Dominic Legg
Motion Graphic work of Dominic Legg Adelaide, South Australia www.leggraphics.com.au...
demo reel
ShapeShifter AE | Launch Reel by Chris Bobotis
The show reel for ShapeShifter AE. Everything uou see was create din After Effects using ShapeShifter AE. Other plugs used include Trapcod...
demo reel
Yusep Permana showreel 2009 by yusep permana
Contains my work as an offline editor. Work done in the years 2000 until now, with an emphasis on recent work, i`m based in indonesia Look u...
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Onbrand - Demoreel 2009 by Eugene Dalarov
Watch us in action: motion graphics and sites....
short film
Capoeira (Slow Motion) RED Camera by Alex Elkins
Commissioned by award-winning photographer, Dirk Rees, the film features the beautiful martial art/dance form of Capoeira, displaying in sup...
United Kingdom
flamenco fever shanghai by alius sato
flamenco fever shanghai is as close to andalucia as you're going to get in china. www.flamenco-fever.com...
music video
GOLDEN SUMMER - Saïbu by Simon Paules
Music Video of the song "Golden Summer" performed by Saïbu. Directed by Simon Paules. ©baiacedez/saïbu 2009...
demo reel
Trey Cook - After Effects Reel - 2009 by Trey Cook
This is a demo reel showcasing my After Effects work. I am an editor, compositor, and 3D generalist, and I'm proficient with Avid, Premiere...
United States
demo reel
Compositing Showreel by Debpriya Bairagi
This is my uploaded compositing showreel. I am doing job at kolkata now as a compositor....
WHITE ROOMS - teaser by Hugo Matos
WHITE ROOMS - its all about the winter season up at the swiss alps. A group of 5 friends working and snowboarding. Powder...powder...powder!...

Lighting and Shooting Gorgeous InterviewsLighting and Shooting Gorgeous Interviews

On this DVD, Director of Photography Tom Miller, teaches you how to light an interview so that your subject looks natural, professional, and...GORGEOUS!

Jacob Rosenberg Directs Waiting for Lightning * Cinematography * Jacob Rosenberg Waiting for Lightning is the tragic and triumphant story of legendary skateboarder Danny Way, following him from his chaotic childhood to his early talent with a skateboard through to his many professional successes. With a combination of archival footage, interviews and skateboard action, Waiting for Lightning also takes us on Danny's journey to China to jump the Great Wall on a skateboard.... more
Skyfall: Dailies & DI from London to California * Cinematography * Debra Kaufman To ensure color consistency from dailies to DI for Skyfall, Company 3 London and EFILM collaborated to create an integrated pipeline, newly branded EC3. Skyfall cinematographer Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC was able to enjoy dailies graded by his long-time CO3 Santa Monica colorist working out of London, and the two facilities coordinated color science and calibration for an overall consistent look throughout the process.... more

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Learn Media Composer Lesson 32: Building Custom Transitions
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(00:16:32) -- 11/30/2012

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you how to start to create advanced effects inside of MC/Symphony by building some custom transitions. - Not only does he show you how to create them, but he also shows you quick ways to apply them to multiple edits, as well as save them, to be used in any production you might be working on.

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Learn Media Composer Lesson 31: Motion Graphics for Motion 5
by Kevin P McAuliffe
(00:12:11) -- 11/30/2012

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe answers a viewer's question about rendering an element with a matte key out of Apple's Motion 5, for use inside of Avid's Media Composer/Symphony. - This lesson is not only great for Motion users, but it gives all VFX artists a look at the proper render and import process that can be applied to any motion graphics application, whose end destination is MC/Symphony.

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AE More Than Transitions: FOUR Jitter & Animation
by Andrew Devis
(00:11:48) -- 11/28/2012

In this last of four tutorials on the 'Card Wipe' effect, Andrew Devis explains the 'jitter' options in the effect and goes through some simple scenarios for animating this powerful effect as well as showing how he created the intro to the tutorial. -

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AE More Than Transitions: THREE Parameters Part TWO
by Andrew Devis
(00:12:09) -- 11/28/2012

In this third of 4 tutorials on the 'Card Wipe' effect, Andrew Devis goes through the various camera, lighting and materials parameters for this effect looking at using the in-built camera, a comp camera and the corner pin option. -

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AE Basics 58: Export 4 - Output Modules
by Andrew Devis
(00:13:10) -- 11/28/2012

AE Basics - A Creative COW series for new users of Adobe After Effects. Lesson 58: This tutorial looks at getting your production out of After Effects. - Andrew Devis goes through the output module settings dialogue box and explains what options to use and how to export multiple formats.

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