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Any change in the way we watch movies creates a heated debate, from the introduction of sound and color to digital acquisition and stereoscopic 3D. Now, the subject of debate is High Frame Rate cinema and, naturally, the debate is emotional. From watching hundreds, maybe thousands, of movies, we all have an idea of what a movie ought to look like, and for some people, HFR doesn't fit into the picture. Other moviegoers are excited about HFR's potential -- but to fulfill it, filmmakers and technologists have a lot of work ahead of them.

Creative COW's Debra Kaufman has been speaking with many of the people who will are shaping the future of HFR cinema, including HFR pioneer Douglas Trumbull, Panasonic Senior Vice President of Digital Imaging John Galt, Head of Research at Fraunhofer's Department of Moving Picture Technologies Siegried Foessel, and many others.

They are already on the way to consensus on a number of issues, including the firm belief that the future of film includes frame rates much higher than 48 fps. Don't miss this provocative outline of one of today's most controversial media topics.

Read "The Aesthetics of High Frame Rate Cinema & The Future of Movies

And be sure to catch up on other stories in this series, the industry's most comprehensive coverage of the emergence of High Frame Rate Cinema!

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Debra Kaufman's Review of The Hobbit in 48 fps 3D

Debra Kaufman's Review of The Hobbit in 48 fps 3D

Debra Kaufman started her high school's Tolkien Club when she was a big fan of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Though she hasn't celebrated Frodo's birthday in many years, she did get out to see The Hobbit in 48 fps. Here are her thoughts on The Hobbit in 48 fps and HFR Cinema in general.

The Hobbit & The Dawn of High Frame Rate Cinema

The Hobbit & The Dawn of High Frame Rate Cinema

The technology wizards of the film/TV industry have been talking about High Frame Rate cinema for a long time; indeed, Douglas Trumbull's Showscan at 60 fps presaged the current interest over 30 years ago. But it took director Peter Jackson to take the plunge for mainstream cinema, declaring he would shoot The Hobbit in 48 fps to get momentum going. In about a year's time, manufacturers made the gear, theater exhibitors updated their movie theaters, and the studios prepared for one of the most audacious technology debuts that cinema has seen. Creative COW goes behind the scenes to see what it took for you to see The Hobbit in 48 fps.

Setting Standards for High Frame Rate Digital Cinema PART 2

Setting Standards for High Frame Rate Digital Cinema PART 2

As part of Creative COW's ongoing look at high frame rate cinema production and exhibition, we spoke with Michael Karagosian, co-chair of SMPTE's HFR Study Group, about his thoughts on the ways that higher frame rates factor into mastering, distribution, and exhibition for cinema.

Setting Standards for High Frame Rate Digital Cinema

Setting Standards for High Frame Rate Digital Cinema

Dave Stump, ASC, is a co-chair of the SMPTE Working Group on High Frame Rate Cinema. The upcoming releases of The Hobbit and Avatar 2 have highlighted a number of issues that the entire filmmaking community is going to have deal with, including exhibitors. A winner of an Academy Award for Technical Achievement as well as a cinematographer, Dave speaks from a variety of perspectives as he describes the early days of progress towards standards for High Frame Rate cinema.


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Learn Media Composer Lesson 34: Advanced Exporting Part 2
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(00:13:01) -- 12/14/2012

HD to SD Centercut: In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe talks about the importance of setting your title safe markers correctly to properly downconvert HD footage and centercut it, so that the image fills an entire 4x3 frame. -

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AE Basics 60: Export 6 Media Encoder 2 - Preset Groups
by Andrew Devis
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After Effects: Using & Customising the Dictionary Preset 3
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In the last part of this three part advanced text animation tutorial, Andrew Devis concludes by showing how to select the already selected text and animate each word separately such that they can be moved into any order. - You'll also learn to position to create a coherent sentence from the original body of paragraph text. Andrew also shows how to deal with potential animation problems should you accidentally move the word before setting the stop-watch as well as reminding us of the standard options to help finesse our animation.

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Audio Basics - Understanding Sample Rate
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(00:09:27) -- 12/11/2012

In this occasional series on audio basics by Andrew Devis, Andrew explains what audio samples are and how they can effect the accuracy of you recording. - Although Andrew uses Adobe Audition CS6, the information given in this tutorial is valid for any digital audio recording software packed. Andrew also shows how to create new audio files in Audition and how to specify the sample rate and then how to create tones.

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